Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gasp, has it *really* been that long?

6:23pm, EST- begin entry
It never ceases to amaze me... I drift away, yet again, and STILL get email alerts " now following you on Twitter." Not since the fatal cola have I been able to play, let alone post, and yet the extraordinary W101 community keeps tapping "Hey! Still here!"

Fatal Cola? What the Heckhound is that? Well, let me explain. All my internet life originates in a single laptop.
A 5 year old, an unguarded bottle of cola, and said laptop met in a Perfect Storm. Visualize a laptop, on it's side, streaming Diet Coke, instead of streaming media. Yes, that bad. I suppose I should be grateful to have access *at all*.
This is how this post is being done. Crazy limited.

Blogging has been curtailed on most of my blogs, or various reasons, and MMO gaming is 100% shut down, for me. Thank heavens for Playstation Home, or it'd be unbearable.

With the economy being what it is, I'm not sure if/when I'll be able to rejoin you all. It's one thing to be "The Drifty One" by choice, another to be forcibly removed. Fortunately, the W101 Community is strong, and ever vibrant.

I just thought it (well past) time to let you know I love you, and miss you all. You know who you are.

Until such time as I can get re-geared, know that I smile to think of you all.

Be well.
6:48pm EST, complete. Elapsed time: 25 frustratingly constrained minutes.


Anonymous said...

Take your time! Glad to see you are well :)

Xinaed said...

Wow, that must be so frustrating to use that. However, at least you can do anything at all huh? Good to know you're well, and yes, thank goodness for the PS. Here's to hoping the economy kicks up a notch so that everyone affected can have more of what they need, let alone want. In my case, being able to afford to go to the dr for much needed asthma medicine.

Blaze Stormthief said...

Autumnal! It's great to know you're coming back! Also, it's pity about the keyboard, but thank you for letting us know. We miss you!

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

You must have figured out by now... Wherever you go, you'll always have a place in the Wizard101 community!

Kevin BattleBlood said...

It's an infinite, looping connection. What we give into the community sparks the phenomenal pull that sucks us into where our contributions reside. Our interests sparks others', and we all become part of this growing amoeba.

Glad to hear from you again, and sorry about your laptop! Hope to see you in the Spiral soon.

Stingite said...

Heya! Wife said she saw you online! WOOT!

Fatal Exception said...

Yes, come to find out, the (primarily) mouse-based play means I can resume..and *garden*?! Ugh, I have been away too long. Chatting, however, will be an issue until I get a usb keyboard for my laptop.

And, If I play, I blog. The "Autumn Season" may come before Spring, methinks. ;)