Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Advanced pet page up HUGE NEWS

As reported by Amber Rosepetal at A Savior of the Spiral. Check THIS out.

"This is Pet Month in the Spiral! When you've reached level 7 and defeated Sgt. Skullsplitter, you can enter the Pet Pavilion on the Commons. There you will find lots of free activities for you and your pet. Speak to Merle Ambrose for more instructions!
  1. Set your pets free to roam your Castles & Lands.
  2. Get your pets some exercise in the Derby.
  3. Buy or craft them treats to make them happy.
  4. Let them have some fun in the Mini-Games.
  5. Create new pets with the magic of Hatching.
  6. Watch as your pets cast their own spells in battle."
you HAVE to see the video..the Spiral will never be the same, again.

BIG "thumbs up!", KI!

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