Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bravo, KingsIsle!

Ah, the leaves are fluttering in the commons, Jack Hallow has returned, and there are carved and lit gourds all about! It all feels so very..."Autumnal".  What better time for a Necromancer? It's my favorite time of year.

Yes, dear Wizards, I am not dead, (yet). Though I feel I do owe everyone an apology. It's funny how the days take forever, but combined, the weeks speed by, and months accumulate. Thanks to a chance encounter with Fallon Shadowblade on the 'net, and a gentle nudge from Professor Greyrose, I am reminded just how remiss I have been. There have been several updates, (with Celestia now on Test, you know more than I do), and I *just* now rescued The Wizard in Watery Place. (I was half tempted to leave her there, and the ending dance routine confirmed that I should have, lol)

I am very happy to see dueling circles in Player Housing, now. It re-affirms the KI is always listening.And the little graphical tweaks continue to impress.

W101 always holds a special place in my heart, and I *promise* to be more active ( I really do!), and atm I am trying to "community build" (in a different place), that reflects the same awesome sense of community that we have here. It's become a "carved in stone" truth that W101 will never leave my hard drive, because it continues to be that special little place, regardless of how huge it becomes.

I can allow myself to feel less bad about my drifting, because I know that there's a rock-solid Community here, with a ton of talented bloggers picking up my slack. (You know who you are, and I'm proud of you!)
And, as always a "Tip o' the hat" the Friendly, who I still consider "The Greatfather of w101 blogging".(Although he's looking kinda "YMCA", atm. ;P )

W101 continues to grow, and I feel that it can only continue to get better from here.
So, yes, "I'm around", and will continue to be, as available.