Saturday, April 30, 2011

Too tired to be clever.

"Meh", I ask your forgiveness, in advance, because I'm dog tired, so my 'cleverness' rating is pretty low.

Went to Kevin Battleblood's PvP party last night (no, did NOT participate). Just there to watch. It was hosted at Alric Ravensinger's "Great Library", which was perfectly named, because Alric did a fantastic job, imo.
Unfortunately had to leave early for work, but was able to watch the Livestream. I love the "running commentary" of Kevin's videos, both "live" and at his YouTube page. It's like watching (insert your televised sport here), and listening to the announcers,and actually *caring* what they're talking about!  Kevin&Co. make a good announce team.

Also, I was honored by Spiral Fashonista Cassandra Hexthorn at A Life of Fire :
Oh, yeah, I'd be rocking this, like a Raven
Funny thing is, with Cassandra's "Eye" (Uh, Bartleby wants it back, Cass), she picked out an outfit that more "Rocking" than the Crab Alley questline reward. Be sure to check out the other sets she's done. Some of them are downright hilarious. Ru Paul got nothing on some of our ,um, 're-costumed', friends.

Thirdly, our other art-inspired Cassandra, Cassandra Griffindreamer has posted Pages 3-8 (since my last report) of Poison Ivy at WitchWarrior101, and I gotta tell ya, each new post throws me a curve ball:

Poison Ivy #8. Severe Lee gets Calamine's "attention".
And ,uh, well, without "Severe Lee Scratchy" here to defend himself, I guess he's gonna be "fair game".

And Edward Lifegem is going to go on a Photo Spree Around The Spiral in Test, so he's given a "pre-spoiler" warning. I, myself, still have stained glass blizzards in Test, so I look forward to actually "seeing" beyond the Frost Bones in the Fjord. "Hey, Edward, some shots of Grandmother Raven, please?" Oh, and anything on the new Shadow Phoenix hybrids...gosh those look so sweet.



Blaze Shadowhorn said...

UGH I can't believe I missed Kevin's Party! I was at his party last month but I really wanted to go :( anyways if you want pics of Phoenix hybrids, I have a picture of the stormbird (phoenix+kraken)

Sgt. Miller said...


J3WD4Z said...

HEY!im back :) i was away cause i been having a family emergency and everything went haywire but its settled down and everything's in order so im back! yay! :D i wasnt impressed with your "mystery composer bit" >.<

Fatal Exception said...

@J3WD$Z: Aww. :( Would it help to say "Sorry". Yes, I got that idea in your *other* comment. It was my first "Rick Roll" ever, and there will be no more , for the rest of 2011.