Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Housing wanted

So many slots to fill!
Well, I've been up to thinking again, and I've been mulling over housing.
I never thought I'd get so into decorating, but I'm kinda addicted, it seems. I still don't now how I feel about craftable housing, though. Don't get me wrong, they're great houses, and I applaud those with determination enough to farm and craft all the necessary stuff.
Me? I'm a Lazymancer. It's simpler to throw crowns at housing, (now more important, with roaming mounts coming).
The Death House is Spooky, sure, and the DS Fortress imposing. The Playhouse is spacious, and the MFP is, well, "massive", duh. (Except for mine. My MFP has no interior, no gardening, and no furniture placement. In being 'incorrect', it is unique, thus I keep it that way.):

It's "not right",and I LIKE it that way.
 "If its broke, DON'T fix it"
Sure, If I wanted, KI could "fix" it in no time, but then it would be like everyone else's MFP. I could fill the place, sure, but "meh". It's too bright and sunny, like some Unicorn Sanctuary. *shiver* I've been to a few "correct" MFP's, and they're very nice. But, as any collector knows, it's the imperfect that are highly prized.

So, how about Spooky, imposing, AND spacious? With Winterutsk coming, you know what I'd like?

A Ravenscar house:

Just think: A little of this...
A little of that.

Toss in a couple caves, a few tunnels..yeah. However, let's go a step further:

I'd add floating 'islands', too, and make it a space intentionally designed for rug-bugging. Make it secure enough to prevent any exploiting, (like remove gardening, or something). Make it a space where the only way to reach certain areas is by rug bridge. KingsIsle knows we (collectively) do it. Heckhound , with some houses they almost tease and challenge us to do it. 
All I ask, is give us a dedicated playground, no "interior", and a *ridiculous* item count, and a place it doesn't feel like stacking crates is risky. I remember, long ago, KBB's first maze contest, and the "maze craze" hasn't slowed a bit.

I'd even be willing to craft it.

Be well!


Xinaed said...

Whoa, what's going on with that MFP lol. :) I still haven't redeemed my MFP on any one of my chars yet. Still deciding who gets to have it. :)

About the ravenscar house...yes please!

However, I still can't do the floating rug bug thingy..it just doesn't work for me. And I've watched all the tuts I could find on it. :(

Oh well, I suppose I don't need it that bad.

Fatal Exception said...

Well, lotsa spaces have been fixed, so it's significantly less easy. I don't really rugbug, myself, but I know plenty who do.

And about the MFP, it was a very, *very* early version, and, to the best of my knowledge, you simply *cannot* get a 'imperfect' MFP , 'cause the 'release' model is different from what I have.

horsegal4ever said...

Autumn, that's a *really* cool idea! Stress on the word *really*. I wouldn't mind crafting it either: I've crafted the GH house, and it was fun. I will work soon on the CL one. I hope a Ravenscar house like your description will be noticed by KI!

Ashley Duskhunter said...

RavenScar? Please! I mean I would love that! :D :D :D Just think. Roaming ghosts and ghouls in the caves; etc. There is so much that could be done!

Rebecca said...

Is your MFP missing the dueling circle area?

Fatal Exception said...

No, *that* part is perfectly functional. I have used it *once*, to demonstrate my meager PvP skills.