Sunday, April 10, 2011

Random ramblings

Well, gee, with all the excitement of Mount Week past, there are, of course, plenty of things that "got lost in the noise". Here, I'll try to cover what I can remember to include, just for record's sake, I suppose.

What about "Sound The Horn", what was *that* all about? Well, Anyone who's followed HiaG for a while knows that I still maintain that W101, and the Spiral, are heading to a "Ragnarok", of sorts, "Sound the horn" is a less-than-subtle reference to the  9 Worlds Theory, so the "Horn" in question would be 'Gjallarhorn'. Not to say it's the gonna be the end of Wizard 101, but what if it is? What if KI's secret 2nd project is "Wizard 102"? No, it probably isn't, but these are the "things that make you go 'Hmmmmm'.."

Beckett's recently announced the winners of it's "Ultimate W101 Fan" contest, and here's the re-post, (from Becketts MOG  ):

Wizard101 Ultimate Fan Contest Winner Announced

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W101_1We’d like to thank the hundreds of fans who submitted their letters, pictures, and videos for the Beckett Wizard101 Ultimate Fan Contest! While originally there was only one prize package for this contest, with so many great submissions Beckett and KingsIsle decided that we had to do more to recognize contest participants! In addition to a Grand Prize Winner, we selected two other outstanding submissions for recognition from the video and e-mail categories, each of whom will receive 60,000 Crowns and a Wizard101 poster signed by the KingsIsle staff. As if all that wasn’t enough, we selected a bunch of runners-up, who received 5,000 Crowns each!
Our Grand Prize Winner should be familiar to anyone who read our PAX East overview. Chase Glaser wow-ed us with his Celestia diorama (above) and costume at the show, and we had no choice but to give him the award. Really, we didn’t… otherwise, he might have zapped us with his staff!
Video_WinnerWith regard to video submissions, recognition goes to Mark Swiftgem and his one-minute video that shows off his Wizard101 fan art, comic, and the front cover of a fan-fiction book he’s working on. You can see a lot more of the creative and entertaining video entries by searching YouTube for “Wizard101 fan”.
Finally, for the e-mail submissions we had to recognize Jasmine “Jazz” Dayblossom, who says in her entry that she 20110313164449_Biggest_Fan_Contest_Entryspends a lot of her time in the game helping new people and that she’s “printed out the spell cards and made ‘mini-decks’ for my brother and I. I’ve made a stuffed Moolinda Wu and attempted a Halston Balestrom, but failed. We have cardboards swords hanging on the walls too! Umbra Blade, Dragonclaw Blade, Lambent Blade, Frostwood Sword, etc! In one of my brother’s drawers, there’s a collection of coloring pages that we printed out and colored. I’d estimate that there’s at least 50!” Wow!
Codes will be sent out shortly, so check your e-mail to see if you’ve received a Crowns code! Congratulations to all, and thanks to everyone for your awesome entries!
(Oh, and we just had to show off a super piece of art submitted by one other runner-up winner, Fallon Starshade. Enjoy!)
*end Becketts article* 
Is that not Uber Impressive? You bet it is!

Speaking of Becketts, (which every W101 wizard should be aware of), remember I mentioned I got my copy with Friendly's Article? Yeah, forgot to mention that J.Todd Coleman was listed, in the same issue,
 as #1 in the "20 Most Influential People in MMO's in 2010" As "Ash" from Army of Darkness would say:

"Hail to the King, baby!"
And speaking of "Mr. J Todd", is it only me, or does anyone else visualize "Regenerate" as "The Hand of J.Todd Coleman, Himself blessing the recipient"? Okay, maybe it *is* just me, but these are the kind of bizarre connections my brain makes when I'm not focusing on something else.

So, I'll stop here, 'because I've leveled in Gardening, and only have BriskBreeze in my quest log. Been spending my time "Pet farming", and almost have all the ones I seek. OMG! Scarecrow! Squee! pleasehavespritely, pleasehavespritely, pleasehavespritely!

See, an unfocused mind is a terrible thing. Period.

Ooh, ooh! Last-minute edit: Speaking of Art, and an Army of Darkness;Cassandra Griffindreamer,  the famed Spiral artist, has been doing a series of "School Chants", and finally presented her "Necromancer Chant" How many Necromancers can YOU pick out of this group? :
Ah, there's no School like Death School!
As always, an excellent depiction! View them all at WitchWarrior101.


witchwarrior said...

glad you like my art!

Fatal Exception said...

Always have! Your works are legendary, in timelessness and spiral-centricity.
Perhaps, with all your many, many works, you might consider a "Museum" (slideshow) linked on your blog, for all to admire!

Xinaed said...

Great post! I have to admit, I do kind of the same thing, though not exactly like that. :) BTW- can you do me a favor, and re-add StormySkies to your blog roll? We have a new link -

Would definitely appreciate it!

Fatal Exception said...

Lol, I was a bit confused by your request (I'm slow like that)

Gratz on your domain!

Xinaed said...

Lol, no worries. I can see how it would be confusing. Despite our old blog addy is supposed to re-direct, it's not doing such a great job in blog rolls. It works fine if you're RSSing, but it wasn't updating like it was supposed to on the rolls. :)

Thank you.