Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Spring Renewal

A message from my pet egg, this day:
As close to a "Death Egg" as one can expect.
In the spirit of renewal and rebirth, I spent the day not killing, but creating. I crafted not one, not two, but THREE statues today. One for the Garden, and two for The Statuary.

Functional, and pretty cool looking, too. win/win.
The "caft-a-palooza" started with the Crab Claw Statue to help appease my Flytraps. I have the Oni Gong for my Trumpet Vines, and the  Regal Dragon Statue and Celestia Power Converters for for my Malestorm Snapdragons. I also *finally* found about about the "Secret Boss" (Knowledgekeeper'sTower) in Dragonspyre, who dropped my "liked" Dragon Skull.

It's funny, you know how it says "DSPRE" in the tower? Well, add "Agony", and you have DAGONSPYRE. I just found that amusing, in a "gallows humor" kind of way.

My plot is a bit too ambitious, I think. My energy can't keep up with the vast expanse of plant needs.

Hail a renewed day in The Spir@l

Once that was done, I couldn't help but notice the other 2 recipes available, ones that *didn't* require any blasted sunstones, (like the Crab Claw did). Why, aside from the high cost of the recipies themselves, the reagent list was positively pleasant. A few runs through The Chancel provided all the funding I needed to etch today's progress in virtual stone.

I've really been on a "statue kick", lately, and my Pet Farming has been put on hiatus.

"Behold, the Magic of Blossoms, in bloom"

So, once the first 'decorative' statue was completed, I couldn't help but "complete the set", as it were. Another Chancel run, and the non-sunstone reagents were easily accquired.

I mean, really, KI, the whole "sunstone" thing is a bit out of balance, in my opinion. Not that they should necessarily be any *easier* to get, (the majority of mine get sniped at The Bazaar), but the exceptional number of items requiring sunstones (hats, boots, robes, rings, athames, statues) makes them seem a bit rarer than they should be.  Even the sandstone for transmutaion is 'rare', which seem counter-intuitive to me. If you need 15x sandstone to get 1 sunstone, and a recipe calls for 10 sunstones, that's a whole lot of sandstone that "ought" be a little more available to farm. Golden Pearls are "rare", but much more accessible via transmutation with repetitive farming runs of The Portico. The rarity of sunstones, and their trans-mutational reagents factored against their demand, just seems "off", to me.  I know it's not supposed to be easy, but it shouldn't be quite so farminantion-tastic, either, imo.

Anyways, sunstones are not my friend. Enough of that, we're talking cration, growth, and renewal.

Speaking of growth and renewal, Cassandra Griffindreamer *already* has the next pages (Pages 2 AND 3) for "Poison Ivy" out, and the story is growing quite nicely, by my estimation. Some proper back story, and the subtle building of tension makes me ever more curious how this drama will play out.
Poison Ivy, Page 2

Poison Ivy, Page 3
Cassandra is definitely going "full tilt", and putting a lot of effort into this project, so why not drop by WitchWarrior101 and drop her a 'thanks', or "good job'. I know *I*  appreciate her efforts. Any blogger looks forward to comments, to let them know their work is not in vain, and it's a good way to make friends.

Anyways, hope your Day of Renewal finds you in good health, and happy.

Be Well!


Sgt. Miller said...

Hello!!!Can you visit my blog Winter Finders Way?I am new.awsome post by the way.oh and for pics, i found prtsc on my toshiba laptop and when i am playing w101 i press to take pic,noting happens.

Fatal Exception said...

Well, 'PrtScr' does one of two things, depending on which window is "active", at the time. If W101 is the "active" window, it will save a picture in your W101 folder, it will also save a hold a "temporary" screenshot of your entire screen in Memory.

If W101 is *not* the active window, you will still have a (temporary) screenshot, that you can paste/edit in MS Paint (usually found under "accessories").

MS Paint is a lot more capable than most people give it credit for. 99% of the graphics on this blog are edited in humble MS Paint.

Welcome to the blogroll! Just stay active, on-topic, and "kid safe", and you're sure to gather followers. It's all up to you!

Xinaed said...

I admire you for having the patience to craft all that stuff! I've done the quests, and that's it for my crafting. I just don't have the patience to run around and hunt for the rare reagents, or even the reagents to transmute past the quest requirements.

Kevin BattleBlood said...

Add "R" in, and you've got a new world...