Friday, April 30, 2010

Winners, (and solution) announcement UPDATED WINNERS

44 minutes. Contest posted at 5:01, final winning entry at 5:45.

Wow, wizards, impressive. There's nothing like the feeling of being stalked, like having a pack of ravenous wizards ready to tear apart your work. XD

First up, the "Captain's Crew" list, (i.e. the quick & the clever):
NOTE: Due to an unintentional double entry, Scotterman has been withdrawn, bumping the list to the following:
Fortunately, this little problem does not affect the continuity of the contest.
(I knew it was going too smoothly)

Now, the solution: The correct answer was STUDY

Congratulations to all the winners: Kevin Battleblood, Shadowfist, Isaac Mistheart,Taji34, and Ratwarrior.
(Bonus point to Kevin Battleblood for "Tenure for Dworgyn". Shows he read ALL the directions, huh?

I want to thank everyone who participated in this first ever Homework contest.
If you didn't win (this time around) , don't fret: I have more surprises in store!
So, as always,
Do Your Homework! (and double-check your logins)


Fatal Exception said...

Post updated to reflect correct winner listing, removed unintentional double-entry.

M.W.S said...

Congrats to all the people out there! Too bad I missed it!