Friday, April 30, 2010

Gobbler Give Away NOW (CLOSED)

Ahoy, wizards!
'Captain' Duskhunter, here, with great news.

The contest is closed.

To celebrate the new Pet Hatchery on Test Realm, "Homework" has been given codes to give out to YOU!
As part of "The Great Gobbler Giveaway", I am authorized to dispense 5 pet codes, however I see proper.

Now, Yer Ol' Captain, well, I value strong minds, and good work ethics. So, it's time to see who's "done their Homework". (If you've waited 'till now to do it, well, you'll be a step behind.)

Remember how we discussed latitudes and longitudes? Well, 'Captain' Duskhunter doesn't reward those who sleep through class. We're gonna do this one "blunderbuss style", as in "all 5 at once". There will be more contests, in the future, and I'm anxious to get this "shakedown cruise" underway.

Now it's time to apply what you've learned, and earn your reward! Now, mind you, it won't be 'easy', but nothing worth having ever comes easy, now does it? There's only 100, or so,  of these bad boys, and here's your chance to get one (of 5):
This it IT! (click for full size)
First thing to note: 0(zero) is both a LATitude and a LONgitude, so be careful in your counting.
Examples: At (-3S -1W), there's a Necromancer's skull-n-bones.  (0N 0E) is the letter "D".
The code for winning is 5 letters long. Maybe it's a word, maybe it's not. Only time will tell.
The first 5 to post the correct code in the comments section will win. Plain and simple.
All blog comments will be *unpublished*, until the 5 winners are determined. (no copying!)
Once the codes are ready for use, the winners will provide an email address, using the same blog login used to win. (All email addresses will be deleted after contact.)
Only one guess, per comment entry. If you come up with more than one answer (?), you must use a new comment entry. Comments with more than one answer in it will have only their "first" answer in the comment entered.
The codes will be distributed when Advanced Pets go 'live'
All Winners must all declare "Tenure for Dworgyn", and post a pic of it ...(just kidding)

Now, put yer minds to it, there's loot to be won! 
Best o' luck to ye!

-Autumn Duskhunter
Captain, Homework Graveyard, S.N.S (Spiral Naval Service)


shadowfist said...


Good advice in any case, even if I don't win.

Kevin BattleBlood said...


TENURE FOR DWORGYN --Kevin Ironblood

lutra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Heather Raven said...

Let me just say, my brain has got it's work out for the day.
This makes no sense, but here's what I got:
1: N
2: G
3: E
4: D
5: F
Even if I don't win, can we know the answers because I'd like to know if I was even in the ballpark! :)

Unknown said...

I used the wrong user
don't count the lutra one that was my mistake really
yeah confusion
I really dislike using different computers
then again i didn't use the word verification only read top if necessary

Anonymous said...

I got it, the code is sgidl

My email:

Taji34 said...

The code is Study!

popma1 said...

the correct answer is sgudl

wizard101 central name: popma1

Anonymous said...


and you can contact me at wizard101 central, use name RatWarrior

Anonymous said...

sorry my bad, the correct word is study ... lol the irony

Fatal Exception said...

If you don't see your comment here (even with correct answer), it's because you were just *minutes* too late. The first 5 came in, and more answers keep flooding in, even as I post the 'solution'. Keep at it, there will be more contests! Thank you for participating!