Saturday, March 12, 2011

Today's checklist

1) Check on the planty-plants... CHECK
2) Get Star spell....CHECK
3) Pick up final bag of yucky algae... CHECK
4) Open Starfish door to Coral Castle....CHECK
5) Thrash 'Governor' Nereus... Uh, not check.

Okay, really enjoying the Roman Empire meets Little Mermaid, thing. Nereus, not so much. Met my "3 Deaths per hour" quota with him and his lackey. I gotta look into Crit defense, but I work weekend evenings, so I gotta get him done, 'cause the Crypt Cafteria already has the menu done, and the employees don't take well to unannounced changes in the culinary department. I'm not big on seafood, but crabs and Necromancy really go hand-in hand. If you know the scavenging properties of crabs, you know what I'm saying.

One question: Will Nereus be a Fiddler Crab, as his Underwater Rome burns?

I'll find out, soon. Better be tommorow.


Duncan Daystone said...

This is quite the switch. You are the only one of the major bloggers who has posted over the past four or five days, Autumn.
Nice job. ;)

Fatal Exception said...

Ty, but to be quite honest, I'm the only 'major' (as you described) blogger that does not have *massive* side-projects. All I have is Homework, and that frees me up to be blog-active.

Combine that with my many 'absences', and you'd find that, overall, I am probably the *least* active of bloggers. Others are Pillars to this community, I am merely a garden slug.