Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Putting the "test" in Test Realm

Keep in mind test realm is just that. It's not the finished product. Testing is all about making sure it's ready. Many, many wizards on Test are having a wonderful time with the new content that KI is gonna give us on live, once it's ready. Sadly, I am not one of them. It's not that the new content is *bad* (well, except maybe "Dark Pact", which Stephen Spiritcaller agrees with. Even that is still *test*.

I have been a beta tester for many, many games. In that time, you develop a certain 'mindset' when testing the unfinished product. Patience is a definite virtue, because that little elusive 'bug' could be a single alphanumeric character hidden in a haystack of game code. So, to help visualize what *this* tester is encountering, I offer this post, for review, in hopes of helping find the hidden needles in the code. I have found that the problems I encounter aren't gameplay related , so much as graphic related. My problems arise (and are repeatable) with certain NPC's/mobs, while others run "as intended"

The  new Crab Alley. Beautiful place.

Catherine's Room
"Catherine", herself.
First off is "Catherine", in Crab Alley. She  is the only issue I run across. It's the same with all the examples listed. I can look/see fine, until certain NPC's come into camera view. Catherine is one of them. Her room renders just fine, until I swing my viewpoint to her.

The rest of Crab Alley is just visually appealing.
Catherine is my only "issue" in the Crab Alley zone. Crab Alley, overall, is beautifully rendered.

Deep Warren
So, we move on to Deep Warren MOST of it is 100% fine, except for 2 NPC's/mobs
This "Modern Art" is called "Glowfish in a tunnel"
Glowfish, both "in the wild", and captured in the tunnel, present graphic chaos, and so Does Dr. Zigmund.
Dr. Zigmund is (initially) as bad as "Catherine". Again, only a problem when the NPC is in view. Upon re-entering, for a repeat battle, the Dr.Z issue is 'different', but noticeable:
Dr. Zigmund. Notice the Eel is unaffected.
Anyways,, on a minor note, the "Rocking Outfit" you get as a reward, for me, may as well be "The Emperor's New Clothes", or better yet, Predator Cloaking Robes:
Rocking like Predator
And it's not just mine, it's other's "Rocking Outfits", as well. (from my camera). Others can see them just fine, but I can't see any. John and I had a good laugh over this. Hmmm... maybe I can 'Cloak' in the Arena, Muah-ha-ha-ha!
Each dark gray line points to another Frost Bones

The final stop on my test the Frost Bones. Singularly, a flawed NPC is problematic. Put several in a field, and it becomes a graphic-crashing nightmare. Again it's not the environments, only when certain NPC/Mobs are in camera view. For instance, I can see the gates clearly, so long as no Frost Bones are in my camera view.

A Beta Tester's old friend, DxDiag
Like I said, I'm an old Beta Tester, and more often than not, a graphics issue report required an attatched "DxDiag". In the spirit of that same "hoping to help", I've posted my DxDiag, from "Toshiba-san". It's long, and technical, so I'll bid you a "be well", in advance.

I have every faith that these issues are minor, and KI will squash 'em , in no time. KI has a great track record of making W101 accessible to even low-end PC's. I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of testing the Test Realm, and hope that, together, we can make and ever-expanding Spir@l even better.

Be well.


Sgt. Miller said...

nice.could you visit the tale of malorn swiftsword?and my blog, winterfinders way?the one with no pics.i am making a story, the tale of brandon winterfinder.

Xinaed said...

Oy, kinda leaves me worried for Z's laptop computer. :/

Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Whats wrong with Z's laptop X? Anyways what does the boys rocking outfit look like?

Oh and X, when are you posting the thing bout us? I posting it on mine in a few hours cause I gtg to the Eye Doctor. I haven't been there in 6 years so I gtg today lol. 20/20 has it's benifits xD

Xinaed said...

Posting will happen some time today/tomorrow. Our net keeps going because of the severe weather. Already had tornado sirens go off twice today, and we are expecting really bad weather in the next couple hours, to last through 2am tonight. Tornadic weather at that. >.<

Have no idea what the boys rocking out fit looks like, as we kept getting disconnected yesterday despite we were not having issues with net at the time.

Have fun at the eye doctor, I went a few months ago to get new glasses.

Anonymous said...

Sigh, glad I got this posting thing figured out I had thanked you for this post yesterday and guess I didn't send it right. Was feeling unloved when I was trying to reach out LOL. I am experiencing this also, but with such a big update one expects to find a few bugs. KI has really come through with another job well done! Thanks again Autumn for being on top of it :D

Duncan Daystone said...

Even though Celestia has been out for six months, Crab Alley looks just as surreal as it did in September from thsoe screenshots.
I subscribe to the school of thought that "everything is cooler underwater," so in a way, I am actually more excited about the new Crab Alley than Wintertusk.