Thursday, March 31, 2011

Alas, poor Timex...

...we hardly knew ye.

Sorry to see it go. It's been *so* amusing. Ah, "Good times, good times" .All good things must come to an end, and we'll bid a fond 'Adieu' in typical HiaG fashion: A "Grand Finale" poke at Friendly, courtesy of Cassandra GriffinDreamer:

Bwah-ha-ha-ha! Trogdor strikes again! Oh, how I'll miss this, but Ol' Friendly has some solid theorycrafting going on, and I'm hoping he's right. He's also got a good running list of "Who's doing what" for Mount Week. (or see HERE). What secrets does the timer obscure? Time, soon enough.

In gaming news, I'm over, done, and beyond with Celestia, by virtue of my "Slaying Buddy", the Amazing John Lifeglen, (who's continually egging me on to start PvP, to which my persistent reply is "Meh"). John also hatched with me, and I got my Ghost Hound! Icannotwaitforittohatch! Thank you, John. Still not into PvP, but I'll watch your Spiral Hunger Games Tournament.

Ravenwood Radio was crazy-busy last night (101 people in chat), and they unveiled the Sunshine Pony. I'd prefer more the Apocalypse Ponies, myself, but hey, "That's just me."

Swiftshadow Rules coming soon. Busy,busy,busy!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

tick, tock, tick, du-du, du-du!

Yeah, word around The Spir@l travels faster than mana, huh? Everyone is getting excited for Mount Week, and HiaG is ready, too.

Other fine sites are offering mounts, (generously provided by KI), and they're all quality, permanent, mounts. Here at HiaG, though, we like to roll a little 'darker', and nothing screams 'dark' like Black Wings, huh?

Starting April 1, we'll have 15 Swiftshadow Wings to give away.
The contest will be free, and fair, but it isn't gonna be easy. Not since The Great Gobbler Giveaway, have I been so creatively focused! (Insert "Muah-ha-ha.mp3") Rules and contest details soon, but here's an advance tip, from Grandmother Raven:
Logins for secure entrant validation. Email addresses will not be published

So, be sure to visit all you favorite W101 Fansites regularly, to see "Who's doing what". Oh, and don't forget, the ever-awesome Ravenwood Radio is LIVE tonight,(8:30pm, Central Time) and I'll be surfing the chat room.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Max-imum Security.

Max Sternum requested the title. He's been doing his Homework, and this morning, he's been fluttering hither-and-fro through the Crypt, giggling like a schoolgirl.

He says he's got a BIG secret, but he's 'staying mum' (or is that 'staying mummy'?), on the subject. It's a bit unnerving, seeing him prance about like it's Halloween, or something.

All he'll say is "Time is the revealor of all truths", and "check with him and Twitter, "soon".

Well, I guaran-gosh-tee he's serious, because I do not suffer Fools in this Crypt. April, or otherwise.

So, I am forced to play his way, and "hurry up, and wait"

Now I wish I hadn't linked that song to poke at Friendly, 'cause it keeps looping in my cranium. 

Oh, Karma! You're such an equal opportunity vindicator!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekly poke at Friendly

Muah-ha-ha! This timer is *so* entertaining! Almost gonna be sorry to see it go. Hoping for Lvl 58 pets, though. With KI, though, "It ain't official 'till it's official."

Why, yes, I *DO* think it's funny, thank you.

Funny thing, is these are *actual* clocks.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Cleaning (blog maintenence)

Well, thanks to Kestrel Shadowthistle, I've gone and placed a newer header, in place of the old, non-symmetrical one, and added an optional background music (Celestia Mysterious 1 ringtone)., and it got me to thinking it's time to update the blogroll, as well. In order to update my list, I will be adding those who would like to be listed, (subject to content approval), and removing the unmaintained blogs, (with some exceptions, like Ashley Duskhunter, for example. Simply toss a link in the comments, please. (Be active, be Safe, be W101.)

Speaking of Ashley, some of you may be wondering "What's up?" with her. Well, prior to the Diet Coke Keyboard incident,(omg, nasty, and where's the supervision?!!) Ashley was removed from internet for breach of Internet Safety. Not something to be taken lightly. She is fine, and doing well, but her laptop, for some reason, will not play W101, so she's been fluttering along in Pixie Hollow. Hopefully, we can get the W101 thing sorted out.
Oddly enough, one of our conversations was caught on Crypt Security cams, so here's a peek:

We may *seem* 'evil', but it's because we care.
We, the adults and parents of wizards want you to have safe, fun, positive experiences. Sometimes, we have to be 'mean' about it. It's because we cherish you, and anything that threatens your safety is a serious issue.

Your safety matters to us, young wizards.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Thud, "Ow!" Thud,"Ow!"

Grrr... silly quest mobs. Work weekends, so no real time to commit. This is a lazy attempt at humor. ;)

Autumn: "Let's see, Clueteus 2 Boss vs 1, or Hexfin 3vs1, which shall I solo first?"
Reality: "Neither."

Autumn:"Oh, but surely I can slide by on luck?"

Autumn:"What if I tried this...?"
Reality:"I can keep this up all day, little wizard"

Autumn:"Hmmm, maybe I should go check my garden."

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gratz to all the Lionbloods

Congratz to the truly Legendary Lionblood Family

The Family that slays together, stays together
Simple tribute to my friends at Friendly Necromancer, from HiaG.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hey, Friendly, 'tick-tock'

No pressure, buddy, Muah-ha-ha-ha!
Well, maybe not, I'm bad with time zones 'n such, so I'm just matching countdowns times via loader.
Whatever it is, it's *already* providing entertainment for *me*.  poke , poke !

Monday, March 21, 2011

Look who arrived late...

... but, "better late, than never", right? Couldn't sleep, after work last night, and while knocking down quests, got the assist with Muglump by Kestrel Shadowthistle. I swear, Muglump reminded me of 'Master Blaster' from Mad Max, lol.
I finally broke down, and upgraded my gear. It's ugly as sin, (imo), but I can't argue the results. Getting a 'crit' with Scarecrow is quite the festive occasion! Perhaps I'll 'stich' it into my traditional garb, and kiss the stitched Dragonspyre Boss stats "Adieu". Maybe, I'll wait to see what Wintertusk has to offer.
Anyways, the 'legendary' drop rates of the Science Center are now a fading memory, and I'm well on my way to helping Senator Xanath with his little Crustacean Empire Issues. I have to tell ya, I *love* those little Lothian Angler Ruffians! They are necromantically adorable!

So, 'level cap' is all set, but there's still *tons* left to accomplish. Plenty of stuff ahead, with even more on the way.

Gawd, I love this game!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Call to arms!

Wizards, wands at the ready!
Wizards, come to the Aid of One of our Own, Ditto Monster. As many of you may , (or may not) know, Our favorite Fabricated American has landed a gig writing for MMOCrunch. As usual, Ditto is all about Family-friendly entertainment, and child-safe internet. If you haven't read it, you should. Always a good writer, that furry monster.

Recently, in Ditto's Latest Post, concerning PAX East, some callous person went and took an immature "potshot" at our fellow wizard. I take personal offense to this, (and my comment is awaiting moderation EDIT: I may have to revisit my own words).

What I ask of you is this: (Disregard,post left for posterity)

1) Go to the article, and read it for yourself.
2) Leave a "Ditto-positive" comment. Do NOT attack the original commenter. (I can hardly believe his comment passed 'moderation'). Remember, "Yay, Ditto", and nothing negative, k? We want an avalanche of support for Ditto, and nothing to give ammo to our target. This will let everyone know that Furry Orange Monsters have many wizard friends.We can fight negativity, without stooping to it's level.

 KingsIsle, Beckett's an MMOCrunch are all working together, on various things (so say Ravenwoon Radio), and I urge all conscientious wizards to stand in stalwart defense of our Bushy Blue Eyebrowed Wizard.

United, in postivie fashion, we can exclaim "You..shall...not...pass!

Update:Situation resolved. Outstanding team effort, all.

Truly Honored

Was going through the latest blog posts, and found this waiting for me at WitchWarrior101:
"The Dusk Hunter" by Cassandra GriffinDreamer
Cassandra GriffinDreamer, famous Artist of the blogosphere depicted ME! I am truly honored by this. She even got the great detail of my iconic Amaranthine Staff, which is my prized companion. Cassandra has honored me before, as a"Welcome Back" gift, but this latest depiction is a priceless treasure to me. Thank you so very much, Cassandra, you made my day!

On another note (for all the Necromancer PvP'ers out there), a great "breakdown" for using 'Beguile', by my long-time comrade Kevin BattleBlood, over at Chillanthropologist. It was covered in Ravenwood Radio (Episode 36), and made my head hurt. Glad I don't PvP, myself, though I know a lot of you do.

Theorycrafting: Oath Keeping

Maintaining the Spirit of W101

Oath : a statement or promise strengthened by such an appeal.
Keeper: a person charged with responsibility for the preservation and conservation of something valuable, as a curator

I have a deep love for Wizard 101, for many reasons. Sure, I've drifted away..but I always come back. One of the things I believe in is the sense of Community. W101 provides an atmosphere found in no other MMO, ever. In my many travels across all aspects of the Spiral, via historical record, I have run across persistent negative influences, (all parts of the human experience) . We in the W101 blogosphere enjoy great priveledge, in our unmoderated "Wild West". Nobody can tell us what to do, or what not to do. Therin lies the rub. In a fit of passion, we can, with our hastily typed words, affect people we have never, or will never meet. As Stan Lee says "With great power comes great responsibility.". We, the unmoderated bloggers of the Spiral, have the responsibility to conduct ourselves "out here", as we would "in game". 

There are many BlogRings and "blogger's clubs" that exist, for the sole purpose of , well, being bloggers. W101 has it's share, as well. To which point, I Theorycrafted the W101OathKeepers.Less of a BlogRing, and more of a Public Promise. Purely voluntary, it's a public display that one adheres to, advocates, and promotes to others. A "Social Contract" for we 'external' W101 bloggers and sites, who pledge on our honor , to uphold the same qualities in our off-game sites, that KingsIsle upholds in it's game: Fair play, non-discrimination, non-exploitation, co-operation, "kid-friendly" and Child Safe. Lacking in personal attacks. Giving more than you take. 

We, the W101 Community have "taken the ball, and run with it", creating various sites, of various functions. We have radio, video, databases, and text which we are allowed "free reign" with KI's intellectual Property. When I first started "Homework", it was a much smaller place. Millions of players later, and the landscape has grown immensely, both in and out of  the game. To be able to continue our pursuits freely, we must be (externally) self-policing, maintaining an integrity that conforms to the same Spirit that unites us, that is Wizard 101. W101 continues to grow, and we must grow with it.

I imagine a "Council of Pillars", comprised of W101 recognized external entities to watch over, and preserve KI's Trust in our external spheres.People who have gone "above and beyond", in enhancing the W101 experience. I would see The Friendly Necromancer, Diary of a Wizard, Ravenwood RadioThe Petnome Project , and Dittowizzard Representatives as "Pillars" (akin to the UN Security Council permanent members ), with Oversight Authority in creating and advising a "Code of Conduct", a voluntary set of guidelines for any external entity to adhere to to maintain inclusion in the Greater External Sphere. Not as a regulator of Free Speech, but advisors for maintaining the same positive Spirit of W101 in our external sites. Even negativity can be positively expressed.

Of course , some will cringe at any type of "authority", and that is why OathKeepers is voluntary. It's not about telling you "How to be.", it's about "How to be an individual part of Our External W101 Community". Any external site which consistently disregards the Agreed Code would be removed from listing on all OathKeeper voluntary member sites.

I'm sure that there are pros and cons yet to be considered, and I invite your debate. Keep it civilized, and tell me why (or why not) this idea has merit.

(*For purpose of definition, "External Sites" includes blogs, podcasts, databases, youtube videos, twitter feeds, and facebook pages.)

 I hereby pledge an Oath to Keep the Trust

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blogger safety alert

"Have I got a deal for you!"
Via Friendly: 
NOTE Suspicious E-mail to Wizard101 bloggers
Fellow bloggers, There's a non-legit e-mail from someone named Mike from "Kronberger Media" that seems to be targeting Wizard101 bloggers with the title "Potential Wizard101 job." If you receive any suspicious e-mails such as this in the future, forward it to KingsIsle will keep your names confidential Thanks! Happy Dueling!

UPDATE: Email confirmed fraudulent by Professor Greyrose

From: Kronberger Media [mailto:*edited*]
Sent: Friday, March 18, 2011 11:26 PM
Subject: Potential Wizard101 Job
"I'm an internet marketer and I work with Wizard101..."  <-- LIES!

As always, friends, any solicitation that seems "too good to be true", usually is. Be safe.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Swish, swish, swish.

The Test Giver
The  Spoils
I am blogging from work. A job to which I arrived late, even. I've been here for 5 minutes, and already, I blog. (Fortunately, my job allows such extravagance, so long as the work gets done) I feel 'accomplished'. Today was a whirlwind day in The Spiral for me. The reason I'm late is I just *had* to go 'try out' My Bone Dragon in the Science Center. Yes! Stormriven Hall (and my Cursed Staff) are off the checklist! Got the call from Dworgyn (Why does he not yet have tenure?) while finishing The Lunarium (Astrolabe: two down, one to go). Hurried to Dragonspyre to face Osseus Nightreaver (funny, a 'reaver' refrence again, today) ;P

Now, normally I dislike fighting Death mobs. You students know the drill, when facing your own school." A Prism! A Prism! My Kingdom for a Prism!" But this was different. This was a test, for me. To see what I was capable of. To see if I was "worthy". Turns out, I did have what it took, and in Honor of my worthy opponent, who presented me this challenge,  who went toe-to-toe for the whole 12 rounds , who helped eliminate any sense of self-doubt, I hereby name my Bone Dragon "Ossify". May the doubt that once poisoned me now plague my enemies, in Celestia and beyond.

Now, if I only knew how to Train My Dragon, too

Depths, of various kinds.

Well, had a semi-producive day in The Spiral, exp wise. The drop rate is less-than-optimal, and grouping becomes the best policy. But you already know that. That Nightchaser guy you fight twice (with the medallion) is *BRUTAL*. Fortunately, friends were available, and I'm moving on...

Point is, I did something tonight I rarely do. I "hung out" with my friends Ronan Icehunter, Kestrel Shadowthistle, and John Lifeglen. Just talking (No, no keyboard. Yes open chat (now) fixed). No questing, just "catching up". I have to admit, it was the highlight of the gaming day, for me.

Friends are precious, handle with care!

On another note, got to Stormriven Hall, today, and my first impulse was "Ohmygoodness, it's Soul Reaver's  Spectral Plane! Squee!"

Now, to the uninitiated, Soul Reaver is part of a (console) series that featured amazing vocal dialogue, mind-twisting storyline (that makes for a timeline chart that will melt your brain), and thought-provoking plot twists that make you wonder which side of the coin you're on. All this from a (mild) "hack, slash, and devour" game (They *are* vampires, after all). Can you tell I like this series? Of course you can!

Tell me this isn't like Stormriven, Ah, Old Skool memories.

So, there we have it. Depths of the heart, the mind,and the memory. Great day of gaming in The Spiral!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's.

No, I'm not Irish. Yes, I like Shamrock Shakes, and have seen Darby O'Gill and the Little People more than once. No, I'm not after his Lucky Charms, either. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


 This just in from Professor Greyrose:

"I know many of you were looking for information on some pets that have appeared lately, seemingly out of nowhere, and I wanted you to have this as our response:

It seems as if the gate on the holding pen swung open & a stampede through the Spiral has occurred.  We were trying to hold some of the pets back as holiday treats, but they were too anxious to make an appearance and escaped into the world.  Enjoy!"

Let the hunt begin!

A Day at the beach

..on Floating Land, that is. Every time I went up the elevator seat, I couldn't help but be reminded of MYST. Not that that's a bad thing, at all. If you've never played it, you should, or at least read the book series.It's a great read that most W101 fans would enjoy, I believe. The only thing I didn't care for on Floating Land was those darn birds in the background. It forever felt like someone was trying to get my attention, or summoning their mount. I fell into, (but was mostly fallen upon by) various grind groups that made the collection quests fly by.
Side note: only *1* person asked before jumping in, and that small token of etiquette was verbally complemented. Asking is a good, albeit rare, habit to have. Only problematic Boss was Soulcatcher, or eater, (or whatever). He fell, third time round. Stupid Life Boss, sheesh! And another thing, the Plattapu..uh, I mean "Water-moles" are cute in an "Agent P" kinda way.

Got an impromptu invite by my friend, Kestrel Shadowthistle, who invited me to join her 'tour' of Trial of Spheres. After some convincing, I agreed, and we stumbled  through laughing and slaying the whole time.
Gotta say,I really like Mithraya's 'look'. Her debuffs? Not so much.
No, didn't get any great drops, which was fine. Thank you Kestrel, Alex, and Kyle, it was fun!
I dinged again, and am 1 segment from dinging again, and am now creeping my way at the start of Stormriven. As a side note, I really like what seems to be an increase of physical puzzles and less-than-flat terrain pathing.

"The paths we take,  the choices we make, will lead us to the final chapter"

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wintertusk- Revsiting the 9-World theory.

Wow, now I better get a move on, or I'll fall a world behind. New news on the wire is Wintertusk/Jotungard. Pictured on the left is Grandmother Raven. This bodes darkly, pointing to Wells, Wyrms, Weaving (like the Seers(völva) threads of Fate) , the Underword, and a step closer to W101 Ragnarok. Let's just hope that horn isn't Gjallarhorn. Nice belt buckle, though. Wintertusk is designed to complete the storyline begun in Grizzleheim, it will have content for wizards of all levels!

Big,big news: New spells and new level 58 Class pets!

Also, we'll re-visit Crab Alley, to follow along "Post-Selena"

As if *that* not enough, KI s holding yet more surprises, which they're playng 'close to the vest', atm. Ditto, our roving Fabricated American, kept 'Monster's Honor', and got the scoop.

Jotungard may be the Norse 'Jötunheimr', or it may be the home of Jotunn, (though the latter is less likely).
Time to revist The Norse Theory, all the while considering Celestia much more Greco-Roman/Olympian, possibly "Chariots of the Gods/ Ancient Astronauts". Loving it all!

I can't believe I ate the whole thing.

Wow, what the heck? I *must* "be back", because I just finished a bit of a W101 'marathon session'. Must've been all the sharks, causing a feeding frenzy. If these sharks weren't virtual, I'd have Capt. Paul Watson trailing me, along with the other Sea Shepherds.

In a Necromantic fit of fury, I think I'm getting the hang of the updated gameplay. My 'involuntary' trips to Base Camp were thankfully few. I just kept pushing, picking up drops, and did some fairly focused grinding. Um, 'ding', again, now 53, and ahead of schedule. Must slow down.

To my surprise, my initial "I'll just go look" investigation of the Stellarium ended up we me walkng out with the Star of Celestia! I have no illusions that it wasn't much more than "luck of the draw", because those two Boss fights were harrowingly close. So, for today, at least, the stars were with me, and now one on my astrolabe:

Idle hands are Autumnal's Workshop.
(p.s., KI, LOVE the Orrery in Chantery.)
Can't help but consider The Antikythera mechanism.
Checked out Floating Island, (yes, only looked),and "Oh, and there's more crafting?" *sigh*, of course there's more crafting. And Gardening. And Pet Husbandry.

Just not today.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Nereus *didn't* Fiddle.

But he's done, nonetheless. All by me onesies, savvy? So, 1 repair, 1 'ding', and one truly awful Marleybone 'sandwich' (Blech!) later, I've moved on to District of the Stars. Happy, happy! Speaking of 'happy', I wanna wish you all a very Happy Pi Day!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ditto,again. ( is that 'Ditto, ditto', or 'Ditto, Ditto'?)

Not gaming today, just too tired. Maybe I'll check the Planty-plants. I will, however, post Ditto's new interview with Fred Howard, of KingsIsle. Now it's no secret that I'm a fan of Ditto. The tenacious, entertaining, safety-conscious, and informative Ditto has really set the bar (and broke a few Fabricated Ceilings, too). Great job, Ditto, may your stitching never fray!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Today's checklist

1) Check on the planty-plants... CHECK
2) Get Star spell....CHECK
3) Pick up final bag of yucky algae... CHECK
4) Open Starfish door to Coral Castle....CHECK
5) Thrash 'Governor' Nereus... Uh, not check.

Okay, really enjoying the Roman Empire meets Little Mermaid, thing. Nereus, not so much. Met my "3 Deaths per hour" quota with him and his lackey. I gotta look into Crit defense, but I work weekend evenings, so I gotta get him done, 'cause the Crypt Cafteria already has the menu done, and the employees don't take well to unannounced changes in the culinary department. I'm not big on seafood, but crabs and Necromancy really go hand-in hand. If you know the scavenging properties of crabs, you know what I'm saying.

One question: Will Nereus be a Fiddler Crab, as his Underwater Rome burns?

I'll find out, soon. Better be tommorow.

Friday, March 11, 2011

It was gong to be "one of those days"

On the menu: more getting sent to Base Camp, but wait! I had a Knight swoop in, and Ulwark, Eeglis, and Cuthull ALL go "bye-bye". Who was this valiant hero? One Ronan Icehunter, Legendary Thaumaturge.
Too many wings, sorry for the bad pic.
Thank you, Ronan. You saved the game for me, today. The only other positive would have been that I leveled in gardening, (yeah, 'Neophyte' ain't that impressive, but it's a start)

So yeah, it's obvious I still have a lot of Homework to do, and Ronan pointed me in the right direction.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


*Was* doing good. Beat Cablooey, third attempt. Got "3 Spirit Guardians" Quest. Got inspired for art:
I mean, just "wow". My confidence has suffered a crushing blow, with several involuntary trips to Base Camp. I'm gonna guess this wasn't meant to be solo'ed at a mere 51. I think my highest survival was 5 rounds, with neither opponent dead. Stupid Ice mobs and their stupid 50% shields. Stupid me for doing it alone. Frustration is fleeting,though.
Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

M.m.m..m.Max Sternum is 'in da' crypt'!

Always one to play along with media baubles, I investigated Friendly's Voki, and thought "Hmmm, why Yes!, I *could* use another minion!", so being a *proper* necromancer,( none of this 'kinder, gentler' stuff) I cast an 'Animate', and have thus added Homework's Official Talking Head, "Max Sternum", (named lovingly after one of my favorite 80's media superstars, Max Headroom. "Everything old is new again.", and if Tron can come back, so can Max.

"Okay, Autumn, what's this about?". Well, see, the Executive Board of O'Graphy Crypt Publishing, Ltd feel that H.i.a.G. needs a fresh new face, to act as Homework's Prize Vault host, so I had to relent. Right now, he's just in introduction mode. Right now.

[insert '"Muah-ha-ha-ha.mp3]

End of line.


Well, on the one hand, it's nice to have an Exp bar, again. On the other hand, the joy of making a level-up is countered by the sobering realization that the "next roll of the exp odometer" is going to be further away, and more difficult to achieve.

Not that it stops us. Heck, when the 'Wrath of the Lich King' expansion came out, I reached the 'new' level cap (10 levels higher than the 'old' cap), in one week. So, I'm thinking that hitting 51 in 3 days in W101 is an 'appropriate' game pace. Despite my enthusiasm, I will not rush, to fulfill some internal drive to "Be there, now!"

Once I hit 51, I got a request from Headmaster Ambrose to 'see him immediately', yet he stood 'mum' when I got to him, 45 seconds later. I probably pre-finished his request. Pfft, senile old codger, 'is head's too full o' Spiral for his own good. Looks like 'target' levels are 52, 55, 58(?), and of course 60. How long the road before me stretches! Yet, on that far horizon are my goals, my friends, and my destiny.

Another bit of achievement, today, albeit minor, was my first harvest, a Boom Shroom. Gardening is getting addictive, ( curse you, KI!). No sooner do I log in, and I'm fluttering as fast as my wings will carry me to check on 'my babies'. Even my pets don't get this kind of meticulous attention, not even Lord Luna.

 From 'Black Plague' to 'Green Thumb', *sigh*

I only have a small 'test patch', atm. Nothing spectacular, at least until I get a feel for the systematics of it all. Fortunately, my old friend, The Chillanthropologist, has a lot to review. Kevin Battleblood has, as always, "Done his Homework". (Now I feel aged, I remember when Petnome was 'Top Secret', lol.)

Gawd, it's good to be home.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

And so it begins...again.

Letting the days go by/let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by/water flowing underground
Into the blue again/after the money's gone
Once in a lifetime/water flowing underground

"Oh sure, I'll just crank out a few quests, level up a bit, I *am* a Grandmaster, after all..."

Kyle, my Tour Guide of pain.

So, I just sashayed myself out, cranked out some quick "Talk to..." quests, got assigned a kill quest, (Yes!), and lined up for a little 2-on-1 zappity-zap. Then, outta nowhere:

*bobble* "What the Helephant is this!?!" *bobble*

I know it's been a while, but this is not the W101 I left behind. It's almost...hard. "Collect x amount" now means "Kill 'x' times 5", it seems. My dear Scarecrow is not a "cure all"
The mobs, they work *together*. This is not my beautiful house. This is not my beautiful wife. Fortunately, Kyle Firesword ported in to help me collect my last (2 of 3) "clue". *6* crabs later, I got a clue. We're not in Azeroth, anymore. Kyle, (who tossed a few impressive criticals), brought me a bit more up-to-speed, and confirmed what several bobble-headed trips to the Survey Camp had suggested. I must re-learn. Thank you, KingsIsle! Got through the Eel Cave, and got smashed by a wandering level 10 boss. *sigh*

Gardening, um,"wow". I dropped some seeds yesterday, and today it was "needs water", "needs music", "needs pollination". Needy, needy, needy. It's like having more kids. But, I gotta tell ya, I was ready to dismiss Green Thumbery, and KI just *had* to make it fun, didn't they? Yup, they did.

I still don't really "get it", but I will, in time. I don't need to rush. I'll just take time to stop, and smell the coral.

After all, I am new, here.

Same as it ever was...Same as it ever was...Same as it ever was...
Same as it ever was...Same as it ever was...Same as it ever was...
Same as it ever was...Same as it ever was...

Monday, March 7, 2011

A family of three tomatoes were walking downtown one day ...

'A family of three tomatoes were walking downtown one day when the little baby tomato started lagging behind.
The big father tomato walks back to the baby tomato, stomps on her, squashing her into a red paste, and says,

Yeah, not funny, I know, but I've been up-to-my-eyeballs in "catching up". Even started with my gardening. It just seems so wrong, a died-in-the-wool Necromancer *growing* something. Heck, if the plant dies, I should be able to re-animate it, or something. (Yeah, I'd have the only Undead-delion in my garden). Getting a Life lecture from Melinda Moo, and that Garden Gnome of a hick mole was enough to grind my teeth in a thin veneer of muted tolerance. "Examine the stages of Life, blah, blah, blah. ".  "Kill it. Resurrect it. Wash, rinse, repeat.", I say.

So much has happened, in so (short?) a while. I'm cross-referencing things double-time, "putting  'Catch up' on my 'Catch up'." However in my zig-zagging about the 'Net, absorbing all things "since the last drift", that I stumbled across something I did not expect to find...a lack of change, from the KingsIsle website. (As Craig Ferguson would say "I look forward to your comments.").

No, seriously, I mean, yeah, KI has more than delivered with W101, there's plenty (too much?) to do and success beyond anyone's imagination. However, I'm one of those compulsive Beta Tester types, (well , not now, sans keyboard), and this "second project" has been that itch you can't scratch.  An itch that has boggled the imagination since 2008. 2008, people!

Granted, game development takes years. I know that. Making a good game takes even more. But c'mon, nothing? No teases? No hints? No mysteriously ominous trailers on YouTube? No viral campaigns? It's quiet...too quiet, and I'm a noise maker, come to poke sleeping bears.

[Begin baseless Theorycrafting]
So, to 'help' KI, I'm gonna 'throw them a bone', so to speak. "Hey, KI! Great job on W101, y'all, but "No2" seems kinda shush. How about you introduce a PS3-compatible version of W101, or hey, create a "space" in Playstation Home. (Okay, okay, I know it's 'weaksauce', but I've been MMO-monastic, dwelling in Home to get my gaming fix, and I kinda like it there. It's not that I don't love "PC Brand" W101, but I like W101, and I like PS3/Home, so hey, "Peanut butter and chocolate", right? 19 million potential new wizards. Think about the beautiful chaos.
[End baseless Theorycrafting]

Of course, if *anyone* knows anything about "No.2", it would probably be the most important person KingsIsle never hired. And he wouldn't say anything, 'cause he's a Boy Scout, like that.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oh, it's *on*.

Geesh, you leave the Spiral for just a while, and all Heckhound breaks loose. Some poser wanna-be dead chick wants to strut her stuff? I'll cast my vote against that. And spiders? I HATE spiders. Unfortunately for Morgane, Morrigan, MoronJane, *whatever* her name is, 1) I've been filling my head with anime, and 2) Found out yesterday that W101 is still viable on my keyboardless (literally, I removed it) laptop. Now some dead girl wants to use the "Graveyard Shtick"? Sorry, M, There can be only one.

Not only that, but I've allowed that ever-wholesome, pillar-of-the-community Friendly to go unchallenged. Do not think that I've forgotten our mock enmity, Sir. (Disclaimer: No, we're not really enemies, I respect him utterly) And All of you with the wherewithal to stay persistent....grrr, I begrudgingly admire you.

So, now to get my hands, um...'dirty', and see how reasonable this Dead Chick wants to be. (Yeah, I know it's old news, but I need a running plotline, k?) Went and bought Lord Luna a wife, so he should be happy...or at least as happy as he ever gets.

I'm thinking there should be a contest, soon, as well..time to get the Prize Vault odometer rolling, again. Twitter brought me back to the spiral to reap, and Twitter can reap you rewards.

Oh, and "TENURE FOR DWORGYN!", heh, heh.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gasp, has it *really* been that long?

6:23pm, EST- begin entry
It never ceases to amaze me... I drift away, yet again, and STILL get email alerts " now following you on Twitter." Not since the fatal cola have I been able to play, let alone post, and yet the extraordinary W101 community keeps tapping "Hey! Still here!"

Fatal Cola? What the Heckhound is that? Well, let me explain. All my internet life originates in a single laptop.
A 5 year old, an unguarded bottle of cola, and said laptop met in a Perfect Storm. Visualize a laptop, on it's side, streaming Diet Coke, instead of streaming media. Yes, that bad. I suppose I should be grateful to have access *at all*.
This is how this post is being done. Crazy limited.

Blogging has been curtailed on most of my blogs, or various reasons, and MMO gaming is 100% shut down, for me. Thank heavens for Playstation Home, or it'd be unbearable.

With the economy being what it is, I'm not sure if/when I'll be able to rejoin you all. It's one thing to be "The Drifty One" by choice, another to be forcibly removed. Fortunately, the W101 Community is strong, and ever vibrant.

I just thought it (well past) time to let you know I love you, and miss you all. You know who you are.

Until such time as I can get re-geared, know that I smile to think of you all.

Be well.
6:48pm EST, complete. Elapsed time: 25 frustratingly constrained minutes.