Thursday, April 7, 2011

Finally, "The Forge" is OPEN

Yes, wizards, I see you eagerly in line, there. Sorry for the extra wait.

Yes, this post is "The Forge"
 Swift in action, clever of mind; Forge thy wings, but do it in time!

Time to forge your 14 code fragments...
Awk! Grandmother Raven herself has played a final trick with your Answer Key:
Oh no! the code is reversed! The CORRECT answer *starts* with "6" and *ends* with "10"

***Do not disqualify yourself!***
These rules are absolute, and are not subject to modification.
1) Leave your answer as a 'comment', and leave only your answer, no additional text. Quotation marks  " " are acceptable, but not required.
2) DO NOT include your email address with your answer. If you do, your answer cannot be published, and your answer will be disqualified
3) You can only submit an answer entry *once*. Your "First" answer is your ONLY answer, so type carefully. Spelling *matters*. A "blank" code fragment can be either a "space"  , or an "underscore" __ . Either is acceptable. Typing the word "blank" in the answer is NOT acceptable.
4) Your answer *must* be in the correct order, as instructed by Answer Key caption.
5) No contest answers will be 'published' at "The Forge" until 15 winners are determined, or until MOUNT WEEK's imminent closure. Estimated announcement of winners: 4/7/11, 9PM, Eastern. ALL entries will be saved until 'winning' entries are confirmed valid.
6) *If*, and only *if* you are selected as a 'winner' will you be asked for an email address, in a later post. Your email address cannot/will not be published-EVER.
7) No questions will be published, or answered, on this ( "The Forge") post ."Clarification" is no longer an option.
8) One winning code, per person. Multiple entries *will* disqualify ALL entries from participant's IP address, to ensure fairness.
9) The first 15 'correct' entries following the above rules will be determined as 'winning entries'
10) What are you waiting for? Go,go,go!

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