Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Well, on the one hand, it's nice to have an Exp bar, again. On the other hand, the joy of making a level-up is countered by the sobering realization that the "next roll of the exp odometer" is going to be further away, and more difficult to achieve.

Not that it stops us. Heck, when the 'Wrath of the Lich King' expansion came out, I reached the 'new' level cap (10 levels higher than the 'old' cap), in one week. So, I'm thinking that hitting 51 in 3 days in W101 is an 'appropriate' game pace. Despite my enthusiasm, I will not rush, to fulfill some internal drive to "Be there, now!"

Once I hit 51, I got a request from Headmaster Ambrose to 'see him immediately', yet he stood 'mum' when I got to him, 45 seconds later. I probably pre-finished his request. Pfft, senile old codger, 'is head's too full o' Spiral for his own good. Looks like 'target' levels are 52, 55, 58(?), and of course 60. How long the road before me stretches! Yet, on that far horizon are my goals, my friends, and my destiny.

Another bit of achievement, today, albeit minor, was my first harvest, a Boom Shroom. Gardening is getting addictive, ( curse you, KI!). No sooner do I log in, and I'm fluttering as fast as my wings will carry me to check on 'my babies'. Even my pets don't get this kind of meticulous attention, not even Lord Luna.

 From 'Black Plague' to 'Green Thumb', *sigh*

I only have a small 'test patch', atm. Nothing spectacular, at least until I get a feel for the systematics of it all. Fortunately, my old friend, The Chillanthropologist, has a lot to review. Kevin Battleblood has, as always, "Done his Homework". (Now I feel aged, I remember when Petnome was 'Top Secret', lol.)

Gawd, it's good to be home.

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John Lifeglen said...

Add level 54 and 56 to your list and you're all set. There is a series of quests in CL that yield training points, the last requiring adept crafting to get your reward. As for the gardening-it'll start moving faster still if you add in the plant's "hidden likes" such as the broken tree stump and pet cannon and the ball of blue yarn :)