Sunday, June 28, 2009

Xfire at will!

(and quoteth Will: "Why? What did I do?!") Sorry, bad joke. Irresistable, mate. Couldn't help myself, savvy? [insert cricket chirp.mp3]

Anyways, moving on..

Yet again, Fallon Shadowblade leads the charge with a great idea!

With "grouping" coming up with Grizzleheim, but no clans/guilds "proper", She has gone and created not one, but TWO groups, of which yours truly has now joined:

Wizards of the World -


Death Wizards of W101 -

As for myself, still new to this whole Xfire thing, but it seems pretty solid, and may well become a useful tool to complement your MMO gaming experience.

Be well!


Xinaed said...

How exactly is this going to work? Never heard of Xfire.

Fallon Shadowblade said...

w00t! I am so glad you joined Xfire! I am glad to have such a talented necromancer involved!!

Fatal Exception said...

Well, from what I've learned thus far, you can use it to launch not just W101, but many other MMO's. it keeps track of your online friends,(through xfire groups) and other affiliated members. members, and also works as a standalone IM. It is an applications that works independently of any other programs.

Fatal Exception said...

Well, I don't know if "talented" is the most suitable adjective. "Persistent", perhaps, "lucky", even. Truth be told, "I'd rather be lucky than good. Luck beats good quite often, hence it being luck."