Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Things to look forward to

Cassandra Griffindreamer of WitchWarrior101 did this great "teaser" for Poison Ivy, which she plans to do  a comic series on, which I am looking forward to.

When I did "Poison Ivy", it was just meant as humor, but if we had proper machinima tools, we could *so* do a fanvid, (which KI will be looking for).
Also, with KI, plenty to look forward to, Roaming Mounts, Level 58 Pets (Scarecrow!Squee!), and of course, Wintertusk.

Another thing I look forward to, is The Return of The GreatFather. (Yes, Thomas Lionblood). I know he *just* 'left', but I'm still struggling with it. Like Cinderella sang: "Don't know what you got ( Till it's Gone)".

To me, Friendly is an integral part of the "Spiral Experience", and his return to us is something to look forward to. If "absence makes the heart grow fonder", then I'm gonna be a gushy wreck, lol. I mean, I stumbled across Selena Gomez's "A Year Without Rain", and all I could think was "No! You're singing it wrong! Those aren't the right lyrics! Sing it RIGHT!". Yeah, it's gonna be a difficult wait. We, collectively, need to rely on each other. I certainly need my blogmates.

However, it gives me creative opportunities, as well.
Back in my old "Goth Club" days, I used to have one of these:
"Knight's Vigil" votive
So, I figured I'd "Homework" a W101, one:

Remember, Watch, and Wait.
All things to look forward to.

Be Well.

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