Sunday, April 17, 2011

Artful musings.

Hey, EveryBunny, err...Pony, err, "Duck". (Not a Duck!)

Let's start off with some W101-inspired art antics, shall we?

First off, Cassandra Griffindreamer keeps the fire going with her "Looney Toons" depiction of the "costume battle poke" (CosPlay, ITS?!?), between Friendly and I, with "Loony Buddies":
Ah, the classics never die. "Wabbit season! Duck Season!..." Waitaminute!

And apparently, Cassandra's Poll indicates the Friendly Bunny would overwhelmingly survive "W101 Hunting Season", whereas poor old Autumn Duckhunter (Not a Duck!) got only 2 votes...and one was my own! *Sigh*, you just can't compete with a Spir@l Rock Star, lol. Vote for the Duck!, uh, I mean "Raven"!
You're Despicably popular, Friendly!
 And also in Art, my very own Ashley Duskhunter fired off an impressive "Family Portrait", based off of the "W101 in Unicorns" post. Ashley laughed at me for even posting "My Little Pony", but was soon 'educated' when she watched the source episode. A good, solid message knows no artistic limitations. I must say, I'm pleased with Ashley's progress in image editing, all done with the tricks I use in MS Paint.:
Yes, definitely Duskhunters, all of 'em.
Bunnies, Ponies, Ducks....*sheesh*! Feeling a bit like a zoo in here, lately-.Nevermind when Roaming Mounts go live.

K, then. Well, I'm "only" 5 quintiple-cursed sunstones away from completing my ring&athame set, to complete my Death/Life re-spec. The Ring is all done, and the "healy bits" work splendiferously (and, no, it's not a word that Tigger made up! Enough with the animal references, already!)!
A few test runs in The Chancel proved I'm on the right track.I figure the Athame will be done tomorrow.Who knows? Maybe I'll (someday) be as good as Cassandra DragonHeart (Ha! Found you!)
Looking forward to Kevin Battleblood's next PvP Party.

Farming for the elusive Death Bat has so many 'new' options I can throw at it!. I'm thinking I need to find a way to participate in the Pet Derby, 'cause I seriously want a Dark Crow, now, for several reasons.

Also, it occurred to me that KI should include some kind of player-enabled "inventory lock", to 'mark' certain items "unsellable", until 'unlocked'. Altogether too many times, I've emptied my backpack of loot, only to *gasp*, search frantically, and breath a sigh in relief that I *didn't* sell a precious item. I would *DIE* if I ever accidentally sold my Amarinthine Staff, it's too much a part of me.

I guess that's enough rambling for now. Always "more on the way"., ;)
Was this post colorful enough for ya? ;P

Be Well !

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Kevin BattleBlood said...

With highlighted keywords, your blog posts become works of art... Expressionist-text movement! This certainly would make the blog Nazis angry as they are disoriented by the plethora of colors and bold print and italics!

Keeping weaving the needle back and have many to follow you through the surface into the other realm, and back up again.