Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wabbit Season.

Unicorns were bad enough, but Rabbits? The only rabbits I ever liked were in Watership Down.
If you've seen it, "you know". The Black Rabbit of Inlé
"Uh, wow, that's kinda dark, even for you, Autumn."

With, (*sigh*) the advent of the Bunny Suit, (*sigh*) Easter can be with us "year 'wound". Yay.  
Waittaminute, maybe I'm looking at this all wong, uh, I mean "all wrong":
Oh, It's definitely "Wabbit Season"
I saw Friendly in his bunny suit, and my brain positively screamed "Spear and Magic Helmet!"

Amulets, of course, are out, as well. Many fine blogs got you covered on that.

Off-school amulets are LIVE
(These will also be Wintertusk Boss Drops,not Celestia, as clarified by Professor Greyrose.)

Also, be sure to check the crowns shop for mini-games for our lands&castles. I got the "Bundle of Fun" bargain combo (all 8 games). Sweet deal!

K, enough of that. The ONLY way I'd get a bunny suit is if it had game-crushing stats. Then I'd stitch it.

Oh, don't forget, Ravenwood Radio, tonight!
Ravenwood Radio #38, recording LIVE on Wednesday, April 13 at 8:30pm Central at

B-dee, uh-dee-uh-dee..That's all, Folks!

Be well.


Xinaed said...

Always sad when these Ravenwood Radio things are going on. I miss out on everything. My net is too slow to stream it. :( I've tried every time, to no avail. How sad. :/

Fatal Exception said...

Can you download the podcasts, or do you mean the insanity that is the live chatroom?

Xinaed said...

Can you download the live podcast? I used to dl podcasts (but not live) via my itunes like 5 years ago. But I don't have Itunes on my new computer, and haven't had a reason to get it, since I don't have my Ipod any more.

And it's a combination of the live cast, and the chat room, that literally makes the entire experience not enjoyable. Unfortunately. My internet is the slowest you can think of, just one notch above dial up, but since Zaolan and I share a net connection, it's like dial-up.

Fatal Exception said...

You can click the little "pod" icons, or the .mp3 links, (on the main page), for past shows, no iTunes required, will play in browser, so at least you can listen.

Hmmm.. not a lot of good alternatives for 'live', with limited bandwidth, though. Looks like Zaolan will have to "disappear", lol. (sorry, Zaolan)

Xinaed said...

I've tried the mp3 thing before, but it didn't work. Just froze my computer. I personally think Itunes might be the only way I'm going to be able to listen to them, unfortunately, its still not going to be able to be live. Which, that's where all the fun is at. :( Its why we haven't tried to catch up on the Event via their site. You can't do like with youtube, you let it load in the background, then go back to it and rewind to the beginning and let it play all the way through. You actually have to watch it as its loading, and that means literally every 15-20 seconds we have a 30-60 second delay where it freezes up. >.< But, hey at least we have net, and can play wizard with it. (On good days.)

Zaolan said...

I'm insulted! Lol. I have to disappear for him to listen? >.<

Fatal Exception said...

Oh, uh, Zaolan..I, uh, didn't see you standing there, heh. (Pssst! If Xinaed "disappears", you can use all the badwith).

Oh, Xinaed, you're here,too, huh?

*awkward silence*

"Well, would you look at the time! Gotta go!"

I'm thinking that, unfortunately, without better bandwith options, listening will remain problematic. KBB does transcriptions, but I dunno well how that fills in your event concerns.

Sorry, I'm useless.

Zaolan said...

Lol. too funny.