Thursday, April 21, 2011

Drop, already!

Putting extra kill in Akilles. He lies.

Spent "some" time, yesterday, trying to 'fill in' some acquisition gaps trying to get the cursed Cyclops Statue.

Autumn, you don't have that yet, lol?

No, I do not. I did a repetitive grind on the General for 2 HOURS, yesterday, and nada.
Not that it's a 'hard' battle, mind you.. 2-3 rounds in a 4 mana cost match (1 vampire, 2 wand strikes).
I've collected 4 Blue Ghosts (bonus!), several Dark Wooden Shelves, a couple Prop Houses, and more Jade Studded Athames than a Circus Knife-thrower, but no statue.

Heckhound, I've emptied (2) 120 mana bottles grinding this. At 4 mana/battle, that's 60 attempts. Crazy, crazy 'poor luck' on my part. I took "R" on a tour of The Labyrinth in DS, and my Kraken Statue just dropped in my lap.

I guess it all "evens out", in the long run. I haven't done 'drop grinding' like this since Oyotomi, (and I *still* need to visit him, again! It's more the principle, now.)

It's true that "Patience is a virtue", but "Detached, machine-like grinding" is an Art.
I'm a friend of General Akilles, I was told he's here. Can I see him, please?

Be Well.


Destiny Ghostsong said...

My problems aren't statues it's pets! I never get them!

Unknown said...

I have that statue