Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pop Quiz is back, with a Swiftshadow attack!

Muah-ha-ha! Here's "Hint #13"
click the picture , or link (directly below)
HiaG's W101 Safety and Etiquette Pop Quiz
There is a 'feather' to be earned in this quiz.
(Don't stress over the "100%": get more right than wrong to "pass")
But, if you *DO* get a "full red bar" on 100%, I salute you!
This is an "awareness" quiz, Questions 1,2 , and 10 have no affect on answers.

For further Safety tips, be sure to visit DittoMonster
or visit

W101 Safety and Etiquette
Your Result: Less than 100%

resultSorry, Wizard, something was not correct. Only 100% will earn you a code piece. Safety online, and in-game are just to important for "close enough". Try again, I have faith in you
W101 Safety and Etiquette
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Yes, I know, I know. I can't edit "Satey". I fail. ;p

Safety awareness, in an easy-to-watch format, from

Hint #14: "No tricks, no twists. Just a simple message for you"

There are now 14 (of 14) code pieces to gather!
"The Forge" opens in:

Previous Hints: ( and Original Contest post&Rules )
Hint #1 (*modified*) "If you're looking for my BLOG 'followers', you won't see them, but you will find something else"
Hint #2 "The post where HiaG all began"
Hint #3: "I love pop-culture references! Have you heard Merle Ambrose's bloopers? (May, 2010)
Hint #4: "I have advice for young W101 bloggers (July, 2009)
Hint #5 : " 'Quoth the raven' graphic to the right leads to a feather in conTEXT"
Hint #6 : "Feathery flapping wings go "swish" (March, 2011)
Hint #7 : "Have you met my daughter, Ashley Duskhunter?"
Hint #8 : I love the dueling circles in Housing! It's an Item I've wanted for a long time (June 2009) 

Hint # 9 : "When reading a thought-provoking post, like 4/4/11, you should also read the comments."
: "I'm curious. How exactly *does* a skeleton speak? Maybe I'll ask Mr. Sternum."
Hint#11: Ironic that this is a Mount Contest. I used to *question* the very idea of mounts in W101. Glad my concerns were unfounded: Sometimes, I'm *happy* to be wrong: (picture, 4/5/11)
Hint#12: " In the digital world of blogging, you and I read in ASCII(TEXT), but the computer only sees BINARY '1's and '0's, ( Example: " Hi! " to you and me (decoded), is " 01001000 01101001 00100001 " to a computer. If only there were a way to translate binary like this: 01010100 00111101 00110111


Anonymous said...

Wow, one more day! I can't wait!
*Waits at the forge doors*

SorceressMiklai said...

I have loved your ingenious contest, Autumn. It was fun to play scavenger hunt through your blog and I appreciate all the effort you put into this particular contest.

PS BTW, I said you were the better necromancer. Just don't tell friendly. He's too nice! LOL


Destiny Ghostsong said...

I just wanted you to know how fun this whole contest was! I love it! Really like the one yesterday where the code was hidden in plain sight! All you had to do was read it! I must applaud you on that because I read that and at first didn't get it! LOL thanks anyways.
Destiny Ghostsong

Destiny Ghostsong said...

LOL I got a 100% on the quiz!

Fatal Exception said...

@Drakkis: lol, I can imagine the doors opening like a Macy's bridal sale..those things are dangerous.

@Miklai:Glad you had fun, and thanks. Yeah, question 10 was "just for fun", and doesn't affect score, but ty, lol.

@Destiny: Thanks, and "Gratz" on the Quiz. Stay safe!

J3WD4Z said...

so for the password are the "blank" characters just spaces? i don't want to type the password in wrong because i did or didn't put spaces in >.<

Fatal Exception said...

@ J3WD4Z: For clarity purposes, yes "blank" is a space, I will also accept 'underscore' _ as the same.

Angela Graham said...

aaaaahhhhh! I ONLY HAVE 13! Please tell me I am not the only person who only has 13 clues.... T_T

Fatal Exception said...

@Angela: all 14 are out. you still have time.

Angela Graham said...

yay! I found them all and you can bet I'll be here tomorrow!!!

J3WD4Z said...

gonna go w8 at forge doors with drakkis ^.^... *starts w8ing*

John Moonwalker said...

Ugh, I still can't get the 1st hint but I have the rest. I've been trying all week but I just started on blogger so I have NO IDEA where to find followers.

Swordroll said...

I agree, this was an amazing contest! Loads of Fun! After a good while of unscrambling, I think I finally have it. :) Can't wait for The Forge!

Raijukin said...

This contest has been the most fun!! but question.. What is "The forge"? will it be a whole other blog to post my answer in? will it just be a post on your current blog called "The Forge" that i comment on with my answer? I ask because I would like to be prepared and maybe to have a link directly to "The Forge" if its another blog your making...haha Ive gone beyond homework searching high and low and saved and copied every link/web address to every feather and my answer is ready haha I AM OBSESSED with wanting those wings =p I really enjoyed this contest either way =) nice job!

Stephanie said...

Through this contest, I actually found another interesting blog, and that is yours. I really like the stuff you blog. Keep up the good work! And I definitely enjoy the puzzles/hints, especially the Max Sternump[Did I spell that right?] one. Had such difficulty lol.

Fatal Exception said...

@Angela, @J3WD4Z, @Jaden "Line forms to the left, tents and sleeping bags against the wall, please.", lol

@John: Please, visit any of the fine, fellow W101 blogs in the blogroll. After visiting a few, you'll get a feel for where to look on this one. There are many young, emerging bloggers worthy of a good read.

@Raijukin: If I were feeling *particularly* 'evil', I'd simply answer your question "Yes."...

...However, in the spirit of fair play, "The Forge" is the *next* blog post, right here at HiaG.

Raijukin said...

Just to clarify... Do i have to wait for the last post to find out how to assemble the answer? cause so far i have put all the letters for the feathers in order 1 through 14 and it doesn't spell anything xD just a bunch of scrambled letters lol will the final post tell me how to unscramble them? or what order to put them in or do i have to find that out on my own.. cause i think i will fail at that lol never was good at unscrambling games =p

Fatal Exception said...

@Raijukin: "Yes."

bbhenson1234 said...

I have all 14 codes! I just hope I can make it in time to get some wings!

J3WD4Z said...

Then again we can;t be enitrley sure that the password "spells a phrase" can we autumn?

bluelapis said...

Autumn Ravensong cannot wait to wear these shiny brand new wings!!!!! (presses cheek to forge door and quietly chants

Unknown said...

Feeling rather dumb over here...
So there are 14 codes. I'm with ya!
14 hints. That makes sense.
Hint #14 isn't a hint so now there's 13 hints for 14 codes. And all I seem to be able to find are 13 codes.
Gone through all the hints 3 times.
Still coming up with 13 codes.
What am I missing? (actually missing 5 equals ?)

Unknown said...

Apparently I didn't have enough coffee this morning. LOL.


Fatal Exception said...

@Pistols: You're not "dumb"; quite the contrary, you're "overthinking" it, (a common practice, it seems).

All 14 "hints" lead to a specific code fragment. Take a "Zen moment", breathe, and follow the hints in a 'simpler' fashion.

Stephanie said...

I cant wait for this! I actually ran full speed from my mom's car to my room, without taking my shoes off. Glad you moved it back though.