Saturday, April 16, 2011

PvP and me.

Well, first off, the *neatest* thing happened today, (well, "yesterday", now). As I was out enjoying the all-too-infrequent nice weather here in New England, what should I behold up in the trees above me? A real live, breathing and squawking *raven*. Seems Grandmother Raven must have given me a wink, because of the "new banner", right? At least, that's how I choose to see it. Sadly, the raven wasn't much in the mood for conversation, (that, or my ornithological vocalizations are substandard), and it merely flew off. It's okay, just seeing one after all this reading/reasearching/writing about them is enough for me. (Gosh, they're bigger than the pictures let on).
Black Birds on Blogs are larger than they appear

 K, secondly, I want to give a less-than-subtle "shoutout" to my friend "R", (You know who you are), "R" is a "Lifer" (with the heart of a Necromancer),whom I've had the absolute pleasure of running around questing with. A good questing companion can totally change the outlook of traipsing across The Spir@l. Even better when you're *way* overpowered for the mobs your questing against. (Makes you feel just spiffy! RAWR!). Seeing The Spir@l again through fresh eyes is a great way of polishing the 'jaded' view away. If you can find a like-minded "lowbie", willing to carry their share (and not expect you to do it for them), then I highly recommend going for it. That's who I found in "R". Helping her is helping me. win/win.

Now, on to the "meat" of the post. PvP.
Let me start by saying that I have no claim to any kind of knowledge or skill when it comes to PvP. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

When I say "I don't PvP", I mean I don't PvP...ever.
Zero Calories, Zero experience.
My entire 'PvP history' in W101 consists of *2* casual battles, neither of which bear any kind of 'official' stamp, and one of those battles was today (well, "yesterday", now). I decided to pry my anti-social necromantic posterior out of my comfort zone, at went to Kevin Battleblood's Mid-April PvP Party. And you know what? I'm glad I did.

See, here's the thing: most times when someone says "PvP, (in *any* game), my mind instantly conjures images of insecure adolescents hurling "l33t sp34k" invectives at each other, or  smugly denouncing another's PvP escapades as "noobish", or "ID10Tic", or "weaksauce", or, well you get the idea.
Sadly, from what I gather, the same element has been know to rear it's ugly head at Diego's Arena, as well. Formerly known as "chain stunners", (now "Earthquake Spammers"?). Same idea as "griefers", to me.
Regardless of the game, we all know "the type"
It's "that type" that gives PvP a bad name, almost everywhere you go in the gaming world. Mega-leveled, (and mega-bored) self-proclaimed "l33ts" scouring the gamescape, looking for "noobs" to "Pwn", even if it means using cheap tactics. I mean, really, if they could see how immature and desperate they appear in constant  need of self-validation.....but, I digress.

PvP the way it should be: fun for all, not just the "winners"
 The Party I attended was hosted by Angel Winterbreeze, Kevin Battleblood, and Cassandra Dragonheart, (apologies for any misspells, or unintentional omissions), at Angel's Celestian Observatory. It was a great time.
My original intention was to just go and watch. You know "Do my Homework", and try to get a feel for the thought process. Turns out, I chose to study at a very awkward time. Amulets are turning the PvP world on it's head in W101. (I'll leave clarification on that to wizards better educated than I.)
The thing that really "got me" was the fact that this was *so* unlike my previous exposures to PvP. It was cordial, everybody rooting for everybody, opposing teams admiring their opponent's moves, good sportsmanship all around. In essence, PvP the way it should be. It was kinda inspiring, actually.

Inspiring enough that I had to try it. Yeah, Autumn Duskhunter went PvP'ing today (well, "yesterday", now). Pledging defiantly that I, the unseasoned upstart , wanted to be *against* KBB, I rushed into the circle, and got second ring...right next to Kevin Battleblood. Hmmm... "wrong side". I think I'll reserve my mock enmity for Friendly.
So, anyways, the match went on....and on...and on. Geesh! Going to PvP? Pack a lunch!
I got off to a halfway decent start, but my lack of knowledgable preparation  quickly came to the forefront:

"Dang! Forgot to load 'empower'.
"Gee, I should have had 'sacrifice'..."
"Oh, I forgot about 'resists'..."
"Why did I leave *that* spell in there...?"

Needless to say, my second-ever foray into PvP did not see me standing victorious, more "standing wobble-headed", but you know what? With the atmosphere of those who were there, losing meant nothing.Everybody won. It was a learning experience. It was spending time with friends. It was fun. It was what PvP should be. Sure, I did "get" KBB, after all, but it was by my own ineptitude rather than any nascent trace of skill. Instead of being a raven, I was more an albatross around Kevin's neck.
I have a greater respect for the true PvP'ers: the Mathematicians, the Strategists, and the Honorable. Those who can juggle all those ever-shifting variables of both their Team *and* their opponent's Team. It just staggers the mind , all the things to keep track of! Thank you to everyone for such a positive experience!

Anyone curious might want to sign up at DaoW , (Tell Fallon that Autumn sent ya'), and apply to the PvP Party Group. Just be respectful, be nice, and follow the rules (or you get sent to The Commons with a mighty *whooosh*). Maybe that's why there's no Common Courtesy in The Commons..they're all booted trolls. I dunno.

So, at the end of the day, I neither communed with a raven, nor did I stand victorious in PvP. But you know what? I had a great day today (Well, "yesterday", now) Working overnights is so confusing, sometimes.

Be Well!


Xinaed said...

Not much of a PVPer myself, I do enjoy watching a good match. And the PVP parties are always fun for me. Wanted to attend last night, but weather had different plans for me. :)

Glad you had fun!

Arlen Dawneyes said...

That critical Skeletal Drake really put a dent on Angel, lol. Well played - I didn't know you had ever PvPed!

Kevin BattleBlood said...

As you mentioned, the intimidation factor of human competition is a hyperbolic stress when bad sports exist. Suddenly, enjoyment for an activity becomes based on the environment and its inhabitants. Football with one's family is a more pleasing experience than football within a stadium with rowdy, passionate fans and opponents.

It felt demeaning to be associated with the cliche and stereotype of Arena enthusiasts, and a lot of criticism from past companions motivated me to prove (on behalf of all honorable competitors and duelists) otherwise. It touches me deeply to know whenever someone does have a change of heart (or view) when it comes to the activity that I believe is wrongly notorious. I guess this somewhat falls in line with dog-/gun-owners: the wielder is what shapes the creature or item.

Thank you for giving it a try, and it was a HUGE honor having been in the same battle you were in :) I look forward to any of your future returns!

bluelapis said...

I have a whole flock of ravens that roost in a big old tree right outside my window. And believe me they have no trouble whatsoever vocalizing. Especially first thing in the morning! But it is very cool to watch my flock, or "murder" as a flock of ravens are really called. They are really quite social among their own kind. And thank you for the tour of your amazing houses last night, as well as the awesome "pvp" in your own private arena no less! I could barely beat your minion, but it was a blast none the less. Its a whole lot more fun in the spiral when you know you're not alone and have great friends to hang around with. "R"

Cris said...

You scared me with the Critical Skeletal Dragon. Then when you beguiled me, I died a little inside ;) It was fun having you there with us and hope you come back and join in more matches :)

Fatal Exception said...

@ all: ty, so much! It's good to be Home, and I promise to be more sociable.

@Xinead, Aww, sorry you missed it, but I'm sure to attend more.

@ Arlen: Nobody was more surprised than me. How does it go "Beginner's Luck"?

@KBB: Ty, Sir, it was MY priveledge, and I was so enlightened, by the one visit, that I've already taken
steps to be the "Next Cassandra Dragonheart", lol (yes, I *did* find her blog). I look forward to some excellent tutelage..

@Lapis: It's my Honor running with *you*, you make it all 'new' again, and that's a debt that's hard to repay.

@Jiminez: You proved to be quite the hard target, and (I do believe) you were the 'Game Finisher', if I'm not mistaken. I'm positive to attend more, that's a promise!