Monday, April 4, 2011

Theorycrafting "just for fun" (and feathers)

I hereby promise not to mention ravens in this post....oh, nevermind. Think I'll skip the graphics on this one. No pictures, just a lot of free-thought writing. I invite you to read along. You just might have to, anyways.

I wanted to do something different today, something along the lines of "Impractical Theorycrafting" i.e. "In another universe, where the laws of reality don't apply..." kind of thing, just for fun.Disclaimer: Total, utter nonsense. KI has no known plans now(or in the future) to do anything this silly, nor am I suggesting this as a considerable idea.

We've all seen the statue in The Commons, ( you know the one in the pond?). Wasn't always there. Some of us can still remember that statue-less time. Quieter, yes, but not near as vibrant. I wouldn't give up "New W101" for any preconceived notion of any "good ol' days". I like where W101 is heading, but I can also appreciate where it's been. But I digress.

Back to statues. "What if" you won some uber-exclusive contest to be Memorialized in game? Keep in mind, that imo, only the GreatFather deserves such recognition, but we are talking "In another Universe..", right?
So, there you are, having a dialogue with KingsIsle, and they ask "Where would you like us to place your statue?"  Where would you choose? Not just "Wizard City, Krokotopia, Celestia, ect", but a specific place, in a specific zone. Facing a specific direction, in a specific pose. Ah, we're getting detailed, here...

Some of these would be easy to pick for others. Friendly, for instance, I could *so* picture him saying "At the entrance to Unicorn Way, with open arms to greet all new wizards." or Kevin Battleblood saying "Inside the PvP Court, arms raised like Conan, The Conquerer.., or maybe in the Pet Park..", Ravenwood Radio might choose, you guessed it, Ravenwood, as appropriate. Or I could be completely wrong. This is Impractical Therorycrafting, after all, and it's about *you*, and what would you choose? Just don't choose the alcove next to Grubb, in Sunken City, 'cause that's where I'd stand brooding, k?
Would the place you choose be an easy place to find, like The Commons, or some epic quest "Yeah, you can find me at the end of Hall of Valor, in Nidavellir..." kind of thing? Fun to think about, huh?

Now let's take it a step further. Instead of *you* being the subject of Eternal Memorialization, what if KingsIsle said "We want you to choose the NPC/Mob to statue in a specific place, (with your name on it), what then would you choose? Does it change the whole question? Is the idea *less* appealing than it being *you* carved in virtual stone? Or would it be worse to have only a vote, for *someone else* to become an undisputed in-game legend, for all The Spiral to behold? All of a sudden, this post isn't as much fun, huh?

The way you answered the first question, and how you changed it with the second, only *you* know. I'm not looking for a flurry of comments here. Only an honest self-assessment of what your game motivations are. This post is really getting dull, huh? As for me, yeah, I've "god moded" old console games, been well-nigh invincible, with 9999 hits. It gets old, real quick, on a single console. You just gotta show *someone* how great you are, right? Gamers , since gaming itself, have hacked 'n cracked games. From marked cards and loaded dice, to the most up-to-date "trainer" program you can find. Some of us are Helephant-bent to show how special we are. Problem is, "I" am "You" to you, and we're "Them" to the next person. Everybody wants to be special. It's in Maslow's Need Hierarchy. It's perfectly natural. But as my ol' buddy Friendly is fond of quoting "When everyone's super, then no one will be"

However, odds are that you're not even reading this far. What? You're still here? Great! I have little-to-no-doubt that 90% of the visitors to this post will instantly scroll down to the shiny blue flash banner, looking for hints to today's codes. Those of you who are actually reading this, then odds are it doesn't apply to you. There's nothing like a "wall of text" in today's 140-character-or-less internet age to make the eyes glaze. I'm sure 40% never got past "The way you answered the first question". If I were really evil, I'd hide a hint in this text, and make them read over the whole thing. I might just do that, actually.. Hey, why don't we hide the 'feather' in plain sight, like right here? This entire sentence is a feather, where the letter "U" equals the number three. Yes, that was the code, for real. You only find the code if you're actually reading. Why would I do this? Because consistent blogging takes a lot of effort, and often goes unappreciated by the casual reader. With this contest, I can actually make you read what I wrote. How many are reading this *after* reading the comment? Do a good deed, and go to all the blogs you follow and give them a simple 'thank you for all your hard work' comment, it will brighten their day! The other day on Twitter, Friendly thought to bait me with a Charlie Sheen reference, so this whole post is my retort. In essence, this whole post is as 'brief' as the  2 1/2 Men Vanity cards. In a way, it's my (unheard) "shout-out" to all my fellow W101 sites that invest time, labor and heart into their sites, and get little appreciation. KI appreciates you guys. Know that *I* appreciate you, guys, as well. Oh, by the way, Undertaker is 19-0, baby!  So, for those of you who are *still* reading along, you have my heartfelt gratitude. Now, let's not keep the impatient waiting, shall we? Let me put on my Milo Barker persona, and feel free to play along at home...Watch this:

"Wow, enough 'wall of text', Autumn..get on with the codes, already"

Hurry, Hurry! Step right up, Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children of all ages! 
What time is it? That's right! It's:

There are now 10 (of 14) code pieces to gather! Only *4* left, after this. Time draws nearer!
Hint # 9 : "When reading a thought-provoking post, like 4/4/11, you should also read the comments."
Hint#10 : "I'm curious. How exactly *does* a skeleton speak? Maybe I'll ask Mr. Sternum."

Previous Hints: ( and Original Contest post&Rules )
Hint #1 (*modified*) "If you're looking for my BLOG 'followers', you won't see them, but you will find something else"
Hint #2 "The post where HiaG all began"
Hint #3: "I love pop-culture references! Have you heard Merle Ambrose's bloopers? (May, 2010)
Hint #4: "I have advice for young W101 bloggers (July, 2009)
Hint #5 : " 'Quoth the raven' graphic to the right leads to a feather in conTEXT"
Hint #6 : "Feathery flapping wings go "swish" (March, 2011)
Hint #7 : "Have you met my daughter, Ashley Duskhunter?"
Hint #8 : I love the dueling circles in Housing! It's an Item I've wanted for a long time (June 2009)

 *Not everyone can be "super", but if you're reading this, I think YOU are!


Fatal Exception said...

Hint #9 PART 2: Yes, you found the hint, and you've found this comment, but the code you seek is in the main post of 4/4/11.Chances are you skipped over it. Yes, this post is a lot of text. Yes, you have to *read* it, the code is not a graphic one. Yes, I know you dislike me, now. It's okay, I like you, anyways.

Arlen Dawneyes said...

I read the wall of text BEFORE seeing the clue. And yes, I appreciate your work a lot! :D I always worry if I don't post a picture in a long post, someone will go "ugh, boring.." and skip it. So thank you for your post :)

Fatal Exception said...

+1 for Arlen Dawneyes. Thank YOU.

Anonymous said...

Well, I found you through the contest, but I can tell you I'll be reading from now on, and yes, there are still people who read, now if we can just teach them to use the spell check... ;)

Swordroll said...

Reading you post was enjoyable. :)

Glad you chose to make you hint what it was. :P

After collecting all of the codes, will they be in order, or will we have to unscramble them?

Anonymous said...

This is getting good!

Me said...

Does KingsIsle have a crowns-only item that's a statue maker of your wizard and pet, with different poses? If not, KI really should make one. With statues all around a dueling circle, or at the entrance to a castle....I only have 75 Crowns, though, so I'd better get a free Statue Maker if KI makes one! :P

Gah -- enough of that. That one post is just enough for a favorite of Homework in a Graveyard on IE9. I'm ready to laugh at the 90% who scroll down and skip the scintillating (known to some as boring) text, only to rage at the feather that slipped through their eyes. That makes the two of us, Arlen Dawneyes.

Fatal Exception said...

@Matt: tyvm! Spell check is my best friend, and worst nemesis, at times.

@Jaden: Ty, and I'll answer you question with a question:" Would *I* make it that easy, after all this?"

@Drakkis: Glad you are enjoying it!

@Ryan: I *completely* 'made up' the statue thing. If KI ever took the idea, I'd see a "statue machine" as a craftable item that makes mannequins look "easy". But hey, I theorycrafted home dueling circles in 2009, so "Maybe in 2014", lol. And thank you!

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to say I found this post really touching. I do alot of contest following through the blogs it's how I support my Wizard 101 addiction, really all you ever hear from me is I'd like to enter please. I most of the time prefer not to get involved with the chit chat as to protect myself and not become emotionally involved. I garner every day, valuable information from from the blogs I follow and posts I read and share the knowledge with anyone who is willing to listen in game. Not a day goes by without me reading something that keeps me interested. So thank you HIAG and others for the job well done you are the glue to my game.

Fatal Exception said...

@Heather: Wow, I am equally touched, Heather. Seriously.

J3WD4Z said...

My feelings are similar to Heathers, but no two things are the same. Of course, just like heather i found out about your blog through the Wizard 101 contest (wish i had found it sooner) back on track... I read every single word of both your raven blogs and i thought it was VERY humorous (It took me four tries to spell humorous right :P)when i saw the graphic that read... Call me a fool... but i think this is a deal to *not* miss and I don't follow any other blogs but i will show hopefully through this post that i am beginning to read your blogs and appreciate them very much ^.^ I MUST also decree that your Bird-Brained for lack of a better word "come back" was also in amazing taste ^.^

Alexandra Zest said...

what's HiaG?

Fatal Exception said...

@J3W: TY so much! I appreciate it!

@Rachael: "HiaG" is shorthand for "Homework in a Graveard", like "DoaW" is short for "Diary of a Wizard".

J3WD4Z said...

I'm happy i could brighten your day ^.^