Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Return of the proverbial Necromancer

Where we love is home,
Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.

                                                   ~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Well, then , young Wizards, what have we here?

To answer the speculation and theorycrafting going on, all about me:

"Yes, I'm coming home to W101".

Already, I have been spotted in The Spiral, and ported to by people that *still* had me on their friends list. I am quite amused, and honored, to be so well remembered, (although I say all honor goes to those that "stayed the course", i.e. Friendly, Fallon, ect, ect. ect.). The way I see it, I will be playing "catch up" forever, and a day. I believe I should have to earn my reputation anew, and twice-over.

Just in visiting my old haunts in The Spiral, (yes, pun intended), I've already seen the changes. Like those Teleport stones, once a Grizzleheim-exclusive feature, seem to be *everywhere*, now. (and there's a nagging buzz in my cerebellum that says "must...activate...them..all."). The crafting quests are now actually reasonable, with the addition of transmutation. My "Meet and Greet" outfit is now my default combat outfit, courtesy of "stitching". Briskbreeze is "Don't-even-think-about-solo-Autumn"  So many enhancements. I see KingsIsle has been listening to you all, and that's a good sign. (Although Dworgyn *still* doesn't have Tenure) ;) I have no doubt that there's plenty of things I've yet to discover, not even including, I mean Celestia. I'm hoping for a Jules-Verne inspired "steampunk" aesthetic, here. "Captain Nemo, anyone?"

The W101 blog community has positively *exploded* with talented young writers, and yes Dustin, I *am* proud. But, "credit, where credit due", it all comes back to the overriding power that W101 has. Not the spells, not the mobs... it's the COMMUNITY (i.e. YOU) I have played, many, many games/mmo's..(more than I care to admit, actually), and W101's community is by far, the best community, BAR NONE.

As Freindly says, my homework has been piling up. Time to roll up my sleeves, quill-and-ink, at the ready. I cannot say just how often, nor at what quality, my blogging will be, but as Friendly was kind enough to point out, I have kept my blogging skills sharpened. (At least, here, I don't have to translate Chinese web sites!)

So yes, I am home. I have missed you all.

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