Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wizard life, as I know it

Well, finally re-specced today, (4k crowns, ouchies!), and chose Life as my new secondary school. Sigh, as much as I want to be total "doom and gloom", yesterday's PvP experience, (plus the responsibility of 'senior' quest helping, with "R", convinced me to drop balance, and "bring a little more to the table". Such is my unceremonious "farewell" to solo-mindedness. Gah, those green sprites are *totally* ruining my 'look', and I can't swat at 'em!

Oh, yeah, feeling the joy, now. :|

But seriously, did a few "test runs", and with some tweaking and practice, I think I could get used to this. That, and having a Life Mastery Amulet helps, too.

However, don't expect me to go all "sunshine and unicorns", though. Yeah, Kestrel and Friendly, I'm talking to you! However, in lieu of my new-found secondary, I'll ( just this once, mind you ), "Party it up", and celebrate W101, "Unicorn Style" Now, I'm no kind of music or video composer, so I stole one instead. Here's  W101, in Unicorns (see if you can find the "Autumn Duskhunter" in this crew):

"Fine.", I'm probably gonna regret this, I know.

 Anyone who calls me "Twilight Sparkle" is gonna get PvP'd, lol

You can catch the source episode HERE 
Be Well!

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Jason ThunderShield said...

Just a reminder, the first meeting of angels of wizard101 is today at 3pm east in ice tower realm wraith

What is angels of wizard101?
We help all people who are in need. We are kind and curteous to everyone. We will try to get kinsisle to set up events to buy crowns for charities such as cancer. We are the angels of Wizard101!