Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ravenwood Ball

Two words:
I mean, wow. Almost *too* many people, (if there can be such a thing). That, and trying to co-ordinate with Ravenwood Radio. After a bit, I just handed Ashley the computer and said "Here, you go do it.". I may have to set up an individual "Meet the author" event, for those that who want to add me, but couldn't find me in that Sea of Blue. Heck, just trying to get to Area 01 was a trial in "outsmarting the server", lol. I was getting all sorts of graphical glitches around Bartleby,,like massive "white outs" that split him right down the middle.

It's kinda funny. Next time KI wants to "stress test" a server, all they need to do is have all the bloggers announce a single event.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pets are LIVE

Yeah, after staring at this for a while:

You'll be in, and pets are officially live. Have fun! Oh, and crowns are on sale again..this would be a good time to grab some! (Expect some time in updating, there's a lot going on.)

Also, THE CODES ARE IN! Thanks to Professor Greyrose, the following individuals need to comment me an email address (using the same logins used to win the Great Gobbler Giveaway on Homework.) Email addresses will NOT be published.
"Sailing with the Captain" delivers!

It's alive...

Yes! It's making me wait.

And you know what that means. I got the codes! Thank you, Professor Greyrose!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer Reading Suggestion

Hiya, Graveyard Wanderers!

As you may have figured out, I'm big on encouraging literacy, right? Well, today, on my twitter feed, I got a new "follower":  Clarissa Johal.  After a bit of investigation, (because we know that not all twitter-er-ers are 'legit', I discovered that Clarissa is a published author, (gratz!). Her current YA (Young Adult) offering? Pradee

Clarissa's blog can be found HERE

So, what's it all about? The official synopsis is as follows:

"Pradee is a fantasy adventure of a world which has been divided by different races and belief systems. Four regions hang in the balance; all with unstable regional truces and allies. Pradee, a rural region, is inhabited by cooperative Shelled-Ones, Riverfolk and Burrowers. Juriss, a region to the south of Pradee, is populated by staunch and winged Lawkeepers. To the north is Datard, a place inhabited by bloodthirsty and feared Gamers. Then, there is the unexplored eastern region of Vel. Magical and mysterious, Vel may hold the key to a peaceful future for all regions. Three friends; Wex, Mourr and Cobweb, are accused of poisoning an Elder in their village. They escape to Vel in search of the Guardian of a mythical artifact. If they find the artifact; it is reputed to have the powers to see the past and change the future, thus proving their innocence. However, if it falls into the wrong hands, the artifact could destroy the future of their world as they know it."

Sounds like a good read. I'll be checking it out, myself, (although I'm chronologically too far afield of the 'Young Adult' category...just finished Dan Brown's 'Lost Symbol' in >24 hours)

Order Clarissa's Young Adult Fantasy novel Pradee

Friday, May 21, 2010

Theory crafting on crafting

Hiya, Graveyard wanderers!

Haven't done any good theorycrafting for a bit, and I thought I'd just throw a thought out there. Mind you, it's probably "already been thought of", (because a truly original idea is a rare thing, indeed), but honestly, I am not going to go check out every nook and cranny to see if anyone else has brought it up. My little Grizzleheim post really took the air outta my balloon, thataways.

So, that being said, let's move on to the theorycrafting proper, shall we?

1) All of us wizards have stats, right? Most of them are visible (power pip chance, attack, defense, movement speed, ect, ect.).

2) Most of us have at least *a* house, (okay maybe it's not the uber house of your dreams, but even a dorm room is a workable space.).

3) We have crafting (cough, cough).. umm. yeah. Love it, or hate it, we have it. Completely optional. DO the time, reap the ...rewards?.

Hmm..#3.... rewards. Aside from getting some titles. What is crafting good for? Well we know that pet snack crafting is gonna be a 'big thing', right? Well, I say we already have an untapped potential for crafting, and it's already "in place" (the game coders must really hate when I so casually dismiss how 'in place' everything is).

Right now, what good is "Master Artisian"? Aside from "Wow, I can't believe you *actually* got all those Black Pearls, and Blood Moss, gratz!", and being able to craft some nifty decorative items, where's the real *drive* for crafting? Once you got your title, where's the impetus to *keep* crafting?.

"Autumn's Easy Answer":  passive bonuses.

Say what, Autumn?

Hear me out. Nothing 'godly', mind you, but what if KI went ahead and said :"Craft furniture in your (active house, only), and you'll get a passive character bonus, depending on your crafted item!" ? How fast would crafting, and reagent hunting pick up, again?

Autumn's collection of completely theoretical examples.

Of course, this would not be a simple task. Nothing is. However, I feel the coding deities at KI could make this happen, without any serious imbalances, (like "1 boost, per type, per house", or something), and encourage crafting beyond the "look what I made" decoration scene.

Thursday, May 20, 2010!

Yeah, you know it. Reveal , the next, is out:

Clicky for biggie

and, now *this* is a lobster:
You know everybody is going to say it, at least once.

(For those of you who don't know the reference, it's from a movie called "300". Since the movie isn't really kid friendly (at all), I had to find a *giggle* "suitable" *giggle* trailer to *snort* show you):

Giggle. Um, yeah..the movie was *just like that*. Ahem...
So, yes, we now have a lobster. A true lobster. A true Centurion. Notice the Galea with red bristles, the War Skirt, ect. ect. Oh, yeah. Hail to the Emperor, baby!

Truly fun for all ages

Well, here I was, doing some light grinding in Golem Tower. By my side, 2 little ones, ages 5(girl) and 3(boy).

The 5 year old has taken to asking :
"Are you playing Won-Oh-Won?"
"Is that Won-Oh-One?"
"I like Won-Oh-Won."

So, I had a young fan club watching with rapt attention, as I monotonously swept through the floors, repeatedly dancing around the Iron Golem. Soon enough, the 3 and 5 year old displayed their understanding of what was going on, in their own curious little ways:

"Oh! Vampire is going to put the robot in time out! Bye-bye, robot!"
"Flap, flap, flap!"
"Arrrrr, matey!"
"Hahaha! He fell apart and made a big mess!That's silly!" (Iron Golem)
"He hit you! He's naughty!Bad robot!"
"no leper-cons!"

It's always refreshing to see the world, through new eyes. Long ago, I had a Sensai that told me to "always keep your beginner's mind". What he meant by that was " do not let your accumulated learning weaken your original hunger to learn all you can".short version: "Don't get jaded."
You know how it is. Remember your first day in Wizard City, when *everything* was new? All you knew was "how much you didn't know". And so, you learned. A lot. As much as you could.

Fast forward to present day. Do you still have that same "gotta learn it all" enthusiasm? Odds are, "no". That's not to say that you don't love the game, but it's a natural part of human nature, (often coined negatively as "Familiarity breeds contempt", or "resting on your laurels"). We get so used to a "thing", (in this case, W101), that sometimes we forget the magic that swept us up, in the first place.

Thanks to the don't-know-any-better wisdom of a 5 year old, and a 3 year old, I have been reminded to "keep my beginner's mind". Food for thought.

Be well!

History of Wiz 101

Hiya, Graveyard Wanderers,
Just passing on a bit of W101 update notes,, update notes. You *do* read the update notes, right?
Just a quick look at the synopsis, shows just how far KI has come, in (really) so short a time. The fact that the game you play 'today' is not the game we played 'yesterday'. Almost 2 years, already? Wow.

Finally got around to re-testing the test realm, and was pleasantly surprised by the small 'tweaks', that I noticed, (not all of them related to pets). Each of these small, seemingly unrelated adjustments seems to be 'minor', in and of itself, like a single drop of water in a cup. Given time, though, those drops add up, and soon enough, our cups runneth over.

So, why not take a moment, and see just how full our cups are now, as opposed to where they *were*, (and then project that forward to where they *will be*).

I think we need bigger cups.

Be well.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Curses! Foiled again!

Yes, dear Graveyard wanderers, it's "sad, but true". Friendly's level-headed, slow-to-draw-conclusions, and let's-go-check-the-actual-facts demeanor has prevailed, yet again.

I'll get you next time, Friendly! Next tiiime!

Maybe I should just take a moment to consider that Friendly's way might just be the right way. Keeping an "even keel", and not "flying off the handle" into wild speculations.Actually getting the facts, and not jumping to conclusions...

I mean, as excellent as Friendly is, and prodigious, and well loved and respected by all (including me), he just doesn't seem to echo the inspiring motivational poster quoting the sage wisdom of Dark Helmet:

Um, other than that, I got nothing.

(And thanx for being such a good sport, Friendly!)

Be well!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This video should be remade

(curse you, Friendly, now I'm all nostalgic!) I really think someone good with audio/fraps should make a wizard101 version of this: (Go ahead, tell me you can't see this in Wizard City, heckhound, even the original video has the 'power pip' sound in it!)

The Wizard Dance
Wiz, dance!

We can cast if we want to
We can leave your friends behind
'Cause your friends don't cast and if they don't cast
Well they're no friends of mine
I say, we can go where we want to
Dragonspyre's mighty fine
And we can act like we come from out of this spiral
Leave the real world far behind
And we can cast

We can cast if we want to
We can leave your friends behind
'Cause your friends don't cast and if they don't cast
Well they're no friends of mine
I say, we can go where we want to
Maybe go to Grizzleheim
And we can act like we come from out of this spiral
Leave the real world far behind
And we can Cast

We can go when we want to
The dead all live and so do I
And we can dress real neat from our hats to our feet
And surprise 'em with the Banshee cry
Say, we can cast if want to
If we don't nobody will
And you can act real cool and totally improved
We've got a Dragon Titan left to kill

I say, we can cast, we can cast
Everything is under control
We can cast, we can cast
We're doing it from hall to hall
We can cast, we can cast
Everybody look at your hands
We can cast, we can cast
Every Storm Wiz iz takin' the cha-a-a-ance

Wizard dance
Is it safe to cast
Is it safe to cast
Wiz, dance!

We can cast if we want to
We've got all your life wizards in line
So long we don't abuse it, never gonna lose it
Everything'll work out fine
I say, we can cast if we want to
We can leave your friends behind
'Cause your friends don't cast and if they don't cast
Well they're no friends of mine


Is it safe to cast, oh is it safe to cast [6x]
Is it safe to cast


Dearest Friendly,

I see your tweet, and raise you a video!

Gotta love *anything* with Sir Christopher Lee in it! (And yes, those are the same two twins from Terminator 2. Don and Dan Stanton)
Let the blog skirmishes of obscure 80's culture commence! Muah, ha, ha, ha!

Cryptkeeper: What do you get when you cross a witch and an igloo?
The Old Witch: I don't know?
Cryptkeeper: A cold spell

Monday, May 17, 2010

Test Realm Reset

This, according to post at Wiz101 Official:
So, it's only a 4 day rollback. No 'biggie', really, but it has me curious. A 4 day rollback is nothing epic, (and certainly not game breaking, since it *is* Test Realm, after all. I just don't get it. In my experience, a MMO rollback is usually to address an unintentionally coded 'exploit' being used by players. If that's the case, I say 'serves them right', and better that it gets fixed now, as opposed to live. Anyone who has the 'cheat' to get ahead lacks honor, imo, and thus respect. And can someone please tell my *why* there should be people begging for crowns on Test Realm? Actually had someone ask me (and this, after the second issue of the free 100k). Ridiculous. Our main purpose for the Test Realm, (this time around) is the pets.

 "Oh, I bought a couple houses".
On Test Realm? Boggles the mind, it does.

Or, (even better), "Can you help me beat [insert Boss name here]? I beat him once before, but now I have the quest, again.". *sigh*. And guess what? When you go back to live, you've still already beat him.

"Why so serious, Autumn?" "You should lighten up, a bit"."It's probably just a coding issue, on KI's part, that they're fixing".

Meh. It's not really in my nature to look at the "bright side". And besides, The Death School already has a Star Pupil to handle all that: Friendly. Now, don't get me wrong, I respect Friendly to Dragonspyre-and-back, but his level-headedness is not my level-headedness. He'll give a person the "benefit of the doubt", whereas I'll just usually doubt. He'll (usually) give a person the opportunity to correct their errant ways. Me? I'll see their head on a pike at the castle gates, if I had my way. There's a reason that Friendly is the one we all look to for inspiration: He's just that darned good. Me? I tend to slither by on sarcasm. Fortunately, there's room enough in The Spiral for all types. ('cause if it came down to Friendly vs. Me, even I wouldn't vote for me)

A Tale of Two Necros
"Good Necro, Bad Necro". You know which is which.

Okay, this post is going waaaaay off topic. Back to Test Realm Reset.

One way, or another, it shows KI's active development, and bodes well for all future product. (And the 250k crowns is a very nice "sorry for the inconvenience". Keep it up, KI!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What? No time for games!

Back to work, people! We have Celestia to bring forth! (from here)
Headmaster Ambrose schooling the good folks at KingsIsle

btw, How many pips does it cost to cast "ping pong", Headmaster? And which, exactly, school is that?

(I'm going to go with Death School, (of course)), because I have substantial proof:
Yeah, Death School *rules* ping pong!

C'mon, now, would Christopher Walken choose "Life School"? I think not.
Never in a million years. Death School, forever, baby!

Anyone up for a little arena PvPong?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

And in non wizard news

Yummy new movie to look out for, (imo): Solomon Kane.

If you liked Van Helsing, Vampire Hunter D, (or even Chakan:The Forever Man), you're gonna wanna be ready for this one.
 It's the hat. It's gotta be the hat. 
Do these guys all shop at the same place? Like, some "Slayercrombie and Witch". or something?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Pop Quiz winner, (and answers)

First off: congratulations, Lenora Mistblossom!

Lenora, comment me your email,(using your Tomoyo login),  and I'll get it right out to you.

And the answers: ( here's a hint, for you, in the future:"Have you ever noticed how a 'pop quiz' only covers posts made since the 'pop quiz' before it?" Just saying. ;)  )

1) Of the 2 types of lobsters, which one is not "true"? Spiny Lobster 
2) Who did Headmaster Ambrose joke "was behind it all?" Prospector Zeke 
3) What Test Realm "furniture drop" did I think would be perfect? Cannon 
4) Where is Gordon Sumner located? Marleybone Commons 
5) Who was watching me suspiciously? Treant, from Kestrel's Life House

As always, Thank you to all participants! There will, of course, be more in the future, so (as know the drill..say it with me:)

Do Your Homework.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Need to do something

Hmm..contest? How about a:

You know the drill. First commenter to answer all 5 correctly wins. All answers can be found within the blog. Pop quiz prize: 5k crowns/Happy Piggle.

1) Of the 2 types of lobsters, which one is not "true"?
2) Who did Headmaster Ambrose joke "was behind it all?"
3) What Test Realm "furniture drop" did I think would be perfect?
4) Where is Gordon Sumner located?
5) Who was watching me suspiciously?

1) Everybody gets "1". As in, "1 shot", so check your answers carefully, (and your login). ;)
2) DO NOT post your email, I will ask you for it if you win.
3) Everybody is eligible for this one. ( I can't believe I spelled 'eligible' right on the first try!)
4) The Joker is NOT wild, on this surprises...this time.
5) Comments will no be posted until someone gets all 5 correct.


Hiya, Graveyard wanderers,

I know I've been a bit quiet, these past couple days, but I've been zoning out in MooShu, and Colossus Blvd. Yeah, doing the who Zen farming thing. But, finally, my hours of looping and realm hopping have paid off:
Yeah, only 8 months late.
Special Thanks to Kevin Battleblood for encouraging me on.

So, now it's "kill x of this, kill x of that" to finish up my unfulfilled badges, and hopefully, Celestia will roll around that time. I need an idea for a contest, any suggestions?

Monday, May 10, 2010

New Celestia poster out!

 Clicky for biggie.

And today's revealed creature:

A Roman Larry the Lobster! Spongetastic x2, peeps!
"Party time! Has anyone seen my toga?"

J.Todd Coleman *did* infer a “How about an Empire of Crabs with sort of a Roman feel?”, in the May/June Beckett's Massive MMO magazine interview...

Why, though is the revealed guy such a shrimp? (pun intended. okay, maybe it *is* a snapping shrimp, but I'm going with 'lobster', for the moment) I mean, look at Larry, from Spongebob, pretty 'buff', right? Well, he's nothing, compared to his South Australian Cousin, (also named Larry):
In Australia, a lobster puts YOU 'on the barbie', shrimp.

Lobster "Did you know?": (from HERE)
Lobsters are invertebrates, members of the Class Crustacea of the Phylum Arthropoda. (This class includes animals without backbones and with hard shells like crab, shrimp, crayfish, water fleas and wood lice.) 

There are two kinds of lobsters, the "true" lobster (also called American lobster) and the spiny lobster. The true lobster has claws on the first four legs, lacking in the spiny lobster. The spiny lobster has a pair of horns above the eyes, lacking in the true lobster. Spiny lobsters also have two large cream-colored spots on the top of the second segment of the tail.

Lobster can have many different colors, including blue-green, blue, red, yellow, red-orange and white. Some lobsters come in two colors, having half of their shell one color and the other half another. 

True lobsters have two very powerful claws. One claw is sharp and used for cutting, the other is bony and used for crushing. Lobsters that have their heavy ("crusher") claw on the right are considered "right-handed" and the others are "left-handed". Some lobsters are ambidextrous, they usually favor the claw that is the largest.

Lobsters can lose claws, legs, eyes and antennae through accident or self-defense, but are able to regenerate them. 

If it *is* a 'Snapping Shrimp', though, like the 'pistol shrimp', this guy will be scary. Check out this video:

Judging by the 'reveal rate', it seems we still have a ways to go, for Celestia. Good thing we got the Pet Pavillion... Keep at it, KI!

Writing Contest Prize Winners Announcement

Thank you to everyone who entered the "Young bloggers for Dworgyn" writing contest. We have a winner:

Hold on...what's that? A message? An Important message? Folks, don't stop reading yet!

More? What *more* could there possibly be, Autumn? Read on!
Remember how I said that posting the Dworgyn graphic on your blog was your 'ticket'? Well, I'm putting the 'prize' in surprise, baby! I'm a going to now disclose an 'unpublished' part of the contest: The Unadvertsied Advertiser's Award! Okay, it's not as cool as winning first place, but it's not zero! This has been a contest where there are no losers!

 The Unadvertised Advertiser's Award!

So, basically, *everyone* who 'played along' and participated gets something. All of you need to comment me your email address (will not be published), and I'll get you your card codes sent right out!

Time to update the Graveyard Prize Vault, again.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Commercial outtakes

Good ol' Headmaster Ambrose, always good for a giggle. I admire when a virtual product has 'outtakes', like the end of Toy Story 2. Anyways, here it is (audio). How many cultural references can you find?:

Friday, May 7, 2010

Experience issue.

Hiya, wizards/witches.

Just puttering around in the pet park with Lord Luna, trying to perpetuate a predisposition for pet performance, (curse you, Milo Barker!),and I came across what I see as a 'brick wall', of sorts, and it's not the type you toss out on the derby track, either.

See, here's my issue, (as I'm sure many of you have found, as well) Here's Luna's current stats:

and here's the exp gain after a 'perfect' minigame:

and with a favorite snack:
2 exp? Gee, that only leaves me 844 more exp, to go. So, that's only 422 more minigames to play.Doh! Make that, 421..and these don't even count. Test progress go *poof*.
'Epic' truly is, as in 'I have an Epic amount of free time and crowns to level a single pet" So, I ask you, graveyard wanderers, should KI:

a) Leave it well enough alone. You're not supposed to level easily.
b) Make the minigame 'exp scalable' to the pet age
c) Sell yet another crown item "Pet exp boost". Yay, crowns!
d) There's another thing you haven't considered, Autumn.

Feel free to let me know your opinion.

Reminder: This is the last day to register for the Chillantropologist's Challenge for tomorrow, and you only have 3 days to enter the Young Blogger's for Dworgyn writing contest.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Battleblood's Challenge, this Saturday! 5000 Crown reward!

Being fortunate, I have seen what's in store, in advance. I'm  not gonna give you a lengthy description , but I *can* tell you that Kevin Battleblood, of the Chillanthropologist (yay! I got it right, this time!) is having an event, featuring an impressive creation, indeed. I , along with several others, will be there to help administer the event.
I was able to preview it, yesterday, and all I can say is *wow*.

Click for full size

An obstacle course? Yup, you read that right. Skeptical? Don't be. This is no run through Unicorn Way. It's amazing what a dedicated mind, and persistence, can accomplish. Be sure to pre-register for the event, by emailing Kevin Battleblood . See the above flyer for all the details.

And speaking of contests, don't forget , there's only 4 days left to submit you entry in the "Young Bloggers for Dworgyn" writing contest. Competition is heating up, so get your creative self in gear!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Some more Test Realm Observations

Nope, not about pets...well not *directly*, many fine blogs are covering that, in depth.
Just making a few "forward looking" observations, like possible new furniture drops:

Furniture/decoration drops? Betcha!

I tell you, I *gotta* get me a few cannons, (if available). Kind of reminds, me.. I *still* think a dueling ring for Lands and Castles would be a fun purchase. Oh, yeaaaahh... Even if it's not a full size ring..or just a teleport to an 'instanced' arena...just something. We need more playable games in our houses, imo. Who knows? Maybe the cannons are a pre-emptive clue that we *might* have pet mini-games at our Lands&Castles. Pure speculation, at this point.

Other things of note: More Vendors. Vendors-a-plenty. Both for Pet Snacks, and for Pet Snack recipies. Here's just a few:
(Clicky the picy)  *Has* to be more than these, around.
Which leads me to another thought: reagents. We're going to need more of them, more often, and I don't know if the current spawn rates will support that. If the spawn rates do not increase, that would make pet snacks (and consequently, pet development) a "crowns=win" concept, where a crowns player can just click, click, click a few booster packs, and resume gaming (and refilling energy). I'm all for business, ( and W101 *is* a business, after all), but if reagents are left "as is", I think this may bring imbalance to the pet system. I have faith that KI has, (or will have) it all figured out.

Writing Contest Prize Announcement

Well, it seems (at quick glance), that so far there is only minor participation in the Young Bloggers Writing Contest , so to help spur interest, I'm going to reveal what the prize is (correctly guessed by Taji34) :
Here's what you can win for defending Dworgyn:

Contest ends May 10th, at midnight, so if you're going to enter, you only have 5 days left.

For full details on the contest, please refer HERE.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Upgrades: Spell check?

Hello, fellow citizens of The Spiral!

Wee bit o' theorycrafting, today. With all the upgrades and emphasis on pets, (both the "good" and the "areas of opportunity"), I figured I 'd let my cerebellum go "free roam" in my internal lands&castles, when this bubbled to the surface:

"Instead of having to create a slew of new uber spells, why not upgrade what we have?"

Clarification: This applies to ALL schools, Death School is just my example.

Hmm. Let's explore this, a bit.
Well, for anyone who's made Grandmaster, in their school, how often do you *really* use those spells you gained "way back in the day", like, say, Krokotopia, or earlier. Maybe it's just me, but how many Grandmaster Necromancers actually use "Dark Sprite"? Since your game progression will always get harder (not easier) , and mobs will have increasingly high health, what of those early spells? The way I look at it, certain spells could use a boost, (from a Necromancer viewpoint..your school may vary):

So, the way I see it, I think that...
Umm..."No",'re okay, at the moment. So , as I was saying...
I said "NO". Please stop interrupting. This isn't Briskbreeze Tower.
Now let's move on..if we look at say..
That's IT, Luna! Backpack! (ziiiiiiiip).

Sorry about that. No more late night movie marathons for Luna.

Anyways, for the above, highlighted spells, I see maybe having quests to upgrade them to "their next level", (like maybe a 30% damage increase, not sure on the math). But I'm not even really sure. Maybe the spells are useful "as is", so I'd like to know what you think. Do you have a Grandmaster (any school) that still uses their "entry level" spells, or is this an idea that some "formula guru" (I know you're out there) could take a further stab at?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Young Bloggers Writing Contest

 Really feeling good about things, lately. So many reasons to celebrate..., my return to W101
...and meeting up with friends, new and old.
..and finding so many new, young bloggers excited about writing..
..and *finally* getting my Wraith Statue...
...and being spotlighted in the newsletter..

I feel a contest coming on....

Yup, gotta do it.

The Young Bloggers for Dworgyn Writing Contest

You all know my "pet project", Tenure for Dworgyn, right? Well, it's apparent I can't do it alone, so I'm enlisting all you younger (under 18) Wizard101 bloggers, to a) recognize you for staying true to your writing, and b) Help get Dworgyn the recognition I believe he so richly deserves. (Well, mostly "a" (but we needed a 'theme', and Dworgyn was willing to play along))

"What is tenure, Autumn?"

Ah, yes. "Tenure is defined (here) as "Promotion from 'assistant' to "senior" Death School instructor. I mean, c'mon, is Moolinda Wu an 'assistant' Life Professor? *NO*, even though she replaced Sylvia Drake. Why should Dworgyn be relegated to 'assistant'? Malistaire is not (I'm pretty sure) coming back. Why, we don't even have a school portrait we Death School students can proudly display..only ruined ones. :(

Anyways, here's the contest: FOR W101 BLOGGERS UNDER 18, ONLY, PLEASE!

Step 1) Copy this graphic, and post it on your blog, then link your post in the comments section. Feel free to link back to this post , so your readers know what you're doing.

 This graphic is your ticket into the contest, bloggers.

Step 2) Essay:(Yeah, this is the 'writing' part ; no less than 100 words) on "why Dworgyn deserves Tenure", on your blog. Make it creative, make it original. Let your writing shine! This is what the contest is *really* about..promoting creative writing. (But hey, if it gets Dworgyn tenure, then *bonus*)

This contest does come with a prize, but it's kinda secret. (No, it *isn't a gobbler*, sorry), but I'll give you a hint: you will be rewarded for defending Dworgyn.

Da Rules
1) Existing blogs only, minimum of 20 posts, (prior to today's date).
2) DO NOT post your email. I will ask you for it if you win.
3) If you've won a prize from 'Homework' in the past 30 days, sorry you can't win, again.
4) Spelling is 'ballpark". Looking for creative writing content here. Express yourself!
5) No, Ashley, you can't enter this one, either.
6) Contest will run until May 10th, 2010 at midnight, E.S.T. Winner announced May 11th.

So, young writers, get to your quill and ink.



Yes, wizards, the May issue of Ravenwood News is out. And this month, I am honored to be in it:

Thank you so much, KI! 

It seems that in all my searching for a "Home MMO", you were there, all along!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Yes! Wraith Statue!

Oh, Helephant, yes! *finally*. Thank you, Grubb!

and met up with our Pop Quiz winner,