Thursday, April 22, 2010


Oh, my! Where *have* I been? 

I like to usually throw out broad generalizations in regards to the excellence of our blogging community. We all do what we can, to the best of our abilities. It is the creative spark of individuality that makes us, *us*, and no two tell the same story, the same way.We all play to the strongest of our abilities, and it's those individual characteristics that make our individual blogs "our own", separated from the pack.Some blogs are "The" blogs, like The Friendly Necromancer, or Diary of a Wizard... and for every segment, there's a sub-segment. Death specialists, Life specialists, Pet Specialists, shield-and-trap mathematics specialists,cartoon specialists, and so on. We all bring something to the w101 family dining table, and make the communal dinner more extravagant.

Some are writers.
Some are artists.
Some are musicians..
Some are...Fabricated!?!

Yes, dear readers, I have, in my struggle to "catch up", stumbled across Ditto Wizard's Blog. I am *almost* speechless, (in a good way, mind you). I know that *you* all probably know about this blog, but this is *my* first time...and "wow".

You see, as a child (increasingly long ago), I grew up watching "Fabricated Americans", first with Sesame Street, and later on with The Muppet Show, and movies like Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal. Those are some deeply ingrained, and cherished facets of my childhood memories. (and if they ever get the Dark Crystal Sequel to theaters, I'll be there, too). Point is, for "people of a certain age", the idea of Fabricated Americans is as natural as the Twilight crowd accepts sparkly vampires.

So, I ran across the first (latest) video "Indiana Ditto, and the Temple of Krok", and even though I have *never* seen Ditto before (I swear!), he became, at once, instantly familiar, striking a resonant chord that I thought forever lost to the marketing behemoth of DisneyCorp.
"Okay, maybe this is a 'one-off'.." I thought, and scrolled further down...*more* Ditto...
..and more
...and yet, even more.

It's "All Ditto, all the time".

Freaking awesomeness! If *ever* there was an original spin on blogging for W101, this has to certainly be "one for the history books".

So, Ditto, if you read this, know that I am thankful for you, and all the other Fabricated Americans that have brought laughter and joy into my life. I salute you, and wish you success!

Have you hugged a Fabricated American today?


DittoWizard said...

Hi there! Just stumbled across this post and wanted to say THANK YOU!! I'm so glad you like my blog - there definitely needs to be more Fabricated American bloggers out there! This was a realyl nice post, thanks so much for sharing!!

Paige MoonShade said...

Ditto is awesome! we as a family listena nd watch him everytime he posts a new segment :)