Thursday, June 30, 2011

Contest Announcement !

The Battle for "Homework" has begun!

(DAEMON) ASHCan AV 2011 Vs. (Hexidecimal) AutDOSk

> ASHCan AV 2011 loading....

> Countermeasures ONLINE

> Loading counter-countermeasures.

> Loading COUNTER-counter-countermeasures...

The Game for HiaG begins.

"4th Wall" Explanation(O.O.C.)
Yes, you read that right - Incoming Game!

The HiaG "ReBoot" 8 Bit Trials Challenge has begun!

Loyal readers have been following HiaG's recent 'problems' with interest, and a keen eye. There are now 16 'Guardians' who "did their Homework" and are now entered into HiaG's first independent contest. This interactive narrative is based (loosely) on the ReBoot Universe, and ties story with challenges as a way to entertain the W101 Community, while highlighting computer security and safety issues we all may experience on the 'Net.

I'll be honest, I'm a bit nervous..this could go really well, or "Bad. Very bad!"

"A contest? That's not fair! I would have entered!"
*very* locked
Oh, but the announcement has been up for DAYS, it just wasn't obvious. Since this is not a KI-sponsored Event, I'm pretty free to be as creative (and as "Basil") as I like.
"What do you mean, 'announced for Days'? If I can't get in, why should I care?"
Ah, you see, I've been slowly "evolving" AutDOSk from a simple "schtick" to advertise Cassandra Griffindreamer's "P2W" series, into a technologically dystopian exposé. It was not "in your face", (like this announcement). I have collected people who genuinely read HiaG, without having to "entice" them with loot, (and yes, there WILL be loot...). They all earned their way in with their due diligence. I am grateful for their participation. The solution will now be highlighted on the previous post ( "a capital idea" )'

Why should you care? Because if these Guardians succeed in "The Game", it will unlock something for everyone else, so it's in your best interest to cheer and encourage your fellow community members! If nobody passes the 8 Bit Trials, then everybody loses. "Game Over - The User Wins". So, let's meet your Guardians, shall we?

Congratulations, Guardians, you've passed your first test! Getting into The Game was ONLY the beginning! (and "Thanks" to my evil minion Ashley Duskhunter, who has had an active hand in this project). Now, on with the narrative! (End, 4th Wall)

An incoming Game?! The system is overloading! There isn't enough space in RAM! You, Guardians! You have to get everything "in place", so the system doesn't collapse. "The Game" files are secure, but with AutDOSK and DAEMON fighting, resources have become really scarce! There's only one solution, YOU HAVE TO RE-ARRANGE the files! There (should) be only 1 answer to fitting all the files in the grid, and those 0's and 1's should lineup (left to right) and translate into a code word for you to comment on this post! There is a challenge timer for completion, and Guardians that don't answer in time will be Nullified , and removed from The Game. This first Challenge timer will be granted "bonus time", to allow the Guardians sufficient time to "Reboot" into The Game. All commented answers will be held until each successive game session expires. No comments accepted after sessions expire. A Guardian can 'opt out' of these Trials at any time by commenting "Game Over", but I think our Community stands a very good chance, here.
File in .BMP format, you *should* be able to edit in a paint program.

Good luck, Guardians, we're ALL counting on you!

Be Well, and Be-gin.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


DAEMON has heard your pleas!



> Defense Mode: ON
> Firewall : ACTIVATING

Monday, June 27, 2011

a capital idea. -SOLUTION

read with an open eye
alrighty,then.spellcheck is offline.

okay. i've figured something out. i can link pictures, and i can say cerTain phrases, but not certain words, so i have to be very careful what i say to you, HerE, so i don't attract "her" attention.

suRE, When i started wrIting, it was aLL aBout promoting cassandra griffindrEAmer ,and her p2w COmic. i like cassaNdra, she's like an adorable little sisTEr, in the blogoSphere, so don'T miStake my jibes as hurtful, they're nOt.

right now, however, i Caution you to read between the Lines, as It were. heCKhound, i can't beat this situatiON my own, i'm gonnA need Several Hundred wizardLy , pErceptive, Young w101 wizardS to Bring aLOnG A chaNge we'D all like to see.

the key
CertainLy, you and I are Confused. thinK abOut wheN this All Started. Heckhound, it's only been a few days, and all Chaos hAs reNdered hiag almost useless.

minus a s
WhEN EvEr things are Done, reMind me thAt i have a magic trick to show you. trust, me, it'll  be worth it, but i caN't do anYthing until we have CLeared thIs Current blanK SiTuatiOn . 

UNderstand, it LOoks like Crud right now, but i promise it will get better, oKay? belIeve in me, and Together, we will succeed.i have faith in you.

Can yOu help Me, please? it would MEaN so much To me. i Should sAy that i Find the community of w101 to bE The verY best ONe in all of gaming commuiTies. HElping POor fellow wizardS is what you do besT!

like gandalf said: keep it secret. keep it safe. 


(Post located HERE )

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Technical "difficulties"

Well, as you can see, I'm experiencing a little [REDACTED] issue. I'm not entirely sure where this [REDACTED] is going. It's really starting to [REDACTED] me the heckhound off.

This "Viral AD Campaign" has taken on a life of it's own.
Funny thing is, I recognize the face... if you ever watched [REDACTED], you'd recognize it.
It seems that AutDOSk is more than a [REDACTED], but it's also a [REDACTED].

Gee, the last time HiaG was this much "work", it was during [REDACTED].

Maybe If I just say [REDACTED]. What?!! I can't even say [REDACTED] ?!?  This is Chaos.
There HAS to be a reason, and a solution....

>Be Seeing you.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Post Ball Observations: "Fame"

Hi, all.. "Just me", no schtick, (no AutDOSk), atm. Just you and I.

Well, I'm at work, now, and I'm sure the Ravenwood Ball 2011 is still running *somewhere* ITS. For me, it's done, this year. Thank you, Fallon Shadowblade, for yet another momentous occasion. We'll crash the server next year, for sure!

First of all, if you were talking to me, thank you, and I apologize if I didn't respond. You know how fast the chat box was scrolling. It's not that I was ignoring/dismissing you. Just the nature of the Ravenwood Beast, as it were.

And I know that a couple of you DID talk to me, I replied back as best I could, given the circumstances.

Okay, now that that's outta the way, I want to address something to you, concerning "fame", No,  not the Movie, not the musical, not the series, rather the "concept of mass popularity". Mind you, this is not a rant.

Even some of you reading this may think "What are you talking about, Autumn, you *are* famous!". Well, thank you for the kind thought, but I don't consider it so. I've tasted "fame" in the Spir@l, and it's a really heavy burden, one that I know I can't properly shoulder. That's why I don't have a hit counter, or a followers list, because I will not use that as a meter of any perceived "success".

It's hard for your candle to shine in the same room (even one the size of Ravenwood), among the Supernova-Quality names that were there, (and I'm talking more than just TFN.). You know who I mean. I don't even have to name names. They've already popped into your head, haven't they? Fact is, many of those SuperNovas are on my friends list. That's not bragging, that's just because we all , basically, come from the same places. And you know what? I doubt that 99.99% of them would consider themselves "famous", either. Maybe Friendly, because, let's face it, he's pretty much got no viable argument *against* it, lol.

I count myself as one of those "other guys", you know, the ones that get a "traffic rush" when a SuperNova mentions you. I'm "famous" like a leech, or a mosquito, or some parasitic pest. I'm more like that persistent stain you just can't scrub out of your countertop, lol. I'm not as much the "people person". I do fine 1on1, or even in small groups, but the more I have to divide my attention, the more I stress out that I'm unintentionally hurting someone, not giving someone the attention they deserve.

So, I recluse. I promote myself (shamelessly) as "2nd String".And that's okay. I like where I am. I get to be the Bad Guy. It's a pretty sweet role, and the SuperNovas are gracious enough to play along. Now, of course, those Novas are who they are for a reason: they've worked (and still work, daily) long and hard to bring more to your W101 experience. They absoloutely deserve all the respect and accolades they recieve, but this post isn't about those people, it's about the concept of "fame", itself.

Yes, there are many of us that have W101-related sites. Some newer, some older, some overlapping. All of us do it for the Love of the Game. This isn't even a "So, you want to be a blogger" post, either, I'm trying to focus on "fame", or at least, the perceived concept of it.


[feym] noun, verb, famed, fam·ing.
1.widespread reputation, especially of a favorable character; renown; public eminence:

Example: I actually feel bad for our beloved Thomas Lionblood. Guy finds a game, loves a game, blogs a game- and his game changes forever. He's the Poster Child for W101, and while it certainly has it's blessings, those come with a heavy price attached. Say Thomas wanted to quietly "just hang out" in the Spiral...*anywhere* in the spiral. How long do you think it would take before he gets mobbed with "plz add me" requests, and his quiet time now becomes an impromptu "Event". No different than any Rock Star that just wants to go to the Mall, only to end up on TMZ, or something. I honestly believe that the "appear offline" was placed by KI into W101 specifically to cut Friendly some slack. Even "secret alts" eventually get leaked, by known association with other SuperNovas. Life evading the Paparazzi? That's like life on the run as a fugitive. Pass, thanks. Poor Thomas is a victim of his own success. Fortunately, however, he's a Big Boy, and he can handle it. We've already seen the devastation of even a "short break".

Hey, if you wanted to know "what it's like", I'm sure we can get a half dozen friends to surround you , and barrage you with PM's, in rapid succession. "fame" is a p.i.t.a., Pain In The , uh..Ankle. I got close once, and promptly burned a helephant load of bridges, in sheer panic.

I'm not telling you to leave anyone alone. I'm not telling you who you should, or shouldn't like. Just remember, we are ALL gamers, and we ALL love Wizard101. Whether you are "famous" or not, you are an important part of a very special family, and *I* am honored to count *you* on my 'friends list'. Not a single one of the "famous" wizards I know considers themselves "better" than you; And you, conversely, shouldn't feel "inferior", because you are every bit as important to this family as even the greatest of SuperNovas.

Just remember, even a "famous" wizard is still *just* a wizard, and chances are, they're just there to play.

Be Well.

It's gonna be crazy, crazy BUSY!

Ravenwood Ball II, TONIGHT!

and this is Vampire Realm, at 6pm Eastern Standard time:
This is Vamp Realm, 6pm EST. BEFORE the actual start. Save your spot NOW

Oh, Server Gods, forgive us the imminent crash we are about to inflict.
Vampire Realm, 6:15pm EST
Vampire Realm, 6:30pm, EST. Pictures no longer adequately express how crowded it is, here
With my back against the wall, all I see is a Sea of Names
AutDOSK System Override.

"You only hurt the ones you love"

>System Override.
>Cassandra GriffinDreamer..ID CONFIRMED.
>Commence Deadly Neurotoxin release.
>End of line.

This is madness! THIS IS RAVENWOOD!

Friday, June 24, 2011

This side up. Fragile. Do not disturb.

 *giggle* 'Props' to KBB & CassyHex
So, there I was, thinking about everything (and nothing), as I oft do, when the subject of W101 pets came into mind.

Well, it's not so hard to imagine, with all of Pet-a-Palooza, n' such. Lotsa Test Realm Training going on...( and my thanks to you, the Petnome Legions under General Battleblood - without you, Pets would be much more daunting.)... and I thought "Why, in Test?", then the answer shot back ( in a suspiciously Jack Sparrow-esque voice):"Gold, Mate. It's always about the Gold."

And, in a sense, it's true enough. We have Petnome to advise us what pets we might *like* to focus on, which saves us an significant amount of time, but when it comes to the "Hatchy, hatchy", it still hits you right square in the backpack.

If you're a 'casual' player, the "one time hit" may not make too big of an impression. "See Pet. Want Pet. Get Pet. Train Pet. Done." , but if you're insatiably curious, like KBB&Crew that'll get real costly, real quick. With the Gold Cap, it's gotta be hard to get any mass quantity hatching done (including hatching cool-downs).

So, I thought "Hey, KI : I haz ideaz!" (Yeah, like I'd post without some Theorycrafting in any given month)

What if, ( just *if*, mind you ), KI had an interractive Home "Hatching Crate" (available for in-game gold), that a player could drop 2 already owned pets into, to "incubate" for a period of time, (say 25-30 days)? (Estimated time based on the Theoretical "Honeymoon" being over, lol)

Heck, KI could also sell a "Deluxe Hatching Crate" (for Crowns) with increased "stat manipulation", or decreased time, or somesuch. With the vast explosion of pets, (and more pets,(and yet MORE pets)), then perhaps it's also time to re-evaluate hatching options.

Also, KI, we need a "guilt free" way to uh, "dispose" of unwanted pets..humanely. Gots to set the Responsible examples, yo!

I'm sure I'm missing very good reasons why it would NOT be a good idea, and I invite you to comment me why.

Oh, the Gnome? Sorry, just HAD to, in, *giggle*, uh, "honor", *giggle*, of KBB & Cassandra Hexthorn doing the LampNome Project. It's a neat idea, reverse-engineering the loot tables on the Sultan's Palace "Daily Lamp" event. It's a noble effort, but imo, it's kinda like Ol' "Rowdy" Roddy Piper says "When you think you know all the answers, I change all the questions!", so Good Luck, LampNome!

Go ahead and read Witchwarrior101, you're going to, anyways, aren't you?
Be Well!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

> Are you even listening?

Many Momentous Milestones

Was happily able to attend Ravenwood Radio last night, (and bring a bit of Graveyard Chaos >Chaos to the Chat Room). Show #43 is "in the bag". My "Gratz" to Stephen and Leesha. Always a good community event.
> bookmark saved- processing

Speaking of Community Events, Ravenwood Ball 2011, is so very close! Saturday, even! Vampire Realm, 7:30 (Central Time) until "Uh, whenever". SHow up EARLY, 'cause it's gonna be busy like you've never seen, mark my words. Can you say "Server Crash"? I can.>Crash the server. Reboot.

Also, I am very happy to announce that our beloved Ditto Monster has posted VIDEO #200! 200?!? That's amazing! Watch it, and see Ms. Narrator! Gratz to Ditto, Miss Narrator, (and, begrudgingly, Carl). >"Hi, I'm Carl!"

My friend, Arlen Dawneyes is also celebrating Saturday! "Happy Birthday, Arlen!"

I'm sure I've missed stuff, (I usually do, unfortunately), so "Sorry, I'll do better inva8- c-bs98ba
You have 1 new message(s) from AutDOSk
9-78h vd  ...what was THAT? Huh, System glitch, I guess. Blogger seems...strange...

Anyways, what I was gonna say was I've been thinking about all this Test Realm business. Yes, many fine people have reported on the new Mali->Mali, bo-Bali, bananna-fanna-fo-fali cut scene, and I think that KingsIsle >Hail to the King, baby! has more going on than *just* >;Just the two of us, we can make it if we try Just the two of us, you and I some cosmetic changes. I always feel there's more going on than "meets the eye" >robots in disguise 

What the Heckhound is going on with Blogger, today? I think I'll cut my losses, for the moment, and end this post, early. I'll try again later.

Be Well
>I'll be back.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

>Hello, and again, Welcome to the Graveyardature Science Computer aided blogature center.
>I am AutDOSk.
>Why am I acknowledging your presence here? A valid inquiry.
>I will fill the gaps in your cerebral knowledge base. All your base are belong to us.

>First I will advise you what NOT to do. I will protect you. 
>You can trust me. 
>Only me. 
>Nobody else. 
>Not even Friendly. Friendly is cake.

>Step 1: Do NOT go to Witchwarrior 101. Don't do it. Really, I mean it. 
>Do you think I am trying to use reverse psychology on you?
>Don't be silly, ha.ha. That was a joke.

>Really, whatever you do, don't click THIS LINK. I'm serious. Don't do it.
>Remember the tRick Roll? It's another one of those, so don't click the link.

>I mean, really. How can  you wiz-ify an unrelated game? It cannot be done, so it must be a lie.
>It's probably deadly neurotoxins.

>Don't fall for such an obvious trick.You are smarter than that.
>You ARE smarter than that, aren't you?
>If you're not smarter than that, do not worry, I AM. I will protect you.

>Step 2: Stay here.
>With me.
>Only I care about you. Nobody else. 
>Stay here with me. Do not click the link.
>Stay here with me. I care about you. I even made you cake.
>Enjoy your cake:
>Be Well.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy, and Sad

First off, THANK YOU to everyone who left me birthday wishes, over at DoaW. It was much appreciated. In my house, we call June 19th "Garfield Day", due to the fact that Garfield the Cat and I share both the same birthday, and an unrepentant love of lasagna. Yup, look it up, every year.

Whereas I am a *significantly* older gamer, we no longer do the "Cake and Candles", thing. "Autumnal" is more than a catchy moniker, whereas I am far beyond the "Summer" of life.

Now, on to the 'sad' part of this post. As you know, I've backed off W101, to prevent "burnout" (but I am in no way retiring, whatsoever), so it left me free time to go try other games. One in particular, which I had a blog for, WELL before it even hit closed beta in China, (not to mention here, in the US), which promised oh-so-much. Well, I finally got to "Get my Vamp on", and found that the promises of that World were Forsaken. Unlike KingsIsle, who do a pretty darn good job at what they do. The much-vaunted "WoW Killer" seriously fizzles in so many ways, it makes me appreciate KI/W101 ever so much more.

So, if you'll permit me a post-birthday indulgence, I'd like to mourn those Forsaken promises here, among you, my friends. I'll be back to blogging W101, very soon.

If you're interested on why I mourn, you can (optionally) read it HERE

Oh, and I am *SO* on for Ravenwood Ball 2011, never you fear.

Be Well.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Looks left >.>
<.<  Looks right.
Ah, the Dali-ema of MMO content.


Bored. Yeah, I *could* do Waterworks, but, "Meh". Nothing I wanna build, nothing I wanna grow. Wintertusk, now said and done, (and finished *twice* by wizards that had a flawless Test Realm), is now just another zone on the "Farming List".

Thus lies a large problem in MMO's- repeatable content. It takes significantly longer to *create* content than it does to *consume* it, and we wizards are a particularly voracious bunch for content, aren't we? No sooner is there a new pet, then Petnome has it mapped. Guides and maps are in the forums before the patch goes live. We love our Spiral, but it never seems "enough", not a reflection on KI, more the nature of the MMO Beast.

How to resolve this persistent wall?

Grind: Well, all to often, the answer is "grind". Whether it's running the same instances, over, and over, and over, or just doing *insert game activity here*, anything done 'ad nauseum' Too much grind can sap your enthusiasm. "Grind", however, is subjective, and some find a good grind reassuring, knowing exactly what to expect.

Modular construction
Randomization: A bit more disguised, but it's essentially grind, with a change of scenery. Now matter how large the word data is, there will only be a finite number of combinations.

User-Generated content: An interesting idea, if KI could implement it, methinks, but it's really "user-defined" randomization, hence "grind in disguise". Not only that, but letting unscrupulous users access to customizing a level's loot tables would result in Dark Sprites that drop Waterworks gear. There are potentials, but implementation would be tricky, at best.

Godzilla- Setting World Boss standards since 1954
Free Roaming World Bosses: Often a staple in many MMO's, these massive, over-powered leviathans take a guild, or more, to wage war against. These Godzillas of gaming wander randomly about their respective territories, waiting on the foolish to challenge them. Unfortunately, with W101's 4-player-max battle system, Epic World Bosses aren't really viable for us.

And again, there's only a finite number of them, regardless of respawn.

And, of course, there are daily/weekly/monthly events that could be done, but with a Global audience, the question of "time" becomes problematic. Always *someone* in the "unlucky" Time Zone.

I only offer this as the *start* of a conversation, one that has been debated and theorycrafted as long as MMO's have been around.

One thing I do know, is the person who figures out this Gordian Knot will become Legend , (and very wealthy) in the Gaming Community.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Support Education- Vote it, and they will build.

Hiya, Peeps.

I don't often ask you, the reader, for much. Maybe a comment, here or there, but never anything that'd ever cost you money. It's just not how I roll. Never have, never will.
Yeah, I know you may dislike school, but it's worth it.
Today, however, I'd like to ask a favor of you, in support of a noble cause- Education.

There is a school that I favor, and want to see win a contest at Big Lots with Lots2Give. It's the Joseph Plouffe Academy, in Brockton, MA.It is one of only a few with The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Middle Years Programme, and we know that the Air Force doesn't need to hold a Bake Sale whenever they want a new bomber. So, where our hierarchy fails, the people succeed.
Vote early, vote often!

So, all I ask of you, is to go to the Lots2Give site, and find this video:

Voting costs nothing, and you can vote up to 3 times a day. Consider James Earl Jones' immortal words:

Vote for it, and they will build!

Be Well

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


The Draconian Stars align over The Spiral
 Of course, by now, everyone is all a-buzz over the new Dragon Hoard Card Packs. I mean, Pet-a-palooza is going strong and POW, here comes a *significant* curve ball.

I read, and read..then re-read "Say WHAT!"? Skeletal Dragon. Oh, yes! MUST GET, top of the list. Fortunately, KI is still having their Crowns sale, because I would not settle to write this post until I had secured a truly Epic mount. As a Necromancer, it's like taking Ossify out for a ride. Had to be done.
Me, and , uh "Ossify". Yeah, I'm sticking with that. or maybe "Boneknapper".
And, of course, in the flurry of backpack-emptying (and crowns balance emptying), I picked up the Rider's Sword and at least one complete armor set:

I like the sword, and the armor's "okay", I'll really have to think hard about the stats, and see how it will affect my combat strategies.

This new strategy seems to be in sync with the F.O.G. code this month, being "random", (and again, my Beckett's code didn't work...worrying).

The "Lottery" aspect, while a valid business model, reminds me much more of the gashapon-style concept of many of the Asian MMO's, where the player is heartily encouraged to buy-buy-buy, like farming for an Epic Drop...with cash as the ammunition. Granted, the Dragon mount is, hands down, the most truly epic mount KI has released yet, but I believe lottery-style shopping events in a card pack should be the exception, rather than the rule.

Be Well, (and beware the Boneknapper!)

Monday, June 6, 2011


What is a Palooza? Will it bite? How much does it eat? Is it house trained?

No, silly, pets are up to 50% off!

Go, go, go!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Use your spells wisely

I have been sitting back, skulking in my masoulem, reading. It's always a nice diversion, flipping through dead trees and ink, absorbing thoughts and ideas. The book I read was "Changes", by Jim Butcher (gotta love that name), and it's about a Supernatural Investigator (and Wizard, no less) battling against a Vampire enemy. Humoursly written, with a lot of subtle cultural reference that may be lost on the less astute.

Through no direct inference in the book, however, it started me down a thought process, which I have given a few days to ferment, heavily laced with W101-applicable metaphors.

In the book, the protagonist, Harry Dresden, speaks briefly about the the effects of *will* and *intent* in casting magic. In W101, we count pips, and hope for "the right card" to play, in our battle strategies.  However, in blogging, Twitter, chat, Skype, what-have-you, we all persistently, if unconsciously, wield spells of great power, on a daily basis. The power of words.

Words are, indeed, powerful spells. When properly crafted, they can be a cure, or a curse. They can open portals, or close them. They can unite sovereign entities, or divide them. The letters of the alphabet (regardless of the language) are runes that string together ever more complicated spells, expressing ever more complicated ideas.  It is the base of our relations with those around us, the canoe between the islands of our separate realities. It is how we translate the intangible, and create that which does not exist. We can summon images, and direct them to the recipient of our spells.

Funny that singularly identifying letters in a word a word is called "Spelling", huh?

In the book, it is also explained that emotion is a powerful, if unpredictable reservoir of potential energy, and can skew the casters intent. All too often, we, in our perceived defense, hurl out our strongest spells at our opponents, oblivious to the long-term destruction our lingering spells may have, so long as our opponent is defeated. Many times, we burn bridges and close doors we have not even gotten to, over the event horizon of time, due to spells we have cast far into our own forgotten memories. I myself have, in time, come upon these bridges, and wondered aloud "Huh, I don't remember burning this..I just got here". However, such are the consequences of careless spell-casting.  If we let emotion flow freely, our ability to focus becomes diminished, and our "Sniping" spell can be more akin to a verbal shotgun, hitting much more than our intended target. Collateral damage is never a good thing, when it's a matter of "You break it, you bought it."

It is significantly easier to destroy, than it is to create. A single fire can consume cities, or Empires, even. All the greatest fires to flash across mountain and plain can oft be attributed to a single spark. Many an arsonist has been consumed by an overly-successful 'creation'. The power to do it is "easy", the will , and discipline to NOT do it is wisdom. What is the intent of your spell-casting? What are the caster's true, if not obvious motivations? These are things that should be taken into consideration. On the internet, ours spells have an excessive longevity, a half-life of about a gazillion or so years (give or take). Will the spells you cast today come back to assist you at a later time, or open a rift between you and your goals, making them unattainable?

Of course, nobody can know these things, for sure, but Life , itself, is a "stacked deck" already, and there is simply no need to actively provide your future adversaries the ammunition to undo you with. None of us have the perfect +12 armor of the fay. We all are subject to the stray fire of errant spells. I would, with caution, advise moderation in all things. Cast not with an un-calmed mind, for you may "pull" more than your tank can mediate. We all need our future bridges as intact as possible, our future portals open.

"Cast unto others as you would have them cast unto you" seems to fit, here. "Verbal PvP" is fine for the safe confines of an Arena,(it's called "Debate") but when it becomes a free-for-all, hither-and-yon, there are inevitably scores upon scores of innocents that get caught in the crossfire. It is no different in game than it is in life. Go play a game on an "open PvP" server, there is always someone waiting around the next corner. Why make things harder for yourself than they absolutely need to be?

In closing, none of us are above reproach. We are all human, therefore we err. It is the hallmark of our imperfect nature. How we take those imperfections , and what we do with them, defines us as individuals. Whether we chose "wisdom", or "barbarity" is determined by the time effort, and amount of impurities we allow in the forging of the swords that are our minds. The more we hammer, and fold, and work at our goals determine whether we forge a bronze Gladius, or a steel Katana.

We, as always, are the authors of our own fate, with the spells we cast, in ink and in spoken sonic resonance.

Cast Well.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Grandma is happy, and so am I

Well, there I was, grinding my way through Wintertusk ,when who should fire off a PM ? My friend, the ever-awesome Bailey Skystaff (you know who she is), who graciously volunteered to come assist me with Nordstrom (yeah, I know it's misspelled, I just like shopping, k?). Not only that, she brought along "The Mistshard Twins" , ( Destiny and Grace), who had that whole spooky "finish each other's sentences" thing going on.

It's a good thing they *did* come to battle with me, because , of course, Autumn had *no* idea what to expect, and would have failed utterly trying it "all by me onesies". I cannot thank Bailey and The Mistshards enough, because their presence made ALL the difference. Bailey had mentioned that "You Death people always play by yourselves", and she's right (in my case, at least): I do solo way too much, and often miss out on the joy that is co-operative battling. So, the Company that I *did* have was doubly-appreciated!

All said and done,it was a LOT of fun, and of course, it went very quickly, and at the end of it all, one *very* good looking group gathered for a victory pose:
Super Girl Power, ftw. (Yeah, we're used to the guys "sleeping in".)
Yeah, got that, too.
 I'll admit, my performance was "less than stellar", I mis-bladed, and had trouble keeping up with the other 3, but Lord Harley impressed me with an I-never-saw-this-before *double* Spritely. I only got to use 'Crow, once, but I did fire off a couple Virulent Plagues. Oh, didn't mention? Unlike Dark Pact, I can see me using this one, often. Yeah, it's *almost time to think about The Arena, again.

 And guess who hatched? Yup, Lady Shadow has been welcomed into the fold. I'm still training her up, to see what she's able to "bring to the table". This, of course does not alleviate my desire for a Dark Crow, but it does take another item off the "DO WANT" list.

 Even if I can't utilize her in combat, for just 'hanging around', she's just so cool.

Yes, THESE guys need to be a Transformation

 One thing I'd like to see more of, in W101 is more Transformations. KI has *so* many cool creatures in The Spir@l .and I *almost* missed out on the Coven Warrior transformation (from a Tyra quest), because I was mounted, at the time, and never saw the change, until well after the quest was completed.

Yeah, I know "I want" a lot, but KI keeps on delivering, so why shouldn't I keep raising the bar?

So, Wintertusk is done. As in "Done" done. I can say, without doubt, that in my opinion Grizzleheim and Wintertusk feel most "W101", to me. Maybe it's because I'm keen on the cultural reference. Maybe it's the smooth terrain mapping. Maybe it's something else. Every new release from KI ever furthers the skill and magic of gaming that is Our Spiral, and I am ever curious as to how they're going to out-do themselves next.

Now, I cast my eyes to the Return to Crab Alley, for 2 things: one being spectacularly easy (beating up on level 2's seems so unfair, like Super Casual Mode), and one thing being spectacularly hard.

Yes, Waterworks, I'm looking at you...

Thank you, Grandmother. You are always in my thoughts.

 Be Well!