Monday, April 18, 2011

Villian seeking Hero for long-term adversarial relationship

Me: Sarcastic, Irrational, Short-fused, Plotting, Reclusive, and Opportunistic
You: Honorable, Polite, Patient, Knowledgeable, and Sociable. Must possess tremendous creativity, and have excellent community leadership skills... just like Friendly.
Apply to Dworgyn for consideration.

Yes, dear readers, Thomas Lionblood has cast 'Earthquake', and the shocks can be felt all across The Spiral, and the blogosphere. The King Arthur of W101's Camelot is stepping back. The GreatFather of W101 blogging requires rest.

This doesn't come as a surprise so much as the fact that "It's really happening". For the watchful, there have always been seismic rumblings from TFN. Honestly, nobody deserves a break more than Friendly. Almost 3 years, and 1,250+ posts is a track record unequaled by any other single W101 blogger. Heckhound, you could combine 2, 3, or even 4 other blogger's accumulated statistics, and *still* not equal that of The Friendly Necromancer. 
Years ago, it was Tom that inspired me to blog, and I'm still trying to absorb the wide-spread ramifications of this event. Friendly is (still) our cornerstone. I know that he's not *gone* "gone", but a Spiral without TFN just feels a lot, lot, emptier.

Still, nothing ITS is "absolute", ( I'm living proof of that), and I take heart in Friendly's words:

" I am, however, taking a break while I gather some new ideas as I try to figure out a new direction. The format of this blog may change or may become part of something grander..." (emphasis mine)

Thomas is the most important person KingsIsle never hired, and even should he choose to discontinue TFN, he is guaranteed countless legions of friends that will fondly remember him. I am priveledged to count myself among them.

Thomas, if you read this, know that I am a better person for having known you. You will ever be my inspiration, my GreatFather, and my friend. It is my sincere wish that you find your rest, and return to us refreshed, because it's gonna be Helephant difficult to find so worthy an 'opponent' as you.

Rest well.


Stingite said...

haha! Hey, thank you, Autumn. I appreciate the kind words. I'm still here and reading. Even when you were on your break I'd think about you from time to time. I totally know what you're saying.

So, listen, maybe we could work out a guest post for your blog or something in the future, eh?

I'll be reading. :)


Fatal Exception said...

Absolutely, mon frere, 'twould be an honor.