Friday, March 18, 2011

Swish, swish, swish.

The Test Giver
The  Spoils
I am blogging from work. A job to which I arrived late, even. I've been here for 5 minutes, and already, I blog. (Fortunately, my job allows such extravagance, so long as the work gets done) I feel 'accomplished'. Today was a whirlwind day in The Spiral for me. The reason I'm late is I just *had* to go 'try out' My Bone Dragon in the Science Center. Yes! Stormriven Hall (and my Cursed Staff) are off the checklist! Got the call from Dworgyn (Why does he not yet have tenure?) while finishing The Lunarium (Astrolabe: two down, one to go). Hurried to Dragonspyre to face Osseus Nightreaver (funny, a 'reaver' refrence again, today) ;P

Now, normally I dislike fighting Death mobs. You students know the drill, when facing your own school." A Prism! A Prism! My Kingdom for a Prism!" But this was different. This was a test, for me. To see what I was capable of. To see if I was "worthy". Turns out, I did have what it took, and in Honor of my worthy opponent, who presented me this challenge,  who went toe-to-toe for the whole 12 rounds , who helped eliminate any sense of self-doubt, I hereby name my Bone Dragon "Ossify". May the doubt that once poisoned me now plague my enemies, in Celestia and beyond.

Now, if I only knew how to Train My Dragon, too


Kevin BattleBlood said...

I love the clever names and references you find :) "Ossify." More for my vocabulary!

Arlen Dawneyes said...

Gratz :D. Almost done w/CL already? I thought you weren't hurry? ;)

Fatal Exception said...

@Kevin: ty, as always, comrade

@Arlen: It gets addicting. There's a lot left to do, and more on the way.