Friday, April 23, 2010

Take time to stop and smell the spiral.

Heya, wizards.
It really is so good to be back. As a benefit of being "so long gone", W101, and all it's subtle graphical improvements have really made the game kinda "newish" for me. All the tiny thing (like the vortex in the dueling circles, the boss makeovers, ect.) have made me want to cover every inch of The Spiral, all over again.

Which gets me thinking. Since, I have a "never-make-alts" policy, I usually only see an area "once", (that "once", encompassing every quest pass-through, or farming run), and I remember burning through areas at near light speed. Now, I'm just taking time to stop, find a quiet place, here and there, and actually *look* at my surroundings. It's kind of nice, actually. For instance, I headed over to Headmaster Ambrose's office, yesterday, to spend some "quiet time" in one of my most favorite places around..The Spiral Chamber.

Having a Zen moment.

Try it, sometime. Turn the in-game music off, (but not the sound effects), and just stand, and watch for a few minutes. Try to discern patterns. It's very calming..for me at least. Anyways, as an example, how many know that the light for that crystal is reflected off of a mirror with light coming through a window? Some of you may, some of you may not. It's not a "secret", at all..just one of the small details that shows the workmanship KI put into their product. All you need to do is "look up, and around", from time to time.

I swear, the same mistake I made in getting to Grandmaster, and in Grizzleheim, will *not* be made in Celestia. I will take time to stop and smell The Spiral.

Let's see, other things to note..

Taji34, from Sorcerer's Corner,  hit me up for an interview, which I was happy to oblige, and join the growing list of my fellow wizards.

In Art, today, my long time friend Amber Stargem from Ze Myth Master posted a combo earth day/welcome home picture:

"Behold, the return of the Prodigal Necro"

And, in the interest of getting a certain individual "off my back", I am dutifully required to mention that Ashley Duskhunter has followed suit,both in returning to the game, and in blogging. (There, I mentioned you, quit bugging me!) Please, keep Ashley off my back, by visiting "Life of a Necromancer"

Well, that;s it for the moment...I'm working on a "Celestia Specualation", atm.

Be well!

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