Sunday, March 20, 2011

Truly Honored

Was going through the latest blog posts, and found this waiting for me at WitchWarrior101:
"The Dusk Hunter" by Cassandra GriffinDreamer
Cassandra GriffinDreamer, famous Artist of the blogosphere depicted ME! I am truly honored by this. She even got the great detail of my iconic Amaranthine Staff, which is my prized companion. Cassandra has honored me before, as a"Welcome Back" gift, but this latest depiction is a priceless treasure to me. Thank you so very much, Cassandra, you made my day!

On another note (for all the Necromancer PvP'ers out there), a great "breakdown" for using 'Beguile', by my long-time comrade Kevin BattleBlood, over at Chillanthropologist. It was covered in Ravenwood Radio (Episode 36), and made my head hurt. Glad I don't PvP, myself, though I know a lot of you do.

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