Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shot in the Dark after the 'mystery composer'

Well, with KI's history of kid friendly demographics, and business history with Disney Artists, my initial "best guess" is Miley Cyrus, (a.k.a. "Hannah Montana".). MIley's a composer, she's been on Saturday Night Live, and does not have the initials "J.B." (insert sigh of relief).

Miley is currently on tour, and has the "Get Ur Good on" campaign , as well. Both of which are viable for cross-promotion.

Now, my initial premise of it even *being* a Disney Artist may be flawed, (but I'm playing statistical probability, here), and we only have the one (updated) clue. I don't claim to have the Perfect Magic 8 Ball, and my guess is subject to change with the very next hint.

Grandmother Raven much, Miley?
"Avis Cyrus" from "Can't be tamed" Rare black bird in a cage.

Just a glimpse into the thought process, is all. Having fun with it, actually.

And, btw, Yes, I *do* like "Can't be tamed". Funny it's on the same playlist as "Year without rain", huh?

Be Well!


witchwarrior said...

I'm not sure that Miley would be it,
after her little *cough* California incident

Fatal Exception said...

Oh, there's any number of reasons why it *wouldn't* be her, but these kind of tie-in can be planned many, many months in advance, and any 'incident' during the development process may/may not deter the initial contract. I fully expect my guess to change, as more hints are revealed, I'm just chronicling the process. Hopefully, it's just more than a Selena Gomez "one shot" promotional tie-in.