Thursday, April 14, 2011

In a fowl mood

Yes, the wordplay is intentional.

If Friendly can get a new banner, and be a Bunny, well then , I'll get a new banner, and be a Raven. "Better predator than prey," says I. Behold, my new 'look', (which John Lifglen inferred needing 'updating'). Looks good with Swiftshadow Wings, too.

But more than new looks, it's new stats, as well.
Yes, I finished crafting my 'critical set', and if anyone can put the 'critic' in 'critical', it'd be me. I'm still undecided if this set is worth the farming time. Time, itself, will tell.

The default 'skin' just had to go, so I promptly stitched it all into a "Raven set", in dedication to our forthcoming Grandmother Raven, with Wintertusk, as well as personal reminder of the harsh lessons of Mount Week.


Raijukin said...

I made a whole new character with the same outfit right after your contest =p accept my character has the long robe not the short one haha he is a balance wizard named is Rogan Ravenheart and since balance wizards are the "wise and clever" ones i thought it fit the raven persona =p and your right it does look awesome with the new wings I got from your wonderful contest =D

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

Eh, it's okay.

I'd like it better if you dyed it white and pink, added some sparkles, glitter, rainbows, and replaced the beak with a magical horn...

All unicorn jokes aside, though, I like it! Tell me what you think of the critical gear - I might have to craft some for myself if it's worth it.

Kevin BattleBlood said...

I'm lovin' it... :D

Fatal Exception said...

@Raij: "Great minds think alike"

@Kestrel: I will *ignore* the sparkly light suggestions, (Sheesh, 'Lifers'!). That unicorn torture pit is pretty much a "done deal", now.

As for the Crit Gear, I'm slowly warming up to it. Some minor differences, but ,overall, I think it worth the investment. If you do craft it, be sure to not toss out any prior sets, though.

@Kevin: Maybe, just Maybe, I'll poke my ignorant little nose into PvP... but only *after* a level up Pet training, and get a Dark Crow..and level it.

Sierra Starsong said...

You're right, that new outfit does look really cool, especially with the Swiftshadow Wings.

My Storm wiz is wearing the crafted Storm/Life crit gear, seems like she's getting those crits about half the time now. (Used to crit maybe once every couple of battles with just the crit wand + Vengeance domes.) I'm seriously considering going back and making sets for my Ice and Life Legendaries now.