Monday, April 26, 2010

First reveal now available.(*updated*)

Yep, the same one you've seen elsewhere. (I'm slow today)
Clicky, clicky for biggie biggie. 

EDIT: Thanks to Isaac Mistheart from That Pyromancer for pointing out the 2 NEW sillouettes  , not originally in the first "sneak peek": That's a sharp eye, Isaac!
Looks like a Croc(?) and a Mech, to me. Looking more and more "steampunk", as we go.

On to the revealed character:
"SpongeBob! Squidward! Get back to work!"
Separated at birth? Time will tell.

A quick biological tidbit on crabs ( from HERE) :

"The crab body is protected by a rigid exoskeleton. This is a tough chitinous “skin” that completely covers all parts of the body. As the crab grows, the exoskeleton is periodically shed in a process called molting (ecdysis). The resulting molt looks like a translucent creature without a body. In a few hours, the molted crab absorbs enough water to swell its body by about ten to twenty percent and the exoskeleton hardens. The crab body then grows to fill the new exoskeleton. Much of the body is protected by the carapace, the covering of the head/thorax, and the crab can pull the legs under the carapace presenting a hard rock-like creature to a predator."

Short version: "one tough cookie." 


Bailey said...

Love the seperated at birth pics!
It was so great meeting you the other day and it is so exciting that you are back!!! YAY :D

Unknown said...

Am I the only one who noticed the two new guys in the back?

Fatal Exception said...

Wow! You're absolutely right! Nice catch!

Kevin BattleBlood said...

The one that you are guessing as a Krok...I see a Shark with perforated shoulder blades...hmm..

Fatal Exception said...

@ Kevin, yeah, you're probably right, I'm still thinking MooShoo's bamboo hats, lol.