Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cash, Crowns and Cards.

Hey there, "Graveyarders".

I was slowly killing time, at work, looking for things to look at, and I found this hypnotically cool video:

I actually find this soothing, how odd is that?

And, in a strange way, it got me to thinking...

"Uh, oh, Autumn..where's this going?"

Well, it's little surprise that I love W101, right? I mean, it's the reason you and I even met, in the first place, right? Virtual friends in a virtual world. But what if *some* of it wasn't so virtual? Not the friends part, (for safety), but parts of the game, itself?

KI is plenty busy, with WT and and the announced (and as yet unannounced) changes, updates, and features. However, I am actually quite surprised, (and probably a little impressed), that KI hasn't gone down the Massive Marketing Avenue. Sure, they have their Zazzle Products,  but that feels more like "Swag" stuff.
Wizard 101 is a card game, all else aside, like many, many "Collectible Card Games" before it, long before the advent of the MMORPG. So, in this mega-marketed world, where are they?

Crowns on sale. Wintertusk coming.  Stock up now! Buy some cards!
Any time you pop open the crowns shop, you can buy virtual, foil-wrapped card sets: Hand of Doom, Eye of Bartleby, Remarkable Reagents,Mega Snack Packs, ect, ect.,but where are their "real life" counterparts? Even Freindly took a stab at W101 IRL cards, so I seriously doubt he and I are the only ones who have ever thought about it.

Check out this video, of rare Foil and Holographic cards, (from Pokemon), and tell me KI couldn't beat that with a W101 version:

"DO WANT" for Wizard 101

Foil and Holographic cards just scream "magic", to me, "Epic" is a word I seldom use (for it's overuse), but can you imagine how truly EPIC a Wizard 101 "Wraith" Lenticular card would be? I would wear that as a fashion accessory! Not sure what "lenticular" looks like? Check out this video, and you'll say "Oh, yeah..that!"

Mmm..Lenticular, almost-Wraithy goodness!
Imagine it, instead , as a school-specific cast animation, Where your school logo, or favorite spell animation flashed before your eyes, sans monitor, in your hands.

With all the lore, and gorgeous graphics of The Spir@l at their disposal, KI would have more than enough to work with. And W101 has more than enough avid players.Why what if every card was guaranteed to be "foil", at minimum? KingsIsle could "set the bar" for other TCG's, where the foil cards are the "common" ones, with Holographic being "uncommon", and Lenticular being "Rare". What would it be like to hold, in your hand, a gold-foiled "treasure" card? I could just see it now: shady guys standing out in Boston Common yelling "Treasure Cards for Codes!", lol. Such is my fevered imagination. 

I'm not saying they have to go create a table game, (would be nice, though), but just being able to buy some *actual* W101 cards is something I'd consider dropping some cash or crowns on.

Be Well

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Autumn, where are you? It's been a whole fortnight (two weeks) since you've last posted! Anyone else concerned???