Wednesday, March 30, 2011

tick, tock, tick, du-du, du-du!

Yeah, word around The Spir@l travels faster than mana, huh? Everyone is getting excited for Mount Week, and HiaG is ready, too.

Other fine sites are offering mounts, (generously provided by KI), and they're all quality, permanent, mounts. Here at HiaG, though, we like to roll a little 'darker', and nothing screams 'dark' like Black Wings, huh?

Starting April 1, we'll have 15 Swiftshadow Wings to give away.
The contest will be free, and fair, but it isn't gonna be easy. Not since The Great Gobbler Giveaway, have I been so creatively focused! (Insert "Muah-ha-ha.mp3") Rules and contest details soon, but here's an advance tip, from Grandmother Raven:
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So, be sure to visit all you favorite W101 Fansites regularly, to see "Who's doing what". Oh, and don't forget, the ever-awesome Ravenwood Radio is LIVE tonight,(8:30pm, Central Time) and I'll be surfing the chat room.