Monday, March 21, 2011

Look who arrived late...

... but, "better late, than never", right? Couldn't sleep, after work last night, and while knocking down quests, got the assist with Muglump by Kestrel Shadowthistle. I swear, Muglump reminded me of 'Master Blaster' from Mad Max, lol.
I finally broke down, and upgraded my gear. It's ugly as sin, (imo), but I can't argue the results. Getting a 'crit' with Scarecrow is quite the festive occasion! Perhaps I'll 'stich' it into my traditional garb, and kiss the stitched Dragonspyre Boss stats "Adieu". Maybe, I'll wait to see what Wintertusk has to offer.
Anyways, the 'legendary' drop rates of the Science Center are now a fading memory, and I'm well on my way to helping Senator Xanath with his little Crustacean Empire Issues. I have to tell ya, I *love* those little Lothian Angler Ruffians! They are necromantically adorable!

So, 'level cap' is all set, but there's still *tons* left to accomplish. Plenty of stuff ahead, with even more on the way.

Gawd, I love this game!


Xinaed said...

Where's the like button? Lol.

John Lifeglen said...

Might I recommend purchasing a second set of gear to stitch the new ugly as sin gear into? That way you don't have to part with the GM gear you fought such long hours for. Or you could pick an all new legendary look! Then you could mix and match the stats from different sets of gear (such as the wraith card). Just a thought!

Fatal Exception said...

@Xinaed: lol, ty

@John: I *might*. We'll see what Wintertusk holds in store. In all honesty, the CL gear is "not worse", though I should have purposed gear sets, huh?

Luke GoldHorn said...

Grats! If you really dont want to part with your grandmaster gear, but want a new look, I recomend making a manequin. That way you get a cool new housing item AND you get to see your old GM gear! :D just a thought!