Thursday, April 29, 2010

Great Gobbler Giveaway! Win a Pet!

"Who can resist these adorable Gobbler Pets?

Through the prolific new Hatching system that can be previewed on the Test Realm, we've found ourselves with a few more Gobbler Pets than we intended!

To make sure each of these precious little Gobblers find a good home, we've given 5 to each of our top fansites. It's up to them to find good homes, so visit each site to find out how they are working to choose winners for all of their Gobbler"

That's right, Wizards!

In celebration of the launch of Advanced Pets in the Test Realm, KingsIsle is generously giving away free gobbler pets!

Multiple sites are involved in this giveaway, and, quite proudly, Homework in a Graveyard is part of this momentous occasion! It's the first promotion that Homework has participated in..(and it's not likely to be the last), so I'll be rewarding students who "do their homework". 'nuff said.

 5 will be available from "Homework"

I'm not giving them away *just yet*, though. (I want time for the news to circulate). What I *can* tell you, is that I will announce "Homework's Giveaway" contest via my twitter feed. (See? I don't do anything for 'no reason', Muah-ha-ha-ha!

A word of note: the codes, once given, will NOT be able to be activated, until Advanced Pets go 'live'.
Further details are forthcoming, so stay tuned.

Do your homework.

 Visit these fine sites for additional chances:


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Assign..the homework. :P

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O cool nice pet

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lol i know right

L.L.D said...

homework give away hmm? people better do their homework then lol.