Sunday, March 20, 2011

Call to arms!

Wizards, wands at the ready!
Wizards, come to the Aid of One of our Own, Ditto Monster. As many of you may , (or may not) know, Our favorite Fabricated American has landed a gig writing for MMOCrunch. As usual, Ditto is all about Family-friendly entertainment, and child-safe internet. If you haven't read it, you should. Always a good writer, that furry monster.

Recently, in Ditto's Latest Post, concerning PAX East, some callous person went and took an immature "potshot" at our fellow wizard. I take personal offense to this, (and my comment is awaiting moderation EDIT: I may have to revisit my own words).

What I ask of you is this: (Disregard,post left for posterity)

1) Go to the article, and read it for yourself.
2) Leave a "Ditto-positive" comment. Do NOT attack the original commenter. (I can hardly believe his comment passed 'moderation'). Remember, "Yay, Ditto", and nothing negative, k? We want an avalanche of support for Ditto, and nothing to give ammo to our target. This will let everyone know that Furry Orange Monsters have many wizard friends.We can fight negativity, without stooping to it's level.

 KingsIsle, Beckett's an MMOCrunch are all working together, on various things (so say Ravenwoon Radio), and I urge all conscientious wizards to stand in stalwart defense of our Bushy Blue Eyebrowed Wizard.

United, in postivie fashion, we can exclaim "You..shall...not...pass!

Update:Situation resolved. Outstanding team effort, all.


Luke GoldHorn said...

Let me just say, I LOVE you and your blog, especially after posting the Lord of the Rings stuff, haha! Anyway, I submitted my comment, "Ditto, you’re amazing! I love your articles and all the things I have to say! :D You rock!" Hope that helps!

Fatal Exception said...

@Luke, Thank you very much! It is my hope that you are the first of many to completely 'meteor' that comment form!

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

I wrote my comment earlier:

"Go Ditto!

Thanks for being a supporter of family-friendly gaming and for bringing lots of humor to the blogosphere!

Sad to know that not everyone appreciates Fabricated Americans…"

John Lifeglen said...

You have no idea how difficult it was for me not to rebutt that horrible first sharp tongue usually gets the best of me. As per your request though, I found the inner strength to refrain and managed to scrape something together!

Fatal Exception said...

@Kestrel: I knew you could be relied upon!

@John: Well stayed, thy razored tongue! If we fight negativity with further negativity, everybody looses. In a room of 100 "yes"-es, one "No" looks kind of , well, "uninformed". ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks all - the offending post has been 'moderated' - this does happen sometimes, it's not the first time we've had to take action against someone who wasn't playing nice. I appreciate all the support - I wasn't even aware of the comment until I saw blog posts about it!

Thanks again for all the support - the Wizard 101 community is the best!!

Fatal Exception said...

@Ditto: We take care of our own, and we're happy to count you among us!