Wednesday, March 16, 2011


 This just in from Professor Greyrose:

"I know many of you were looking for information on some pets that have appeared lately, seemingly out of nowhere, and I wanted you to have this as our response:

It seems as if the gate on the holding pen swung open & a stampede through the Spiral has occurred.  We were trying to hold some of the pets back as holiday treats, but they were too anxious to make an appearance and escaped into the world.  Enjoy!"

Let the hunt begin!


Anonymous said...

so we know that the nightmare was probably a halloween holiday pet, the egg is a easter holiday pet, so what about a st patricks day, christmas, or valentines pet?

Xinaed said...

Does this mean that these pets will only be able to be hatched during the time frame of the holiday?

Fatal Exception said...

Unknown. Wish I knew.