Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Cleaning (blog maintenence)

Well, thanks to Kestrel Shadowthistle, I've gone and placed a newer header, in place of the old, non-symmetrical one, and added an optional background music (Celestia Mysterious 1 ringtone)., and it got me to thinking it's time to update the blogroll, as well. In order to update my list, I will be adding those who would like to be listed, (subject to content approval), and removing the unmaintained blogs, (with some exceptions, like Ashley Duskhunter, for example. Simply toss a link in the comments, please. (Be active, be Safe, be W101.)

Speaking of Ashley, some of you may be wondering "What's up?" with her. Well, prior to the Diet Coke Keyboard incident,(omg, nasty, and where's the supervision?!!) Ashley was removed from internet for breach of Internet Safety. Not something to be taken lightly. She is fine, and doing well, but her laptop, for some reason, will not play W101, so she's been fluttering along in Pixie Hollow. Hopefully, we can get the W101 thing sorted out.
Oddly enough, one of our conversations was caught on Crypt Security cams, so here's a peek:

We may *seem* 'evil', but it's because we care.
We, the adults and parents of wizards want you to have safe, fun, positive experiences. Sometimes, we have to be 'mean' about it. It's because we cherish you, and anything that threatens your safety is a serious issue.

Your safety matters to us, young wizards.


John Lifeglen said...

Hiya Autumn! I'm already in the blogroll but I had a request for you possibly...Do you think it would be possible to keep Heather Emeraldflame on the blogroll? I know many bloggers have been removing it but after Gabrielle Iceweaver (mom Emeraldflame) was kind enough to re-open it as a lasting reminder of a lost friend I thought it would be good to keep her present for easy access. Of course you don't have to as it's your blog, I just thought I'd throw that out there.

And because I'm too lazy to post on multiple posts, let me just tell you that I loved the post prior to this one. Nice new header, too!

Fatal Exception said...

Yes, Heather's is one of the 'exceptions' for the blogroll.

Victoria Spiritblossom said...

I love the new header! And all kids know that parents do these things because they care, but we'll always disagree. It's our job. Anyway, I'd love to be on your blogroll, please! My blog is

Anonymous said...

Great new header! Keep up the good work :) and sure, here's my blog should you want it: