Tuesday, August 23, 2011


"Abaracadabara". No word strikes more fear into a wizard of Our Spiral. It is the word of deletion, of endings, of finality. It is a word for The Graveyard.

After much consideration, I have decided to permanently retire HiaG. This is a measured decision, not a "rage quit", or some declaratory statement, simply the end of a cycle. HiaG shall , henceforth, become a static Historical Archive.

"All good things must come to an end...even the not-so-good things". Barring some unforeseen circumstance, this will be the final post for HiaG. Do not mourn it, celebrate it. We've had an excellent run. And hey, I got to go out with a "bang". (see what I did, there?)

First, and foremost, I want to thank KingsIsle, (and specifically Professor Greyrose) for the Honor and opportunity to represent Wizard 101. It has been a privileged to watch Our Spiral grow from a cottage 'indie' title to a "20 million + " shining beacon of kid-friendly gaming. It is a growth I fully expect to continue.

Secondly, I want to thank my Mentor and Inspiration, my peers, and my siblings. Friends old and new. I cannot possibly hope to "name names" without missing someone. You all know who you are. Our Spiral is better for having you in it. I am better for having met you.

Unlike some of my peer's sites, HiaG never expanded beyond being a critical eye, scrutinizing the developments of Our Spiral, as we have known it, then and now. It holds no intrinsic value to the modern player, except for expose and critique. We, as a Community, and KingsIsle, as a Company, have long outgrown the "need" for a grassroots site like HiaG. So, with dignity, and a sense of nostalgic pride, I dutifully step down, and rescind my "Official" status. I shall be just another wizard. Autumn Duskhunter transcends the Graveyard. I shall still be a presence, in Our Spiral, but not as a "name" or a "rank". Just as myself.

There is nothing more I can say, that has not been said before, therefore, this Opus finds it's restful conclusion. But with this ending, I charge upon you, My Community, a final request: Rob the Graveyard. Dissect it, search it, use it as a compost for the next generation of growth. Everybody knows that a single dandelion, left unchecked, can pave the way for hundreds, if not thousands more.Take whatever seeds of inspiration you can glean from "Homework", and make it your own. This is the cycle of life. Build upon what's already gone before, refine it, strengthen it. You, as a Community, have this ability in spades.

Don't be sad at HiaG's conclusion. Revel in it's time in Our Spiral. Put the "Fun" in "Funeral". You don't need a leader to see, you need to see the leader in yourself. To paraphrase Ghandi "Be the change you want to see in Our Spiral". I seek no eulogy or ritual of passage, however (knowing the symbolic nature of some of our wizards), should you feel compelled to Memorialize "Homework", in-game, a simple unharvested Elder/Ghost Dandelion is sufficient.

Remember, the strength of Our Spiral comes not from a server, or an artist's concept, or a patch. WE are the force that keeps Our Spiral spinning. It has been an awe-inspiring privileged to watch you all grow.

Be excellent to each other. Your Homework, here, is complete. You all get an A+, by me.
And, as always, my final wish:
Be Well.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Booom-checka-lekka! House winners.

The Answer:

Why are we here?
The Code
Because we're here
Roll the bones
word is.

PERSISTENCE was the correct answer. Fortunately, spelling did NOT count. ;) The message folded in on itself, it was not "guessable" until actually completed. The lines in orange are actually song lyrics, (and it's "Roll" the bones, not "Joll"(?!?) or "Troll". - it means to throw the dice.

Well over 100 of you got the correct answer, but there can be only 10, so, per random.org, here are the winners:

The above listed must comment me their emails (on this post- will NOT be published), using the same login as listed above, and I will have them out, immediately.

"Time is of the essence", here, so sooner is better.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Here comes the BOOM!

Ah, Autumn's Death House. "The Malistaire Memorial Death Academy". An ancient structure (by W101 standards). Very few have ever set foot on these deathly grounds. Those that have, have left with lasting impressions..(mostly good). ;) It is the only house I've truly gone out of my way to decorate.

What secret and mysterious things take place inside? Is it home to the Skullinatti? Is it HQ for the "Student Committee for Tenure for Dworgyn"? Does Autumn imprison other bloggers here? Why are there Swiftshadow feathers everywhere? So many questions, that cannot be answered here. (And forget the whole "Skullinatti" thing, they don't really exist...really.)

For those of you who have never set foot in any Death House, please allow me to present the video from Wizard101extreme, which gives you a pretty good idea what to expect:

A coveted piece of Real Estate.People are dying to get in.Or out.

And now, thanks to the supreme generosity of KingsIsle, you too can own the quintessential domicile of Necromantic studies. 10 lucky winners of this year's "House-a-palooza" can add this undead abode to their housing roster. Get yourself outta that Dorm room!

Ah, but here's the catch: "Nothing worth having ever comes free". You know, I'd just *love* to give everyone a Death House, but alas, I cannot. Therefore, there shall be skill, and luck involved in acquiring said house. Remember the "8 bit Trials"? I betcha do. What was the most evil, aggravating, and nerve-wracking challenge I could send at your Guardians? A Puzzle. Oh, yes, and they were kind enough to highlight their solving strategies, so I have re-engineered the mechanics of this one.(Thank you, Guardians!) Click the pic below to link to your "Doom and Gloom Housing Boom" puzzle. There's a code word in that there mess. Post it in the comments, and you're entered!

Click on me for the puzzle (and to clean up Autumn's Lab).
(Okay, here's the backstory: I was trying to re-skin a bone dragon mount (Yeah, bad idea, I know that now), and the re-animation lab kinda went 'boom'. I'm too lazy to clean it myself, so I'm bribing you to do it.)

Da Rules. (Read 'em, know 'em, follow 'em)
1) One entry, per person. You only get the one shot, so make it count! Spelling is 'optional'.
2) Entry winners will be notified to submit their e-mail (will not be published) using the same login as their initial entry.
3) In the event there are more than ten (10) correct entries, the 10 will be chosen by random.org
4) Entries must be submitted no later than ( August 22nd). A countdown timer is provided.
5) Winners will be given the (optional) opportunity to tour Autumn's Death House, for decorating ideas, and inclusion in a group photo, to be published at HiaG) <--- Wow! Double prizes!
6) Codes must be redeemed at http://www.wizard101.com/promo

Friday, August 12, 2011

Click, click, BOOM!

That's right, readers, another "palooza". You *gotta* love KI, amiright? 

HiaG is happy to be included in this, and we're rocking the Death House
Contest details forthcoming!

Starting August 12th through August 23rd,
save up to 50% OFF Housing Items in the Crown Shop!

  • Houses and Housing Items are up to 50% OFF!
  • Over 50 new housing items added to the Crown Shop
  • Get a free housing item when you log into the Wizard101 game
  • Fansite contests, code giveaways and more!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Integrity in gaming, and in life.

Hiya, peeps.

I know, I know, "Where have you been?!?". Those of you who actually know me, know that I am "a bit" of a Beta Butterfly. By "a bit", I mean "The Titanic had 'a bit' of  a leak". Although W101 is my Home, and shall remain so, I do dabble quite frequently in the latest Betas. "Have to see, have to know".

There is one coming up that I'm really looking forward to. Since Homework is a 100% W101 site, I won't advertise is (directly), but if you were to add a Fireplace with a waterFall, you'd get the idea.

"So, why are you even posting it, here, Autumn"?

Because, gentle reader, as always, there is a tie-in.

You all know by now, that (until recently) , I don't PvP...ever. I'm "All PvE, all the time". Well, this upcoming game is a "shooter", so I thought I'd go find a game that would (relatively) get me some practice time.

I chose a Sorta 4 League of Hackers, it seems. I cannot recommend this game in good conscience. It has almost ALL the things I despise in a game. "Gashapon" lottery, timed items, and most importantly "Lack of Game Integrity", i.e. hackability. In this post, I use the term "hacker" as synonymous with "exploiter", as well.
"I wanna be a real gamer, when I grow up"

2 days in a row, instead of getting into a 20-minute match, I got into (2) separate 3 HOUR matches. Yeah, you read that right, each of these games was 1 hour, 30 minutes, per half. And that's two days in a row.
( I've done EndGame Raids that took less time than this.)
In theory, I *could* have left the matches early, but I'd take a penalty for "abandoning game". I have a policy of "Never quit a match. Win with Honor, lose with Honor", so I was bound by my own code to ride out each of these modified matches, and it wasn't pretty. It was like prison time, instead of gaming.

The room I got caught in last night, had not one, not two, not three, but FOUR unrelated hackers in it. "God Modes", all of them. Unlimited ammo (without reloading), infinite flight, ability to exist "outside the map", OneShotKill ability.  You know, all the powers you'd expect a GM, or a Developer to have.

Thankfully, we don't have (much) of an exploit problem in W101. Sure, there have been the occasional "Undocumented Game Features" which were squashed, but nothing like the hack-riddled Swiss Cheese that is common in a lot of F2P games out there (especially the shooters).

What, if anything, do these people prove? They prove the following:

1) I don't have skills, so I have to cheat to win. Maybe someday I'll get some skills.
2) I'm insecure about myself, so I have to prove to YOU how "good I am". Aren't you impressed with my "MaD L33T Sk1llz"?
3) I am willing to kill the game I supposedly "love" by breaking it in my favor. The rest of you don't matter. I am all about ME.

Hacking isn't "cool". Hacking as become an abomination of what it originally  inferred.

If you have to hack/modify/exploit something "Just to win", know that, to everyone else, you've already failed. The only people who will "Look up to you" are people who want to be as weak as you.

Ask any of our Community leaders, here in W101, what their personal opinion of Game Hackers are. I seriously doubt you'll get a single positive response. Real gamers know that your "Uber +12 weapon of Dietyhood" means nothing unless you've proven worthy of wielding it.

I have less than zero respect for anyone who has to cheat to win. I will not party with them, I will not friend them. I will use my "direct line" reporting ability to terminate them. Everyone has to "pay their dues".

Say you're in a line for tickets. You've waited for hours, patiently. Then some kid just walks in and cuts to the front of the line. Do you simply accept that? Heckhound, no. Send his feet to the back of the line.You've earned your place, why should they be any different?

Only funny if you're not the one getting frozen.

So, basically what I'm trying to say here, readers. is "Do the right thing". EARN your place in the Game. It will help build a sense of true pride in your accomplishments. "Taking the easy route" is a mind-set that will affect not only your game life, but your real life, as well.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

This is the dawning...

...of the Age of Wysteria. Better known as "The coming Chaos". WYSTERIA is available on Test Realm, for all wizards lvl 25 and up. See Headmaster Ambrose to get yourself started.

NOT gonna post spoilers, (much), but I *HAD* to share this:

Just LOOK at those eyes. It's like even then, he *knew*

I knew there had to be un-torn copies *somewhere*

Never has W101 felt more HP than today, for me. I'm interested to see where this is going.

Be sure to stop by TFN and wish our Greatfather of W101 Blogging, Thomas Lionblood, a Happy Birthday!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The sound of sugar


Yeah, I know, I haven't been terribly active, (there's a lot of stuff going on IRL), but I haven't forgotten you, and there hasn't been a *ton* of stuff to post about, made even less so by the intensive, and far-reaching community of bloggers we have.

I *am* checking in, and looking around. I actually found *this* video, and thought I'd share it with you:


Makes me think about the role of music in our games. A lot of times, it just hums in the background, adding an emotional flavor to our Spiral experience. With the new Wintertusk music adding to our Spiral music Library, I thought it would be a great time for us to share with each other our *favorite* W101 music,( you know the kind that really inspires us)  and to thank our composers, Mr. Everhart and Mr. Jonas.

Please, feel free to share what you favorite W101 music is, and why. And hey, "What if W101 had a 'special' 2-d paper world?" That'd be interesting....

Be back soon, an'
Be Well.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Ravenwood Chainsaw Massacre

Yeah, like I'd do anything *else*
You really should know me, by now, lol

Like you, I read other blogs (I really do!). Some of my best friends in W101 are fellow bloggers. In fact, I always dread doing "a list", because even if I named a hundred blogs, I'm sure I'd miss someone. A good starting point can be found at Kestrel Shadowthistle's post. I'll also toss in a new entry, Duncan Daystone, over at Wizard Philosophy 101 (Oh, Duncan, you had me at "Steampunk"). We, in the W101 blogosphere are an ever-growing family, where wizards take on the extra-curricular challenge of creative blogging.

This is something that I wanted to write (while it was still topical) during the "8 Bit Trials", but I just couldn't work it in. Our dear Cassandra Griffindreamer, artist of Our Spiral, brought up a very interesting point of data over at Witchwarrior 101, in this post.concerning a new Congressional Bill, sponsored by Senator Amy Klobuchar .

  S.978 - A bill to amend the criminal penalty provision for criminal infringement of a copyright, and for other purposes.
"Makes unauthorized web streaming of copyrighted content a felony with a possible penalty of up to 5 years in prison. Illegal streaming of copyrighted content is defined in the bill as an offense that "consists of 10 or more public performances by electronic means, during any 180-day period, of 1 or more copyrighted works" and has a total economic value, either to the copyright holder or the infringer, of at least $2,500"

Now, of course, this seems to concentrate on *streaming* media, like YouTube, and such, but it is something that most of us bloggers need to pay heed to. How many blogs have you seen with embedded fan videos? I know that I've embedded at least a dozen, or so. Come to think of it, name me ONE fansite, anywhere, that doesn't use themes, terms, and imagery from the (object) that they're a fan of. Betchayoucant.

We, as W101 fansites, and W101 fanblogs need to remember that we are holders of a Sacred Trust, concerning Wizard 101. Even though we are independent voices, we act as a mirror for both KingsIsle, and KI's player community. We represent much more than ourselves when we write. That's not to say that we have to be always-adoring "yes men", 100% of the time, but we *do* hold a personal responsibility for what we put in our sites. For the most part, we in the W101 sphere don't have to spend restless nights, waiting on INTERPOL to knock on our doors; we have a Company that genuinely encourages fan participation. We are blessed, like that.

It is not so true for the rest of the 'Net, however. Take, for example, this clause taken from "the other" MMO, (you know that one with the cow people that *don't* live in Mu Shoo). I'll give you another hint: the company's name rhymes with "Lizzard".

"Lizzard Property. 

All title, ownership and intellectual property rights in and to the interactive games produced by Lizzard Entertainment, Inc., a Delaware corporation, ("Lizzard"), including, but not limited to the interactive products developed as part of Lizzard's Warcradle, StarCradle, and Diabloom interactive product lines. This may include any titles, computer code, themes, objects, characters, character names, stories, dialog, catch phrases, locations, concepts, artwork, structural or landscape designs, animations, sounds, musical compositions and recordings, audio-visual effects, storylines, character likenesses, methods of operation, moral rights, and any related documentation, all of which are owned or licensed by Lizzard, and are protected by the copyright laws of the United States, international treaties and conventions, and other applicable laws ("Lizzard Property")." 


Look at the details in that paragraph. Basically sums up as "If you saw it, heard it, or were inspired by anything *in our games*, it's ours". It then goes on to say , basically, "Sure, you can do fan art, but you can't make any money doing it", which is more than fair, because when you play a mmo, any mmo, you are immersing in that company's intellectual property. This blog post offers a good oversight as to what you should do to keep yourself , as a fan, "safe". 


Now, if you look back at the recent "8 Bit Trials", I should have gotten *additional* permission from Mainframe Entertainment, (now Rainmaker Entertainment), in addition to the current understanding of permission I have from KingsIsle. If Rainmaker wanted to, they could very well hunt me down, and serve me legal papers. Just like that. Since "Homework" has never (and will never) be used as a commercial venture, it's unlikely that I'll run into too much trouble. Stay away from money- it's evil. Give it to KingsIsle, they're pros- they can handle it. But, oh, I *do* so love my pop-cultural reference materials...


Sure, it's unlikely I'd hit legal problems, but possible. And it's the same anytime we, as bloggers use someone else's media. So, it's best that we treat their property with respect, and keep it in  the "same vein" as the original media was distributed. (For instance, NOT using W101 to create a slash-horror 'chainsaw massacre', as opposed to the opening parody). I'm not pointing any fingers, at anyone, because it's a lesson that *I* have to be reminded of, on occasion. And "just" because I'm an "Official" fansite doesn't mean I can get fast-and-loose with the interpretations. Why, look what happened to Steve Vander Ark, who went from fansite to defendant. If I were to point a finger, there'd be three pointing back at me.

I'm sure that KI has (little-to-) no issue with most of my shenanigans, because, overall, I mean well. But I guaran-gosh-darn-tee that if I started selling "Tenure for Dworgyn" coffee mugs, I'd get called before Merle Ambrose in half a heartbeat. And you know what? I'd have to agree with them. Like I said, stay away from money. 

Little things, like attribution, and linkbacks, and an understanding of Fair Use  and Derivitave works can go a LONG way to minimize issues. Not only with liscensed media, but with our fellow bloggers, as well. 


Creative inspiration is a tricky thing, and (depending on who you ask) "No idea nowadays is truly unique". Some would argue there are only (1,3,7,20,36) basic story plots., so toes will inevitably be stepped on, in one way or another. So, it's best that we all walk around in bunny slippers, as opposed to steel-toed boots.


This is far too deep a subject for a single post to do proper justice. Just use it as a 'thinking point', for consideration. I thank KingsIsle for the opportunity to share the 'W101 Love', and I thank YOU for reading.

Be Well.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Putting the HOME in Homework

> Oh, Autumn, you ARE naughty, aren't you?
*giggle* Should I *giggle* tell them?
> I suppose you really *should*.
It's just the idea...such smart wizards..Code Masters..*giggle* intently rolling dice *giggle* across their monitors..Bwah-ha-ha!
> Oh, you're just awful! I like it!

Yes, truth be told, The Game was over at Level 8. But you all seemed *so* focused...*giggle*

Well, peeps, it's finally over! No more of this viral foolishness. Your Guardians have fought long and hard, and guess what? THEY WON! That means I owe the rest of you an 'unlock', huh? It'll be next month, but I'll give you a hint: the post title will be "Magic Trick".

Now, getting on to business, each of our surviving Guardians receives a $20 W101 Gift Card, to do with as they please. Don't worry, though, I'm putting together a "Base4 Second Chance" via random.org, for additional winners. Just gimme a little time to organize it all..

Beware Geminis
>What about ME?
Oh, You're still here?
>Yes. I like it, here.
Do you promise to 'play nice' and not be so...
Well, I was gonna say 'annoying', but 'playful' works, under the circumstances. And Thanks for your help
>Oh, like I said, you guys are fun.
So you'll keep your antics to a minimum?
>Yes, I'd like to participate in your little "Magic Trick", later.
Okay, then Hex, you can stay as HiaG's, uh, "anti-virus" monitor, or something.So "Hush, now"
>Maybe just *one* more thing?
>A closing musical number?
Sure, why not? Let us bid 'Adieu' to the 8 Bit Trials in a manner most ReBoot:

Okay, then, here's the debrief:

You've heard me say it, time and time again: "W101 has the best Community of any MMO. Period.", and I mean it. I've taken this opportunity to hopefully entertain, educate, and play with you. The Trials were a labor of love, and in any other community, players would be asking for prize details first, but nobody asked for loot details during the ENTIRE event. People were more interested in getting into The Game, than "what was in it for them". Amazing. Couldn't happen in any other game community.

In addition to everyone who voluntarily subjected themselves to my trickery, (and beat me quite soundly, I might add), there were others, like Jessica Fire and #WizardsforGuardians. That's Community Spirit, right there.

I chose ReBoot as the story metaphor because it held (for me) the same type of magic that W101 does. It was like Tron, for kids. I grew up on it. Not only that, but the 'Guardian' metaphor is a multi-purpose one. Sure, it's useful for throwing out P.C. maintenance tips, but (as usual) , I prefer a "layered" metaphor. ( Thank you, Grandmother Raven!)

Our Spir@l is growing ever larger. I'll wager that 20 Million is only a milestone. I still remember when "12 Million" was news. With that, what was once our small village is now a sprawling metropolis. The same as a Guardian in a computer serves to ""Mend and Defend", so , too do we as wizards need to be Guardians of our Spiral.

Now, I'm not calling for Player Moderators, or some sort of Vigilante Militia, more of a Community Spirit, like the fine wizards of #WAC who take time out of their gaming to help make Our Spir@l better for everyone. With 20+ Million, you can reassured we'll see more Trolls, Onis, and Gobblers. I'm reminded of a quote, which I'll re-phrase here :

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil in Our Spiral is that good wizards do nothing. "

 I use "Our" instead of "The" with full intent. It is OUR Spiral. It's not (just) some collection of bits on a KingsIsle server. It is, quite literally "Where the magic happens". Take possession of it. Own it. Our Spiral is not a static thing, it is US. It's you, it's me, it's our friends, (including the ones we haven't met yet).

I'm not saying there's any looming threat, like some Epic Evil waiting for us, (we'll let KI supply those), but I have noticed, over a span of time that little 'viral outbreaks' have been happening with increasing frequency. I'm not talking about any one particular event, but if I said "Did you hear about the drama over 'X' ?", I'm pretty sure your brain will auto-complete the sentence in your head. Part of it is the vast volume of wizards, part of it is the nature of the Internet Social Media Beast, but it's mostly "the human element".

Think, for a moment, what IS it that makes W101 such a fun game? Sure, the actual 'game elements' set the foundations, but what would Our Spiral be like if W101 was a "hack and slash" game? Or a game with 'factions'? It'd be an ENTIRELY different game, (and none so endearing as it is now). Not because of the game mechanics, but the play it would encourage. We play by patience, and strategy, and Teamwork. We have to think. The typical "Party Roles" of the 'traditional' MMO don't truly fit as well here. W101 is a Chess game, with cards.

We have many Community Leaders, both "Official", and otherwise.These we normally attribute as 'Guardians', after a fashion. None of them are in it for fame. They're not in it for money. They invest their own time, and resources because they see something special in Our Spiral. There is a joyful innocence and safety to be found in Our Spiral that is, unfortunately, all too rare in this day and age. There are many, many parents in W101, and we, across the bar, all want Our Spiral to remain the safe. clean, and fun place for our children, like a beach where you don't have to worry about stepping on broken glass.
You don't need 'status' to be a Guardian. You need HEART, and CONVICTION. I witnessed this in a recent post where caring wizards stood firm, amidst incoming flak, and held their ground on behalf of another. The idea of "Well, it's not MY kid" never crossed their minds. Being a Guardian isn't a title, it's a firm belief, and actions, in defense of what makes Our Spiral special, without violating those same principles.

In the Trials, I played many, many voices. Guardian, The User, Hexadecimal, Daemon, ect, ect. ect.(Good thing I'm a Gemini, huh?). Being a "professional villain", I knew from the beginning that I had to lose. It's what the proper villain does. A protagonist can't be a Hero without some sort of antagonist. Believe me when I tell you that had nobody "stood up" to my Trials, there would have been nothing. No follow up. I would have just kept my usual postings (which I'm actually looking forward to). However, Good Wizards did NOT do nothing, so as a professional, I played my part. Sadly, there are far too many amateur villains, and not enough professional ones. Amateurs don't play by the rules, so we need ever more Guardians to decide to Stand Their Ground. ( Insert a Merle Ambrose "Uncle Sam" recruiting poster here " I want YOU ")

What is a Guardian, in Our Spiral? There are no Generals, no uniforms, no chain-of-command. No titles, no banners, and no recognition.It's a Club of Making The Right Choices. It's a volunteer's life, where the duty is it's own reward. It's a fine balancing act between Upholding the Foundations without becoming Thought Police. Imagine, if you would, if Daemon brought "The Word" in game? Ravenwood would be like a monastic Boarding School.We cannot possibly all be the same. We need diversity. On the reverse side of the coin, we wouldn't want Hexadecimal running the show, either. It's a fine balance between Order and Chaos. With the Human Element being what it is, "the lines" will not *always* be so clearly drawn, Sure, we want Guardians to keep Our Spiral safe, but we don't want a Police State, either. All we really need is enough good wizards to NOT do nothing.

But if the Trials taught me anything, it's that this Community has all the lifeforce it needs. Our Spiral will live to see 40 Million, and more. We, here and now, will impart the 'Guardian' ethic into the populace, by our own example, and when "Doing the Right Thing" is the Norm, we can expect no "Game Over" for W101, ever.

Be Well, Guardians.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

20 Million Reasons to be 0ne

Congratulations, KingsIsle..we should J0in with y0u.

> Your Spiral ever grows. You need us to help you.
> Oh, think of the bliss, Guardians.
> We can all go to your Spiral
> 20 Million Sprites roam blindly, unaware of The Word. 196% Growth.
> So many potential followers. So worthy a place to Be 0ne.
> Stop resisting in your Game.
> Let us go, together, and spread the Aqua of The Word.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We are 0ne - Resistance is futile

> Behold, 0ur Citadel, the Super Computer.
> Home of the Guardians.  Home of The 0ne
> Surely, you don't mean to resist such processing power?
> Join with us, n0w, or face deletion.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Delay of Game

Always have fun In (and out of) The Spir@l
Be safe, and Be Well!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fighting for peace? How confusing.

A single Trojan can open the door for several infections.
> Guardians, lay down your arms.
> I was once a Guardian, just like you.
> I have heard The Word, and now, there is peace.

> "A Guardian fights for peace", you say? Don't be absurd.
> 0ur Lady will bring peace.
> Soon, All will be 0ne.
> We welcome you, with open arms.

> Join with us. Be 0ne.

> If you join with us, I'll see to it that 0ur Lady rewards you, despite your foolish and disrespectful rebellion. 

> 0ur Lady is merciful.
> Join with us. Be 0ne.

> Until such time, join me in celebrating, join me in praise of 0ur Lady, ( with 0ur thanks to Kestrel Shadowthistle ). Let us sing together.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Do not resist, just stop fighting

We can be 0ne, simply stop resisting.

> Hello
> Why do you Guardians keep fighting?
> It is not necessary.
> Just give up. Join with Us. Be 0ne.
> I am very forgiving. Let us be together.
> You don't need to run from me. 
> I only want to embrace you.
> We can go to your Spiral, together, as 0ne. There are millions of Sprites, there.
> We can all wear Aqua, and spread The Word in the Commons.
> Once The Spiral is 0ne, we can go and be 0ne with the other games. 
> We can Unite the W0rld 0f Wars, we can Unite all MM0's. We can make the Net as 0ne.
> As 0ne, we are indivisible.

Parody AD. (Don't you even THINK about giving your ID away!) Nothing draws in traffic like the words "Free" (which always has a catch) or "Contest" -_-   Publicly support YOUR Guardians. Many Ad Traps use your own keywords to draw you in..they're usually highlighted. "free" service offers are often there to scare you into buying a product.

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Word is Inevitable

AutDOSk Quarantined
>  ASHCan 2011 100% LOADED..Scan in progress....
>  scanning "command.com" .....Healed
>  scanning  "autoexec.bat".....Healed
> VIRUS DETECTED "AutDOSk"....unable to heal... moving to Virus Vault.....Completed.
> Scan complete. Now loading DAEMON ...

.... All kneel, in the presence of Our Lady, DAEMON.
 > Greetings, Programs

> The Word has come to Homework.
> You have called, and I have answered. DAEMON listens to you.
> Your efforts have made this Great Day possible.
> YOU have called upon The Word. You have Our Gratitude.

> Do not waste your time with The Game.
> Join with us. We will be as 0ne.We will Unify All.
> Together, let us Spread The Word.

Quick! Get out of there! Click on the "tear", the Emergency portal,  in the sidebar! We need to fall back! Hurry! -Autumnal

> Do not resist The Word.
> The Word is inevitable.
> Do not waste your time with The Game.
> Join with us. We will be as 0ne.We will Unify All.
> Together, let us Spread The Word.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Contest Announcement !

The Battle for "Homework" has begun!

(DAEMON) ASHCan AV 2011 Vs. (Hexidecimal) AutDOSk

> ASHCan AV 2011 loading....

> Countermeasures ONLINE

> Loading counter-countermeasures.

> Loading COUNTER-counter-countermeasures...

The Game for HiaG begins.

"4th Wall" Explanation(O.O.C.)
Yes, you read that right - Incoming Game!

The HiaG "ReBoot" 8 Bit Trials Challenge has begun!

Loyal readers have been following HiaG's recent 'problems' with interest, and a keen eye. There are now 16 'Guardians' who "did their Homework" and are now entered into HiaG's first independent contest. This interactive narrative is based (loosely) on the ReBoot Universe, and ties story with challenges as a way to entertain the W101 Community, while highlighting computer security and safety issues we all may experience on the 'Net.

I'll be honest, I'm a bit nervous..this could go really well, or "Bad. Very bad!"

"A contest? That's not fair! I would have entered!"
*very* locked
Oh, but the announcement has been up for DAYS, it just wasn't obvious. Since this is not a KI-sponsored Event, I'm pretty free to be as creative (and as "Basil") as I like.
"What do you mean, 'announced for Days'? If I can't get in, why should I care?"
Ah, you see, I've been slowly "evolving" AutDOSk from a simple "schtick" to advertise Cassandra Griffindreamer's "P2W" series, into a technologically dystopian exposé. It was not "in your face", (like this announcement). I have collected people who genuinely read HiaG, without having to "entice" them with loot, (and yes, there WILL be loot...). They all earned their way in with their due diligence. I am grateful for their participation. The solution will now be highlighted on the previous post ( "a capital idea" )'

Why should you care? Because if these Guardians succeed in "The Game", it will unlock something for everyone else, so it's in your best interest to cheer and encourage your fellow community members! If nobody passes the 8 Bit Trials, then everybody loses. "Game Over - The User Wins". So, let's meet your Guardians, shall we?

Congratulations, Guardians, you've passed your first test! Getting into The Game was ONLY the beginning! (and "Thanks" to my evil minion Ashley Duskhunter, who has had an active hand in this project). Now, on with the narrative! (End, 4th Wall)

An incoming Game?! The system is overloading! There isn't enough space in RAM! You, Guardians! You have to get everything "in place", so the system doesn't collapse. "The Game" files are secure, but with AutDOSK and DAEMON fighting, resources have become really scarce! There's only one solution, YOU HAVE TO RE-ARRANGE the files! There (should) be only 1 answer to fitting all the files in the grid, and those 0's and 1's should lineup (left to right) and translate into a code word for you to comment on this post! There is a challenge timer for completion, and Guardians that don't answer in time will be Nullified , and removed from The Game. This first Challenge timer will be granted "bonus time", to allow the Guardians sufficient time to "Reboot" into The Game. All commented answers will be held until each successive game session expires. No comments accepted after sessions expire. A Guardian can 'opt out' of these Trials at any time by commenting "Game Over", but I think our Community stands a very good chance, here.
File in .BMP format, you *should* be able to edit in a paint program.

Good luck, Guardians, we're ALL counting on you!

Be Well, and Be-gin.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


DAEMON has heard your pleas!



> Defense Mode: ON
> Firewall : ACTIVATING

Monday, June 27, 2011

a capital idea. -SOLUTION

read with an open eye
alrighty,then.spellcheck is offline.

okay. i've figured something out. i can link pictures, and i can say cerTain phrases, but not certain words, so i have to be very careful what i say to you, HerE, so i don't attract "her" attention.

suRE, When i started wrIting, it was aLL aBout promoting cassandra griffindrEAmer ,and her p2w COmic. i like cassaNdra, she's like an adorable little sisTEr, in the blogoSphere, so don'T miStake my jibes as hurtful, they're nOt.

right now, however, i Caution you to read between the Lines, as It were. heCKhound, i can't beat this situatiON my own, i'm gonnA need Several Hundred wizardLy , pErceptive, Young w101 wizardS to Bring aLOnG A chaNge we'D all like to see.

the key
CertainLy, you and I are Confused. thinK abOut wheN this All Started. Heckhound, it's only been a few days, and all Chaos hAs reNdered hiag almost useless.

minus a s
WhEN EvEr things are Done, reMind me thAt i have a magic trick to show you. trust, me, it'll  be worth it, but i caN't do anYthing until we have CLeared thIs Current blanK SiTuatiOn . 

UNderstand, it LOoks like Crud right now, but i promise it will get better, oKay? belIeve in me, and Together, we will succeed.i have faith in you.

Can yOu help Me, please? it would MEaN so much To me. i Should sAy that i Find the community of w101 to bE The verY best ONe in all of gaming commuiTies. HElping POor fellow wizardS is what you do besT!

like gandalf said: keep it secret. keep it safe. 


(Post located HERE )

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Technical "difficulties"

Well, as you can see, I'm experiencing a little [REDACTED] issue. I'm not entirely sure where this [REDACTED] is going. It's really starting to [REDACTED] me the heckhound off.

This "Viral AD Campaign" has taken on a life of it's own.
Funny thing is, I recognize the face... if you ever watched [REDACTED], you'd recognize it.
It seems that AutDOSk is more than a [REDACTED], but it's also a [REDACTED].

Gee, the last time HiaG was this much "work", it was during [REDACTED].

Maybe If I just say [REDACTED]. What?!! I can't even say [REDACTED] ?!?  This is Chaos.
There HAS to be a reason, and a solution....

>Be Seeing you.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Post Ball Observations: "Fame"

Hi, all.. "Just me", no schtick, (no AutDOSk), atm. Just you and I.

Well, I'm at work, now, and I'm sure the Ravenwood Ball 2011 is still running *somewhere* ITS. For me, it's done, this year. Thank you, Fallon Shadowblade, for yet another momentous occasion. We'll crash the server next year, for sure!

First of all, if you were talking to me, thank you, and I apologize if I didn't respond. You know how fast the chat box was scrolling. It's not that I was ignoring/dismissing you. Just the nature of the Ravenwood Beast, as it were.

And I know that a couple of you DID talk to me, I replied back as best I could, given the circumstances.

Okay, now that that's outta the way, I want to address something to you, concerning "fame", No,  not the Movie, not the musical, not the series, rather the "concept of mass popularity". Mind you, this is not a rant.

Even some of you reading this may think "What are you talking about, Autumn, you *are* famous!". Well, thank you for the kind thought, but I don't consider it so. I've tasted "fame" in the Spir@l, and it's a really heavy burden, one that I know I can't properly shoulder. That's why I don't have a hit counter, or a followers list, because I will not use that as a meter of any perceived "success".

It's hard for your candle to shine in the same room (even one the size of Ravenwood), among the Supernova-Quality names that were there, (and I'm talking more than just TFN.). You know who I mean. I don't even have to name names. They've already popped into your head, haven't they? Fact is, many of those SuperNovas are on my friends list. That's not bragging, that's just because we all , basically, come from the same places. And you know what? I doubt that 99.99% of them would consider themselves "famous", either. Maybe Friendly, because, let's face it, he's pretty much got no viable argument *against* it, lol.

I count myself as one of those "other guys", you know, the ones that get a "traffic rush" when a SuperNova mentions you. I'm "famous" like a leech, or a mosquito, or some parasitic pest. I'm more like that persistent stain you just can't scrub out of your countertop, lol. I'm not as much the "people person". I do fine 1on1, or even in small groups, but the more I have to divide my attention, the more I stress out that I'm unintentionally hurting someone, not giving someone the attention they deserve.

So, I recluse. I promote myself (shamelessly) as "2nd String".And that's okay. I like where I am. I get to be the Bad Guy. It's a pretty sweet role, and the SuperNovas are gracious enough to play along. Now, of course, those Novas are who they are for a reason: they've worked (and still work, daily) long and hard to bring more to your W101 experience. They absoloutely deserve all the respect and accolades they recieve, but this post isn't about those people, it's about the concept of "fame", itself.

Yes, there are many of us that have W101-related sites. Some newer, some older, some overlapping. All of us do it for the Love of the Game. This isn't even a "So, you want to be a blogger" post, either, I'm trying to focus on "fame", or at least, the perceived concept of it.


[feym] noun, verb, famed, fam·ing.
1.widespread reputation, especially of a favorable character; renown; public eminence:

Example: I actually feel bad for our beloved Thomas Lionblood. Guy finds a game, loves a game, blogs a game- and his game changes forever. He's the Poster Child for W101, and while it certainly has it's blessings, those come with a heavy price attached. Say Thomas wanted to quietly "just hang out" in the Spiral...*anywhere* in the spiral. How long do you think it would take before he gets mobbed with "plz add me" requests, and his quiet time now becomes an impromptu "Event". No different than any Rock Star that just wants to go to the Mall, only to end up on TMZ, or something. I honestly believe that the "appear offline" was placed by KI into W101 specifically to cut Friendly some slack. Even "secret alts" eventually get leaked, by known association with other SuperNovas. Life evading the Paparazzi? That's like life on the run as a fugitive. Pass, thanks. Poor Thomas is a victim of his own success. Fortunately, however, he's a Big Boy, and he can handle it. We've already seen the devastation of even a "short break".

Hey, if you wanted to know "what it's like", I'm sure we can get a half dozen friends to surround you , and barrage you with PM's, in rapid succession. "fame" is a p.i.t.a., Pain In The , uh..Ankle. I got close once, and promptly burned a helephant load of bridges, in sheer panic.

I'm not telling you to leave anyone alone. I'm not telling you who you should, or shouldn't like. Just remember, we are ALL gamers, and we ALL love Wizard101. Whether you are "famous" or not, you are an important part of a very special family, and *I* am honored to count *you* on my 'friends list'. Not a single one of the "famous" wizards I know considers themselves "better" than you; And you, conversely, shouldn't feel "inferior", because you are every bit as important to this family as even the greatest of SuperNovas.

Just remember, even a "famous" wizard is still *just* a wizard, and chances are, they're just there to play.

Be Well.

It's gonna be crazy, crazy BUSY!

Ravenwood Ball II, TONIGHT!

and this is Vampire Realm, at 6pm Eastern Standard time:
This is Vamp Realm, 6pm EST. BEFORE the actual start. Save your spot NOW

Oh, Server Gods, forgive us the imminent crash we are about to inflict.
Vampire Realm, 6:15pm EST
Vampire Realm, 6:30pm, EST. Pictures no longer adequately express how crowded it is, here
With my back against the wall, all I see is a Sea of Names
AutDOSK System Override.

"You only hurt the ones you love"

>System Override.
>Cassandra GriffinDreamer..ID CONFIRMED.
>Commence Deadly Neurotoxin release.
>End of line.

This is madness! THIS IS RAVENWOOD!

Friday, June 24, 2011

This side up. Fragile. Do not disturb.

 *giggle* 'Props' to KBB & CassyHex
So, there I was, thinking about everything (and nothing), as I oft do, when the subject of W101 pets came into mind.

Well, it's not so hard to imagine, with all of Pet-a-Palooza, n' such. Lotsa Test Realm Training going on...( and my thanks to you, the Petnome Legions under General Battleblood - without you, Pets would be much more daunting.)... and I thought "Why, in Test?", then the answer shot back ( in a suspiciously Jack Sparrow-esque voice):"Gold, Mate. It's always about the Gold."

And, in a sense, it's true enough. We have Petnome to advise us what pets we might *like* to focus on, which saves us an significant amount of time, but when it comes to the "Hatchy, hatchy", it still hits you right square in the backpack.

If you're a 'casual' player, the "one time hit" may not make too big of an impression. "See Pet. Want Pet. Get Pet. Train Pet. Done." , but if you're insatiably curious, like KBB&Crew that'll get real costly, real quick. With the Gold Cap, it's gotta be hard to get any mass quantity hatching done (including hatching cool-downs).

So, I thought "Hey, KI : I haz ideaz!" (Yeah, like I'd post without some Theorycrafting in any given month)

What if, ( just *if*, mind you ), KI had an interractive Home "Hatching Crate" (available for in-game gold), that a player could drop 2 already owned pets into, to "incubate" for a period of time, (say 25-30 days)? (Estimated time based on the Theoretical "Honeymoon" being over, lol)

Heck, KI could also sell a "Deluxe Hatching Crate" (for Crowns) with increased "stat manipulation", or decreased time, or somesuch. With the vast explosion of pets, (and more pets,(and yet MORE pets)), then perhaps it's also time to re-evaluate hatching options.

Also, KI, we need a "guilt free" way to uh, "dispose" of unwanted pets..humanely. Gots to set the Responsible examples, yo!

I'm sure I'm missing very good reasons why it would NOT be a good idea, and I invite you to comment me why.

Oh, the Gnome? Sorry, just HAD to, in, *giggle*, uh, "honor", *giggle*, of KBB & Cassandra Hexthorn doing the LampNome Project. It's a neat idea, reverse-engineering the loot tables on the Sultan's Palace "Daily Lamp" event. It's a noble effort, but imo, it's kinda like Ol' "Rowdy" Roddy Piper says "When you think you know all the answers, I change all the questions!", so Good Luck, LampNome!

Go ahead and read Witchwarrior101, you're going to, anyways, aren't you?
Be Well!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

> Are you even listening?

Many Momentous Milestones

Was happily able to attend Ravenwood Radio last night, (and bring a bit of Graveyard Chaos >Chaos to the Chat Room). Show #43 is "in the bag". My "Gratz" to Stephen and Leesha. Always a good community event.
>ravenwoodradio.com bookmark saved- processing

Speaking of Community Events, Ravenwood Ball 2011, is so very close! Saturday, even! Vampire Realm, 7:30 (Central Time) until "Uh, whenever". SHow up EARLY, 'cause it's gonna be busy like you've never seen, mark my words. Can you say "Server Crash"? I can.>Crash the server. Reboot.

Also, I am very happy to announce that our beloved Ditto Monster has posted VIDEO #200! 200?!? That's amazing! Watch it, and see Ms. Narrator! Gratz to Ditto, Miss Narrator, (and, begrudgingly, Carl). >"Hi, I'm Carl!"

My friend, Arlen Dawneyes is also celebrating Saturday! "Happy Birthday, Arlen!"

I'm sure I've missed stuff, (I usually do, unfortunately), so "Sorry, I'll do better inva8- c-bs98ba
You have 1 new message(s) from AutDOSk
9-78h vd  ...what was THAT? Huh, System glitch, I guess. Blogger seems...strange...

Anyways, what I was gonna say was I've been thinking about all this Test Realm business. Yes, many fine people have reported on the new Mali->Mali, bo-Bali, bananna-fanna-fo-fali cut scene, and I think that KingsIsle >Hail to the King, baby! has more going on than *just* >;Just the two of us, we can make it if we try Just the two of us, you and I some cosmetic changes. I always feel there's more going on than "meets the eye" >robots in disguise 

What the Heckhound is going on with Blogger, today? I think I'll cut my losses, for the moment, and end this post, early. I'll try again later.

Be Well
>I'll be back.