Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Well, first and foremost, guess who *finally* got a new keyboard? Yup, I can now talk/type more, (Oh, joy. "Lucky" you. :| )
Logitech MK320 Wireless keyboard/mouse bundle- "I LIVE!"

Took "R" and our mutual friend, Corwin on a "Fun Run" of Malistaire last night. It was a nail biter. Not that it was "hard" (Corwin and I are both Lvl 60), but we unintentionally ended up "racing the clock" to last night's Server Maintenance. When I say we "cut it close", I mean we seriously had less than one minute left before Old Mali fell. The tension of fighting, with the server countdown messages ticking away, felt like a Bomb Disposal mission: "Red wire or blue? RED WIRE OR BLUE!?!". If Corwin hadn't saved the day, that run would've been 'fail', not something my ego would have accepted, lightly. That unintentional tension of beating the clock really added something:  perhaps, in the future, KI could add 'countdown timers' to certain 'high risk' missions, because it *really* added something to the gameplay.

I logged in today, in both Test and Live, and saw both had patching going on. Checking Test to see if the graphics problems *automagically* disappeared, I found they did not. My new description of me trying to play Wintertusk is "Open-eyed, in a blizzard of stained glass shards". I can tell by local conversations that I'm not the only one experienceing this, and have every faith KI will have all made right.
Conversely, I found that my graphics client has now "hard crashed" on LIVE , several times, in Ravenwood, (in front of Bartleby), in the Shopping District, (that's new), and with *something* in Gardening (Finally made Grandmaster Gardener.). Now, I've always had some 'black hole' glitching in Ravenwood, and have had the occasional "Mothra" butterfly, but never to the point of crashing, and locking my computer up.
The Butterfly of Doom strikes The Commons
I can't say for sure whether it's my antiquated laptop, (which has every update available), or something in the game code. All I do know is this is a bad harbinger, for me. If unresolved, I'm gonna need a new computer, an investment that will be a difficult pill to swallow. If KingsIsle ever came out with a branded laptop, optimized for W101, I would *so* be "in the market". Just think, a pseudo-"spellbook" design, that ran W101 with all the "bells and whistles", wherever you went! Ah, one can dream, right?

Don't forget, tonight is Ravenwood Radio:
Wednesday, April 27th at 8:30pm Central time for the live recording of episode 39

And, you may have (or have not) noticed the updated banner, plugging Cassandra Griffindreamer's Poison Ivy, because I don't want it to get lost in the noise of Wintertusk and Test Realm. Seems that Cassandra and Luke Goldhorn have already completed Wintertusk. (*sigh*). At least I can *see*, without the stained glass blizzards.

Kevin Battleblood and Team TPC beat Waterworks, and it looks like It's gonna be THE "Go to" place, for gear, when it goes live. Also, check out the Talents of the Spirit of Nature pet, seems it's gonna be a "must have", be sure to give Kevin a 'thanks' for all his hard work on the Petnome Project.

I think that's enough updates about updates, for now.

Be Well!


Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Congrats on the new keyboard and Beating Wintertusk! Did you get your new spells and your level 58 pet? And I now want to rank up my Spirit of Nature pet so I get spritely because out of all my Celestian pets I have non of them have spritely. Oh and BTW I am following you and I would be very very grateful if you would please take some time to view my wizard101 blog and follow it. It would mean a lot to me. My blogs URL is:

Thanks for reading my post and considering this :)

Blaze Shadowhorn

Fatal Exception said...

I have NOT beaten Wintertusk, I can't even get through the Fjord..(yet), so my WT progress is stalled, for the time being, no new pet, no enhanced (high level) spell.

And welcome to the blogroll!

Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Thanks! But didn't you say that you were done WT???

Fatal Exception said...

Nope, Cassandra Griffindreamer and Luke Goldhorn have finished WT

Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Ohhhhh. That makes more sense now :)

Calamity Swiftsword said...

my graphics are all a bit off too. i often have 'black holes' in ravenwood, and in the commons i have these random yellow shapes. around my house there are blue and yellow butterflies (if theyre a graphics probem why are they shaped like butterflies:) ). and your new keyboard and mouse are really cool btw

Kevin BattleBlood said...

Hmm...seems that Mothra is spawning her children in discrete places...

Cassandra Dragonheart is also having graphics issues, ever since the Test Realm came out....gah...

Thanks for the mentions, it's an honor! ^_^

Blaze Shadowhorn said...

haha Kevin xD