Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wintertusk- Revsiting the 9-World theory.

Wow, now I better get a move on, or I'll fall a world behind. New news on the wire is Wintertusk/Jotungard. Pictured on the left is Grandmother Raven. This bodes darkly, pointing to Wells, Wyrms, Weaving (like the Seers(völva) threads of Fate) , the Underword, and a step closer to W101 Ragnarok. Let's just hope that horn isn't Gjallarhorn. Nice belt buckle, though. Wintertusk is designed to complete the storyline begun in Grizzleheim, it will have content for wizards of all levels!

Big,big news: New spells and new level 58 Class pets!

Also, we'll re-visit Crab Alley, to follow along "Post-Selena"

As if *that* not enough, KI s holding yet more surprises, which they're playng 'close to the vest', atm. Ditto, our roving Fabricated American, kept 'Monster's Honor', and got the scoop.

Jotungard may be the Norse 'Jötunheimr', or it may be the home of Jotunn, (though the latter is less likely).
Time to revist The Norse Theory, all the while considering Celestia much more Greco-Roman/Olympian, possibly "Chariots of the Gods/ Ancient Astronauts". Loving it all!

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