Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Theorycrafting: Skills combo!

Looking back, (and forward), it seems to me that KI is setting us up for an impressive 1-2-3 "k.o.", in regards to Crafting, and *most* of the pieces are already in place.

First of all, the Skill of Crafting itself. With it, we can collect "bits n' bobs", and mash 'em up, and *poof*, we have a completely new item. Look at the vast array of the different reagents we have, already, right?

Secondly, we have Gardening. Sure, it's a fun skill, and already offers reagents, of a sort. I personally don't think we've seen Gardening's full potential, yet. Also, I think the term"gardening" throws people's mental image off, a bit. Doesn't sound very "wizardy",does it?  Think of it, (for purposes here), more as "Herbcrafting".. lot of potential to harvest plant/vegetable reagents.

Now, ever since Grizzleheim first came out, long ago, people all over The Spiral (myself included), have theorycrafted over this guy:
Silent Haarek, holding his tongue. And potential.
Haarek Silverscale has silently stood vigil for a long time. Like other GH NPC's, I believe he, and others are "placemarkers", waiting Wintertusk's expansion of Grizzleheim. Haarek could very well be our first step in our next skill...

The third skill: Fishing. Many have contemplated, wished for, and theorycrafted it, but how would it "play out"? Picture this, if you will: Just like the Selena Gomez "anchor" was a portal to Crab Alley, Haarek could be the first (or one) of multiple "Fishing trainers", across The Spiral. Just like re-visiting the multiple worlds for Crafting, we may level up fishing skills (and equipment) such as fishing rods, bobbers, and hooks. Ask any fisherman or woman, there's a lot of different gear, for a lot of different fish. We'll all have "fishing decks" to cast from, using our "Fishing wands" in battle.
With Celestia, we already fight "fish", but they're far too anthropomorphised. A "fishing zone" could be like any other dueling circle battle zone, but with fish that are much less "people like". Think of the range of fish we could fight, from Goldfish to Marlin, to Great White Sharks. All of them dropping necessary reagents for yet *another* skill...

Skill, the Fourth: Cooking. Virtual avatars need kitchens about as much as they need lavatories. Like "Gardening", (think "Herbcrafting"), with Cooking ,think "Potion Brewing".This is a step beyond Pet Snack crafting.
With Cooking, we can expand a wizard's ability to craft potions. From stat boosts to transformations, all incrementally available as multiple Skill sets come into play. (KI has a great track record for making Crowns stuff available in-game, as 'drops').
The next 'crafting stations'?
Just think: you're about to hit the Arena, and you craft an 'PvP only' stat boost potion,"Uber Soup". Now, you worked long and hard on this potion: The recipe took Grandmaster Crafting to even buy the recipe to make it, and required rare "Herbs", a unique set of Fish, and some odd reagent like (*cough*) sunstone (*cough*) and had to be Brewed (Cooked) 'just right', like a Grandmaster Chef. This potion is 'no trade, no auction', so it's the only way to get this rare boost...and you've earned it by your own abilities. Same for PvE potions, or rare no-other-way Polymorphs or Transformations, like a "Death Mithraya" Transformation (OMG, yes! Please, KI? Pleeeeze?)

Just thought I'd give you "something to chew on", lol

Kitchens in Lands and Castles could go from 'decorative' to 'functional', and prove useful to our wizards, unlike the 'other' virtual avatar "un-necessity" which has no use, except questionable humor:
Here's a "crafting station" a virtual avatar will never need, a "throne".

Be Well!

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Ashley Duskhunter said...

I have a few things to say:

1.) Cooking? Well There goes my house(s).
2.) In the Picture of the Giant toilet you said "LL, Toilet" Isn't it "LOL, Toilet"?
Luv ya!