Thursday, April 29, 2010

Test Realm ONLINE

That is all. GO, GO,GO!

See Headmaster Ambrose to get your quest chain going. The gate is near the Library, and won't open until you've gotten the quest.
Ashley laughed at my 'new wizard' gear during the load.

Some images, and a "First Impression"
Milo challenged even *my* vocabulary skills.
Reminded me of "Long John Silver from "Muppet Treasure Island"
(I had to explain to Ashley that a "Barker" is an announcer, not a dog's noise)

First off, King's Isle, "Well done!" The Pet Park,  though a bit laggy, at times, (understandable with *every wiz in the Spiral* at one place, one time), it all runs really smooth, and it is a venerable addition to W101. A smart wizard will be spending *plenty* of time there. The games are all fun, (though I found "Gobbler Drop" a bit sensitive on the controls, but I excelled at "Cannon"). Ran a few races with Kevin Battleblood.(who has a great write-up at Chillanthropist)  The Maze was like Pac-Wiz 3D, and Dance was great, too:
"Oh, great..another mouth to feed"

There's gonna be plenty to read, in the next few days, from numerous blogs. The new Pet Park is worthy of much more than this meager post. I can say, from my experience, thus far, that the Pet Park will NOT disappoint. If this Test Realm is any indication, once Celestia comes out, there will be no looking back.

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