Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Raven: Beauty, AND Brains!

"A Knowing Eye", watching you.
We've all heard the term "bird brained", right? Usually, it's considered an insult. Sort of like being called "crazy".
But, there's usually a counter to that. The same as "Crazy like a Fox" counters "Crazy", I submit that "Bird brained like a Raven" counters any "bird brained" insult. Ravens are actually frighteningly intelligent, sometimes. Just like many of you, in the "Swiftshadow Wings" contest, methinks. ;)

In looking for "something to write", as an excuse for posting today's 'feathers', I came across a great PBS Documentary on Ravens ( Nature video, 48 minutes). Here's the 'preview':

There's much more to Ravens than just "Birds in Black"

 If you have the time, and inclination, I'd recommend watching the full episode. Entertaining AND Educational.

Too clever to just bake cookies.
Our Dear Professor Greyrose gave each of the fansites a different type of mount to give away, and I'm thinking HiaG getting Swiftshadow Wings was no accident. Prof Greyrose is clever, like that. Look at the list, and compare "Who's got what" to give away. Methinks there's a little 'raven' in Professor Greyrose, as well. Yeah, she's "Bird a raven!"

After watching the PBS video, I can't help think (quite egotistically, admittedly), that I am sort of "a 'raven' among W101 bloggers". Nervy, playful, opportunistic, the kind of person who puts the 'Fun' back in "Funeral" get the idea. I know quite a few of the bloggers have a little raven in them, it's a characteristic that speaks for itself.

But enough of the "Raven 101", that's probably not why you're here, huh? Let's move on to Wizard 101.We'll speak of other clever ravens, like Grandmother Raven.  After all, while Education may be a wonderful thing, in The Spir@l, it's:

So, Here's today's Hints: There are now 8 (of 14) code pieces to be found. Get out there, and get "Bird brained" a raven!

Hint #7 : "Have you met my daughter, Ashley Duskhunter?"
Hint #8 : I love the dueling circles in Housing! It's an Item I've wanted for a long time (June 2009)

Previous Hints: ( and Original Contest post&Rules )
Hint #1 (*modified*) "If you're looking for my BLOG 'followers', you won't see them, but you will find something else"
Hint #2 "The post where HiaG all began"
Hint #3: "I love pop-culture references! Have you heard Merle Ambrose's bloopers? (May, 2010)
Hint #4: "I have advice for young W101 bloggers (July, 2009)
Hint #5 : " 'Quoth the raven' graphic to the right leads to a feather in conTEXT"
Hint #6 : "Feathery flapping wings go "swish" (March, 2011)


J3WD4Z said...

i don't understand who or what Private Farnsworth is...

Fatal Exception said...

In Krokotopis?

Sienra Pasthae said...

Does the feather (X=99) from the rules post count as an actual feather, or was it just an example?

Fatal Exception said...

@Darkrose: It was just an example, byt "good on ya" for asking, 'cause that's just the kind of 'evil twist' that I would consider spinning. X=99, (or 99=x) is NOT part of the code for Swiftshadow wings. At this time (4/3) there are only 8 (of 14) parts to find, with more tommorow.

J3WD4Z said...

but i'm free to play until i can get money in my pay-pal is the clue in-game or on the website?

Fatal Exception said...

None of the clues are in game.