Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bits 'n bobs

Still waiting for email addresses from :

 Stephanie,  Chris,   Angela Graham, and Pokemonarecute!
horsegal4ever, you as well, please.

Simply 'comment me your email, (will not be published) All others have been sent. check inbox / spam folders for email from AutumnalDusk (at) Gmail-dot-com.

Onwards, then..

Thanks to ALL of you for your flood of positive emails! You're the best! Commenting will now resume on it's normal schedule. Max Sternum is thankful, as well.

So, there I was, viewing, and reviewing the Free Roaming Mounts teaser, and made some observations:

 Scarecrow! Squee! pleasehave"spritely", pleasehave"spritely", pleasehave"spritely"!
Second , I dunno how 'loved' Humongofrog is gonna be.(Did I mention ' Scarecrow! Squee!'?
Third, and I have to warn you, "There are some things you see, that you can't un-see."with free-roaming mounts ,and wings,(especially Swiftshadow Wings) your house will have "Flying Pringles Moustaches"

I see a family resemblance.

There's more random things , but I'll give your eyes time heal.


Heather Raven said...

I love the froggy pet, just as long as it doesn't go around up-chucking on people as once suggested by conjurer Amber Stargem.

J3WD4Z said...

o.O wouldn't he have to start swallowing people to star up-chucking them :S I would hate to be that dreadful death student *shivers*