Friday, April 1, 2011

MOUNT WEEK! "I've decided not to give away the mounts..."

Okay ,"April Fools!'", duh.

Of COURSE I'm giving them away, but I had to get the foolishness of the co-incidental date 'out of the way', because, now it's:

W101 MOUNT WEEK: Free, permanent mounts!
So, as you know, by now, many fansites are giving away permanent mounts. HiaG has the dark, mysterious Swiftshadow Wings, and now it's time to 'contest' them away!
Time to "Earn your wings",wizards! Happy 'MOUNT WEEK'!

So, there I was: a vault full of wings, and no idea how to give them away...

"Hmmm.. Wintertusk is coming. So is Easter. Ravens lay eggs. Easter involves eggs. Wizard 101 has Crafting, and reagents (to be collected), Easter eggs are usually hidden, to be collected..."

Oh, please, no, Autumn! That would be evil...

"PERFECT! Muah-ha-ha!"

You want Swiftshadow Wings? Of course you do! Now, 15 of you can Craft your Wings at HiaG!

First, we're gonna need 'reagents', like, Hmmm...Feathers!
EXAMPLE: There will be 14 of these 'feathers' to find. Find these codes *anywhere*
Yeah, "Where 'X=99 (or 99=X)', or something. Like collecting clues to a CRYPTographic code that will 'forge' your Wings...once the time is right. The Forge opens, after all the feathers have fallen. You can expect 2, maybe 3 'feathers' to fall, per day, starting TODAY.

Now, these reagents could be *anywhere*. This page, old blog posts, via Twitter Feed, or maybe  Max Sternum, or even in linked text, (and you know how I loves me my links).
However, to 'help' you, every time feathers fall, you'll be given 'Hints', to give you an idea where to search.

Since it's "Game on!", here's your fist 2 'easy' hints:

Hint #1 "If you're looking for my 'followers', you won't see them, but you will find something else"
Hint #2 "The post where HiaG all began"

You're gonna wanna keep track on paper, because 'the feathers are ruffled', and the wizard that waits to look for them all once "The Forge" opens will be be beaten by wizards that "Do their Homework"

Da Rulez: Because we have 'em for a reason Important
1) Contest is open to everyone, except HiaG employees, minions, or entities.
2)Participants must have a valid blogger ID (for comment/answer tracking) "Anonymous" comments will be disabled.
3)Participants must have a valid email address (will not be published) to award Prizes (I will NOT chase you all over The Spir@l )
4) (modified)"The Forge" will open 8pm, Eastern Time, the day after the final feather has fallen. The first 15 correct answers (via 'comment' on The Forge ) will be determined "winners". No contest answers will be 'published' at "The Forge" until 15 winners are determined, or until MOUNT WEEK's imminent closure.
5) Winning codes must be redeemed AT W101 SITE LINK.
6) One winning code, per person. Your "FIRST" answer is your ONLY answer, so answer *carefully*        Please allow everyone a fair shot. Multiple entries *may* be disqualified, to ensure fairness.

So, get farming those 'reagents', wizards! It's MOUNT WEEK!


Alexandra Zest said...

i don't get it! feathers well the reagents are all over wizardcity?
what the heck!?! where do i post my email anyways????

Fatal Exception said...

@Rachael: The 'feathers' are 'code pieces' to be found on this blog. Not every 'feather' "falls" at once, you have to come back daily to find more 'feathers, via the new day's "Hints"

There are 14 'code pieces' to collect, over the next few days, and once all 14 'feathers' have fallen, "The Forge" (final entry post) will tell you how to 'assemble' your 'code pieces'

The email addresses will be via comment, by the winning entries. Those emails will NOT be published, (only I can see it), and it's ONLY after the winners have been selected.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me how to get a valid blogger ID? I can't seem to find out where/how to register.

Also, can you clarify on the code pieces? I've found the first two feathers, but there doesn't seem to be a code associated with them-- of course, that could be because I'm not registered.

Fatal Exception said...

@Sirkate: Since you can leave a comment, "you're all set". Keep your 'code peices' (feathers), closely guarded.It may seem confusing *now*, but I promise it WILL make sense!

Unknown said...

ok this is a test

Pokemonarecute! said...

I DONT get this at all!! Am i supposed to be looking for a number, letter, word, picture or something?? How can i find something if i dont know what im looking for -.-

Fatal Exception said...

@Pokemon: The 'feathers' are 'code pieces' to be found on this blog. Not every 'feather' "falls" at once, you have to come back daily to find more 'feathers, via the new day's "Hints"
You're looking for 14 letter/number combinations, most of which are like the 'sample x=99' picture, in the post.

Only 4 have been released as of today (4/1), more to 'fall' daily, and you'll need all 14 to complete the puzzle. This is not 'instant win', you need patience and persistence.

Good luck!

The Fabulous K said...

Am I supposed to download the pictures and save them until the Forge when I find them??

Fatal Exception said...

@TFK: No need to download, or 'save' any file. All you need is to jot down the 'codes' you find on eack 'feather' {like the sample, "X is 99".The letter/number combination is the imporant art, the rest is 'for show'. Once all 14 'feathers' (codes) have been placed, the key to decoding it will be published.

Destiny Ghostsong said...

I don't have a blogger acount. Where do I get one? Is my email enough?

Fatal Exception said...

@Kalle: Since you can leave a comment, "you're all set". The logins are if you win (on your "Kalleigha" login, nobody else can claim to be you.

Xinaed said...

Despite my question wasn't answered here, I think I might have figured it out. Maybe, I don't know. Haha. Anyway, at least I'm trying, right?

Swordroll said...

I don't understand your first hint about 'followers.' Well, I suppose I DO, but I checked your followers on Twitter, searched for you on facebook, etc., and can't seem to find anything. Are you sure it's there?

Fatal Exception said...

@Jaden: You know, I hadn't considered how vague that hint might be considered, ty. As of today's post (4/2) onward, the "hint" has been *slightly* modified, (for clarity, but the location remains the same)

Swordroll said...

Thanks for clearing that up! It made things a bit easier. After a long while of searching, I realized I'd already found it, thinking it belonged to a different clue for some reason. :)

Snips said...

For the first hint do you have to have a twitter account?

Fatal Exception said...

That would be a hint for a hint. Don't overthink the hints.

Sairin said...

Simply testing.

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the fun contest

Elizabeth said...

Am I suppose to unscramble anything after I have all 14 feathers or leave them in the order you had them in? Do I write just the code on the forge or do I include the words too? Thanks.

Fatal Exception said...

@Rebecca: You're very welcome.

@Elizabeth: The code pieces will have to be re-organized, all will be made clear, just have all 14 code fragments ready.

Tara Dawnwalker said...

Where do we submit the unscrambled answer?

FilamentTheBright said...

Thanks for the fun! Now to "forge" ahead. :)

Elizabeth said...

Is this one word or multiple words? Thanks.

Fatal Exception said...

@Elizabeth :

Well, if you mean just the word "this", then, indeed, it is a single word.
However, the question "Is this one word or multiple words? Thanks." is comprised of multiple words.

Oh, you mean the contest answer? Well, that would be considered an additional hint, so my reply can only be : "Yes."

"The Forge" post will provide the "Answer Key", and all relevant entry rules.

Unknown said...

Checking if I can post