Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mad Science in Theorycrafting

(since my keyboard and mouse came as a bundle, I thought I'd "bundle" 2 posts, today)

Yes, I know, I know. The stitching of wands isn't even "LIVE" yet, but I'm a Greedymancer, and I know what I wanna see see next: Mad Science!
If Kevin Battleblood could PvP me right now, he probably would. :)
If you think about it, it kinda makes sense, doesn't it? It's sorta the "Next logical step" in W101 customization. Say, for instance, I want the appearance of my Ghost Hound (Jasmine), but all the stats of Ginger, ('Snaps'), my Fierce hound with Spritely. Any of you 'hard core' breeders out there know that such a combination is highly unlikely, atm. Well nigh impossible, you might claim.

You would still have to train, and train, and train some more, to get the 'stats' you want, but once you have them, you could apply them to the 'skin' of any pet in your possession. Just think of all the 'expensive house decorations' wandering around- a chance for "A New Life". That, or we can start "recycling" pets, in return for reagents. 'Stitching' seems the more (virtually) humane thing to do. A Krokomummy that's really a Sea Dragon, a Skeletal Warrior that's really an Ice Colossus: oh, the possibilities are endless!

Just think of the beautiful chaos it would create! Just like stitched wands, you'd never really know what to expect in PvP. "What?!? Their staff is really a Lifeforce Blade, and their Piggle is really a Helephant! ". Looking up your opponent's stats in PvP would likely get a bit more interesting, Muah-ha-ha-ha!

And, just for record's sake, such a cosmetic change wouldn't (or should I say "shouldn't" ), affect the fine database of The Petnome Project, where 'base stats are still base stats'. Hopefully, this spares me the Wrath of KBB and Team TPC, lol. "Gee, Autumn, wish you hadn't delved into PvP, already".

Just know this: Should 'Pet Stitching' ever become a reality- in your head, and around The Spir@l, a single cry will be heard:

Be Well!


Xinaed said...

Interesting idea, however I don't think I will be stitching pets if it ever did come to live. I can see how useful it would be though for PVP.

John Lifeglen said...

Love the idea, but I think the point of making us hatch and hatch and hatch some more is to get us to kill the downtime between'm not banking on ever seeing this. One can hope though!


P.S. I still need my picture of a balance desk pet :D

Kevin BattleBlood said...

Yesh, absolutely lovely idea!

As of now, the basis of pet cosmetics vs. pet reliability is very primitive and restrictive. For example, some players want a certain pet for certain uses (TPC wanting the Dryad card on their pet to ensure each player has a decent heal for any amount of Pips, so they go for the Defender Pig). Ironically, however, the Defender Pig model doesn't really justify the team image. If we could stitch our pets, we could change just the appearance every month, for kicks and giggles, rather than invest so much time and gold in developing Holiday pets with our desired Innate Cards and Abilities. January = Ice pets. February = Valentine Pigs. March = Lucky Leprechauns. On and on...